7 Gardens to choose from for your Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Delhi

by Namrata Nautiyal
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gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

You recently got engaged and your wedding is just around the corner. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is something that you have in mind…you are in the process of deciding on what to wear, props to use…but a key thing is still not fixed. The location !

If you are residing in and around Delhi, then this post is hopefully going to be helpful to you to choose that location. Nowadays Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is all the rage, everyone wants to do something different, hatke so that pictures don’t look like every other couples pictures.

If you don’t want to spend heavy bucks on a pre-wedding photoshoot location…and are looking for something natural, free of cost and overall easy breezy to manage, then these 8 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations are just the option for you. Take a look.


#1 Lodhi Gardens

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

I love this place for multiple reasons. It has ancient ruins, lush green gardens and is spread across in a huge area. It easily gives any couple both space, privacy and time to do their thing. Its one of the most popular of the pre-wedding locations in Delhi.

Best time to shoot: Early mornings

Outfit Choice: Western casual or Indian


#2 Nehru Park

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

Ok, this is probably one of my favorite places for a pre-wedding photoshoot. You won’t find this option anywhere on the internet for a pre-wedding photoshoot…but I’m telling you from personal experience, the place is pretty great. I lived close by to this park and we would come for our morning and evening walks here.

One of the things which is a huge positive here is that the park is spread out in a big big area…its a huge park. No matter what the crowd at any given time, you will find a quiet corner for your (uninterrupted) photoshoot. Not to forget, the place is a flora fauna paradise. I love it, and I’m you will love it too.

Free of cost. Spend the entire day if you need, and you’ll get all your pre-wedding pictures from one place.


#3 Garden of Five Senses

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

The area is spread across 20 acres of land. But what is interesting here is you have the entire garden divided into distinct areas . From majestic rocks to fountains and patterned garden in the lines of the Mughal gardens, this place has a little something from everywhere.

You will find tons of options to pose next to. So if you’re wondering a bit of nature alone is going to get too much for you, then this place is apt. gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhigardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi.

#4 Deer Park

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

The Park has four different wings i.e. Rose Garden, Deer Park, Fountain & District Park, Old Monuments and Hauz Khas Art Market. Also, as the name goes, it actually has deer in the park. So, that’s bonus. The park is located near Haus Khas and has several historical tombs from the Mughal era.

The Deer Park is right next to the ancient Haus Khas lake and also adjacent to the Rose Garden. Together they all make up for one of the largest green areas in the heart of Delhi.


#5 Sanjay Van

I personally haven’t been to this place, but this name keeps popping up for pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Delhi. Situated right in the heart of the city in Vasant Kunj, this location is actually in all its glory a forest. In many posts, I have read the place is haunted, so the best time ideally would be mornings and definitely not to venture here alone.

There are numerous majaars (masouuleum) of Sufi saints and in the middle of Sanjay Van lie the broken ramparts of Qila Rai Pithora. Atop the ruins of the Lal Kot Qila, one can easily see the Qutab Minar. Sanjay Van claims to give some spectacular views and is rich in wildlife.

If you’re lucky you might be able to spot some exotic birds, and deers.

So I couldn’t find even a single picture of a pre-wedding shoot from this place. Weird, but I guess its more haunted than known for photoshoots. May be do a bit of background check before zeroing in on this place.


#6 Okhla Bird Sanctuary

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi

Located in Noida, this bird sanctuary has over 300+ bird species and is perfect for nature photographers. But here’s the thing, if you want to do something different, you have to look for something different too – and that’s precisely why I have included this option for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

You can have a day out surrounded by nature, and you can have a fun filled photoshoot.


#7 Gurgaon fields

Or any other field for that matter. Remember DDLJ? Its always going to be in fashion, and some of the best pre-wedding photoshoot options are available when you shoot in the middle of a khet. Just wear some Indian outfit and look your Indian best, and guaranteed you will have the best photos. Your friends will squeal in envy.

It so happens that since the time I have moved to Gurgaon, I realized that farms start just 20 mins from my house. They are beautiful, so green all around. Its a nice view. But can you imagine?! From the heart of Delhi, I have moved into a rather expensive gaaon  😕

gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi gardens pre wedding photoshoot delhi


Where are you planning to have your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

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