The Monsoon Diaries by Rahul Mishra | ICW 2016

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Monsoon Diaries Rahul Mishra

His style is very different from the other mainstream designers. The last time a Rahul Mishra outfit caught my eye was during the LIFW Summer Resort 2016. Ileana D’cruz walked the ramp for the designer, and she looked ravishing. The outfit in question wasn’t anything opulent or over the top…simple yet making a statement. That’s what Rahul Mishra does best.

When I looked through the monsoon diaries, honestly it didn’t remind me of monsoon but instantly gave me a winter chill. The color palette of powder blues, to navy, a fresh hint of mint, soft pinks and then the whites all rang winter throughout for me. His collection had quite a few stunners which were showstopper worthy, so lets have a look.



Monsoon Diaries Rahul Mishra

Monsoon Diaries Rahul Mishra

There was something absolutely magical about these outfits. My favorite in the entire collection…I simply cannot pick which one I love best. I just love every outfit in his collection. Simple flowy fabrics with heavy embroidery, these outfits are such a treasure add to anybody’s wardrobe. Super versatile to use…I think.


I wanted to capture the essence of the wanton growth in the rains,” he says. “Everything blooms under the showers but the forms and shapes that you see in nature are wild, untamed—we didn’t want to focus on exacting motifs, just an idea of the same.



Monsoon Diaries Rahul Mishra

My kind of outfit. I think this white gold lehenga with see through dupatta goes perfectly for any summer or monsoon wedding. Hell, I would have even chosen this for a themed sister of the bride look. Its so elegant and classy to look at. Adds volumes to the wearers personality.



With these outfits, any bride is set for post wedding occasions. Over the top looks are so outdated now, everyone is going the casual classy way and these outfits capture that perfectly. You don’t need to shout out that you’re a newbie bride in town, the subtlety in your outfits is going to do that just fine for you.



Monsoon Diaries Rahul Mishra


All images: Vogue

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