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by Namrata Nautiyal
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pre-wedding photoshoot destination

I have been doing a lot of research lately about Pre-Wedding Photoshoots…from what to wear to props to use, locations to choose and more. One name that kept popping every time I searched for a pre-wedding location was ‘The Perfect Location’. Whichever article I came across, there was some mention of this place.

What’s impressive is that its been constantly referred to as one of the top 6 pre-wedding photoshoot destination around Delhi. There has got to be something about it then, right?


What is this place exactly?

Its an open area spread across three acres of land giving you various backdrops and props to create your perfect photoshoot…be it pre-wedding, post-wedding or just any shoot for that matter. You can also shoot cinematographic videos at their venue.

pre-wedding photoshoot destination


What kind of backdrops?

They have backdrop settings which are both man-made as well as natural. In house, they have backdrops like an old carriage and a rustic old car. Natural landscapes like rocky campfire and fallen trees. They also have wall murals which are basically pieces of artwork painted directly onto the wall giving it a distinctive look.

One can also see different themes of the world from The Santorini Delight which literally takes you to Greece, a Texas ranch, and a Moroccan Fort. I saw a picture of a couple posing in the Satorini Delight, and I swear I had no idea it was clicked so close to home, and not all the way in Greece.

They also have lots of pretty colored textured walls in blue, pink, mustard yellow…which look amazing as backdrops. Normally one would have to search through cafes etc to get such a backdrop, but this place just has it all.

pre-wedding photoshoot destination

The Santorini Delight

pre-wedding photoshoot destination

Moroccan Fort


What kind of props?

Always wanted to get that perfect picture next to the pink and blue cycle? Yes, they have it. Rickshaw, floral big frames, antique cameras and telephones, hand fans, lanterns….you name it, they have it. You can pretty much go crazy with your imagination and click shots from sweet, to downright crazy and quirky.

If you’re someone who loves the camera, loves playing with different themes, and want to have it all in that one photoshoot…then you wouldn’t find a better location than this.

pre-wedding photoshoot destination

pre-wedding photoshoot destination pre-wedding photoshoot destination

pre-wedding photoshoot destination

pre-wedding photoshoot destination


What more do they have? – Open Area Shots !

My favorite. Only because, props and backdrops are all done to death kinds. Open area shots is the real deal. You can be as experimental as you can get. If you are a good candid poser, you can think of countless ideas for your photoshoot here.

From lush green backgrounds, to closed enclosures The Perfect Location has tons of perfect backgrounds to work with. Just team up the perfect background with some quirky props, and you’re all set.

pre-wedding photoshoot destination pre-wedding photoshoot destination pre-wedding photoshoot destination pre-wedding photoshoot destination


Its all about the privacy.

The biggest problem I have faced while doing a pre-wedding photoshoot are those intimate photos with the groom. We all want it, there is nothing wrong about it…but there are always those prying eyes, no matter how isolated the place is. Its a constant problem with no solution and if you are the shy kinds with me, chances are you might not get that nice shot you’re after.

The Perfect Location makes sure you get your own space and time, to get those shots. They know that its not all about click click click and done…and that sometimes it takes time and effort to nail that perfect shot.

That’s why they have appointments !

pre-wedding photoshoot destination


Facts to know:

  • At any given day, they allow only two couples to shoot at their venue. If its a bridesmaid shoot, then just one party is allowed.
  • You have two options to choose from. Either a 4 hour package or an 8 hour package.
  • If its a 4 hour package, you can choose any 4 backdrops to work with.
  • With an 8 hour package, you get 8 backdrops.


Other interesting facts:

90% of the props are procured from Sirsa, which happens to be the owners ancestral village. Everything you see from the old tires, to the rustic carriage, frames everything has a history. If you do meet the owners Rathik, Nimesh or Madhulika, you must ask them about the history behind some of these props they have in house.

I was on call with Madhulika the other day and she told me, an old vintage frame they use at the facility actually belonged to their grandparents. Ditto with the rustic old car.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destination

They also provide with a state of the art make up and dressing room. Inside the facility you have 3 makeup stations, 2 changing rooms and 2 washrooms giving the couple ample comfort to get changed and dolled up for their photoshoot. So in case you want to get clicked in multiple outfits, you know you can easily get changed without any discomfort.


What do they NOT offer:

No cameras, or cameramen, photographer, or equipments like lighting etc.



Lets get one thing out…the facility is definitely not free. It does require a significant amount to be invested, but given the services provided, its worth checking it out once. If your budget permits, then this is a one stop destination for all your pre-wedding needs.


Booking Queries:

Sit visits are through appointment only. If you want to book your photoshoot at this place, you can book the place through this form here.


Contact Details

Address: 13/2, Mathura Road, Sector 27C, Faridabad – 121003

Nearest Metro Station – NHPC Chowk
Opposite metro pillar 502, with a U-Turn available at pillar 505

While coming from Delhi 500m from Badarpur – Faridabad Toll Plaza, it falls after crossing Crown Interiorz Mall

Website: The Perfect Location

Tel: Rathik Bansal | 9811885536

Email:  rathik@theperfectlocation.in

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