Bridal Makeup Tips & Tricks – Beginners 101

by Surbhi Kanur
Bridal Makeup Tips

Being a bride is a very special feeling and is a memory you will treasure all your life. A good bridal makeup can do wonders and make your dream a reality in just a few hours. It is very important to get the right makeup done for your wedding day. But that will definitely not happen in the 11th hour. If Asian bridal makeup is your choice or if you’ve been wondering how to apply asian bridal makeup, we have a step by step guide just for you. No rocket science here but just simple bridal makeup tips which are easy to follow. Give them a try for a flawless Asian bridal makeup that gives a gorgeous look.


Step 1

The most important and basic step before you start your makeup is to hydrate your face and neck properly.

  • Always use a pre-makeup serum and massage it evenly on your face.
  • Focus on areas like the forehead, cheeks and nose.
  • Once you are done massaging, apply a toner and leave it that way for 5-10 minutes. Now your face will be ready for the makeup.


Step 2

The next thing you should do is conceal your dark circles, scars and blemishes (if you have any).

  • You have many camouflage concealers available in the market. One of the best bridal makeup tips for oily skin is that you should always prefer a concealer that is less on oil content. Such concealers don’t spread and they have great coverage.
  • Apply it right from your neck to forehead, covering all the problem areas on your skin.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Step 3

  • After you have concealed it all, it is time for the foundation. Use a foundation without SPF in it. It lasts longer.
  • Always opt for a foundation based on the kind of skin tone you have. There are a variety of foundations available for different skin types and skin tones. Test it first and then go for it.


Step 4

The most important of the Asian bridal makeup tips is the bridal eye makeup. A beautiful eye makeup can make you stand out. Things to keep in mind before doing your eye makeup:

  • Always pat dry the area around and above your eye with a dry foundation powder. It prevents sweating.
  • Always go for different streaks of shades. The first one should be the darkest, the second one should be slightly lighter and third one should be a highlight.
  • The first and second streak should merge well and should complement each other.
  • The last streak should be a highlight; you could use either silver or golden. Your eye shadow will look great with these shades and hues.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Step 5

  • Once you are done with the eye shadow, it’s time to use the liner, kohl and mascara.
  • The first thing you should do is apply kohl and underline your eye beautifully.
  • Then go for the liner and line the eyelid with a thin stroke (Thick strokes are outdated) and then curve your lashes with the mascara.
  • Prefer using a long lasting liquid liner. They stay for longer hours.


Step 6

  • After your eye makeup, you should concentrate on sharpening your features. This is the time you should use your blush. Right from sharpening your nose to lifting your cheek bones, it can do it all.
  • Ask your makeup expert to choose the right tone for the blush shadow to give right depth and lift to your face, and ask whether airbrush bridal makeup might be the best option.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Step 7

  • Lips play a major role too in completing the Asian bridal look. You have to choose the right type of lipstick you would want to flaunt. It could be glossy, matte or satin.
  • Go for colors that stand out and at the same time don’t look too bling. Decide on the colour by keeping your wedding attire in mind. Lock the lips with some gloss and don’t forget to line them with a lip liner.


Step 8

  • Wonder how to make your makeup last longer? Always use a blotting paper. It soaks the oil and keeps the makeup intact. It prevents the makeup from spreading and keeps it just in place.


Frugal2Fab recommends: If you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of makeup application, then you should check out Debasree Banerjee’s youtube channel. You can also follow Ankita on Corallista. They both are really really good, and show everything from daily makeup routines to party and heavy makeup. I have learnt all my makeup gyaan from them, I am sure you will find them resourceful too 🙂

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Dipti Singh July 19, 2016 - 8:54 am

Nice post Surbhi, Absolutely the 2 you have mentioned Ankita & Debasree. They are very good. I have also been following them form quite sometime now 🙂

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Awesome post…


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