Our first post marriage major fight

by Namrata Nautiyal
post marriage major fight

Monday, 7th December 2015

So the title says it all. Yes, we fought. Actually I did, right after the Kolkata reception. By the time the reception party was wrapped up, it was close to 1am. Some of the guests still didn’t want to call it a night. But we just had to wrap up. Our flight to Delhi was scheduled at 6am ! That’s just 5 hours away. I had to look through things, gifts to see which ones I wanted to take back with me immediately to Delhi, vs. which I thought was better off in Kolkata for the time being.

So we went back home, and I was so relieved to take off that saree and get into something which weighed close to nothing. Seriously, it felt as though I was carrying a huge weight around the whole evening. It felt so light and refreshing. Our house was a total mess. Bouquets, gifts, our own stuff was lying everywhere. The first thing I sat to do was to clear it out.

By 3am we were all set, more or less. I thought lets catch up on some sleep. So before sleeping, I kept aside all my jewellery…new bride = head to toe in gold. I was so glad to take it all off. My husband just had loads of rings in his hands. Rings by my parents, maasis etc etc that he got during the wedding.

Suddenly I realized that one of the rings was missing from his fingers. Guess which one…the one which my parents gave him. The wedding ring ! 

The wedding festivities are not yet over, and the sacred ring is lost. The ring was a little loose, and the entire day he was messing around with me, by showing me the 100 ways in which it can get lost.

Now it really was.

At first, I thought he was just kidding when he said I don’t know where it is…but in less than a minute, I knew he didn’t know where it was for real. All hell broke loose. My parents were just in the other room. “I told you to keep gold carefully, its not a toy. You had to loose that very ring which my parents gave..why? See what happens because of your shenanigans. Now how do we find that small thing, everything is already packed.

Then started the tedious exercise of looking through every inch of the house. We unpacked, practically unfolded all our clothes, just to make sure it didn’t get stuck in some garment. Within no time, the room looked exactly how we found it right after the reception…totally messed up.

5 am.

No sign of the ring. By now we had looked through bouquet of flowers, under the sofa..in the kitchen, washroom….every place imaginable. Our parents were up. They knew something had gone wrong. but it was too late to do anything. We had to get ready, and get going.

I had to say my goodbyes to my parents. This time for good. I was not going to see them for another two weeks or so. It was hard, but this time was definitely much better than the vidaai. My mum gave me all her maternal advice regarding marriage, and a strict order not to yell at the boy for losing the ring. I reluctantly nodded ok ok, but you and I both know there was no chance I was taking this lightly.


We landed in Delhi around 9ish and headed straight to home. My home. My new new home. I had been here once after my engagement, but that time I felt like a guest, this time I was entering my new territory and I loved it. I wish we were staying for a day or so just so I could soak it all in.

It was a beautiful crisp winter morning. We had a quick breakfast and started re-packing. We were headed to our 3rd reception party in the hills of uttarakhand. We had to go to my in-laws village where there was a big party on the 9th.

Its kind of like a mini hill station where the family village is, but its really really cold. So my MIL had told me to pack accordingly. No sarees, just suits and loads n loads of sweaters. We are talking close to zero degrees there. This was going to be my first time experiencing true winter. I was crazzzyyy excited !

So quickly I packed up, and we were on the road to our first destination – Dehradun.

Dehradun happens to be like a 6 hour road journey from Delhi. Its a fun route. You can either go via the National forest reserve or through Uttarakhand forests. I know there is no difference in the two routes, both are forests…but both are quite scenic.

The tiredness was setting in slowly, but there was no way I was missing out on the view. Everyone slept on the way except for me. I kept poking my husband…I just didn’t let him sleep. You see, revenge was still because of the ring issue  :mrgreen:

We stopped for a quick lunch in Haldiram’s. Its everywhere in the north. They are so famous. I am ok with their food…its nothing great given Delhi street food standards, but hey, you gotta eat what you get during travels. Its not like we had a lot of options with us.



The food court was a decent place. I especially was having a gala time wearing a leather jacket and still shivering. For any bombay girl, winter is a blessing….I was in a superb mood.

We reached Dehradun somewhere in the afternoon. We were staying the night in maasi’s house. Her house is probably the best house I have ever seen. Wooden floors, a little porch in the front, gorgeous garden…it was a dream house + her house is just below the hills of Mussoorie. Its just like in the movies. But only, this time its for real.









Did we ever find the ring? Yes. 

When? After all the wedding festivities got over. Somewhere around 16th-17th December.

Where? Entangled in between my wedding saree. There was no way in hell we would be able to see it. My saree as you know was totally gold zardosi…it just happened to fall from the fabric when I was putting it away in my cupboard.

My husband’s reaction: I knew it was always with you 😛 I was just testing your patience with me.  😀  Blah, blah blah, blah blah ! 

My reaction:  🙄  🙄 Oh, how I wish the ring just stayed lost  🙄 





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Gitanjali July 1, 2016 - 11:10 am

Finally I got to read your whole wedding story. You know getting married next year, reading the emotions that real brides go through is something I relish. Can’t wait for experiencing them myself. Although the vidai part sounds scary..

Frugal2Fab July 4, 2016 - 8:28 am

Hehehe…don’t worry, vidaai is vidaai…you’ll get through it…cherish the other moments…its amazing… 🙂


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