The groom’s side party: Kolkata Reception

by Namrata Nautiyal
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kolkata reception

Sunday, 6th December 2015

My parents are here. Woohhhooo. My mum looks much happier than when I saw her last in the vidaai. I am so happy to see my mumma and daddy. Four days just went by without them, but now they are here. Here to attend the kolkata reception party.

Its somewhere around noon, and we finally checked out of our hotel. I was kind of sad while leaving. Our stay was perfect, and suddenly I felt everything was coming to an end quite soon. I had been planning the wedding since a year, and it just flew by, now I am in Kolkata and the first chapter is getting over. We are moving towards attending our second reception already. I couldn’t believe it. I wish I could slow it all down.

We reached home and were welcomed by both sets of parents. I have never seen everyone so happy together. It was a bright sunny happy day. I don’t know for how long my papa mumma hugged me when we were alone in the room….I couldn’t control my emotions. They just wouldn’t let go.

kolkata reception

After a scrumptious lunch at home, I finally packed up to go get ready again. I hate this part. Like I know, most girls would kill to get dolled up every single day…but I hate it. I hate the MUA ruining the skin with kilo of makeup, I hate the hair stylist pulling the hair to its maximum to get that perfect look…I hate sitting idle for that entire 3 hours while someone tries to doll me up. Its just too much. But what to do. When you’re a bride, you have to look like a B-R-I-D-E !

My MIL had booked an appointment with a MUA from Naturals. I had like 2 hours to get ready. This time I was wearing a saree. But this saree turned out to be heavier than my wedding lehenga. It was zardosi work entirely and OMG, I was like…how am I to walk in this !

So anyhow I got dropped at the salon and I waited for my turn. There were some bengali girls there already getting ready for a party…and they were so so annoying. This side curls have not come out properly, this lipstick shade doesn’t match with my skin tone…I was like somebody needs to shut them up.

We had not told that I was coming for my reception night getting ready..I didn’t even want to tell them…everyone by default overdoes the minute the word wedding comes out. Then imagine when you say it is yours. By the time the women left from the place…it was already 4:45pm. I had to be out of the salon by 6. Crazy no? I think not.

I had chosen Mac makeup…and this honestly was going to be the second time in my life when I actually put on some real makeup. I showed the MUA what my saree looked like…and she had a twinkle in her eye. She was very sweet. I quietly whispered that I am the bride, but I don’t want any heavy dramatic look. She congratulated me and then told me to close my eyes and just relax. Usually I would have done that, but remember someone else had told me this exact thing during my Lakme makeup trial, so I was not going to make that mistake again.

I’ll be honest. I was a pain of a client to my MUA. Everytime she brushed one stroke of eyeshadow, I would open the other eye just to make sure its not overdone. At no point of time did she show her annoyance or irritation, but I know deep down at least once she must have thought to turn me into a dracula.

I told her I had to be out by 6. She said are you out of your mind. Bride and just 90 minutes !! Even those girls who came before me took close to double the time. I just smiled and told her it is what it is.

She got started, and once she was done…I honestly couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. I didn’t recognize myself. I looked like a new bahu, a new bride and I felt fabulous. I think I liked the makeup more than my wedding makeup too. It cost me like 4k only, but everyone was in appreciation. My skin was glowing, there was not too much drama on the eyes…just a defined eye-liner and red red lips. It was perfect.

I hugged her and said a big big thank you to her and the team and rushed out. My hubby was waiting outside and his one look said it all. I cannot forget his reaction. It was priceless.

kolkata reception

I know I might look really white to you, I want to say its the camera…but ya, I was a little white that night 😛 We reached home and it was time to get going. Luckily, the reception was being held in the garden below the building. Its a huge space and work for setting up the place was on before we even landed in Kolkata.

kolkata reception

Welcome to our reception party

kolkata reception

kolkata reception

The caterers for the night was Punjab Grill, and OMG…man, can they cook some good food.

Kolkata reception was definitely more enjoyable for me than the Mumbai one. Only because I was not the host, I had no tension…nobody coming up to me with questions n stuff…I just had to be a blushing bride which was easy and fun. The other thing that was lovely about the reception was we didn’t have to do the stage stage thing here. We kept moving around the whole space meeting our guests and clicking photos. I got to eat throughout because I never left the food section.

My MUA had guaranteed me that my lipstick won’t come off, so that was one worry down. We really enjoyed the evening. I didn’t know anybody there. I was the outsider, but everyone was just so so welcoming. It felt as though I always belonged to this place.

The highlight of the night was when Kolkata’s governer Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi came to bless us at the reception. He was so down to earth and kind to speak to…we were really happy to meet him. But, but but but…I did feel a little j that my thunder was stolen…for whatever little time…its not fair right…*shhh don’t tell*

kolkata reception

The party went on till post midnight. We all were well rested, so no one was really tired..but I couldn’t help thinking we had a morning 6am flight to Delhi tomorrow. We had to pack. Sort through all the gifts, because lets face it that’s the best part of the wedding.

But little did I know that it was going to be a sleepless eventful night, and we would all be going to the airport straight without snoozing for even a minute.

Stay tuned to know all about our first ever post marriage *major* fight and the journey towards our third reception destination.


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