First two days of marriage: Kolkata Diaries

by Namrata Nautiyal
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First two days marriage

Thursday, 3rd December 2015

The marriage got done sometime around 4:30-5 in the morning, and we went straight to the guest house. My packing was already done before all the wedding celebrations had begun. But even though we were totally zombied because of lack of sleep, we were so so excited. My husband kept rattling the entire time Mrs. Nautiyal, Mrs. Nautiyal….haha…it was super adorable.

The vidaai ceremony was really tough. I don’t think I want to even recollect that time. My parents took it the hardest. Up until now, I had never ever stayed away from them, no sleepovers, no hostel life…nothing. I cannot begin to express what went through that one hours time. It was probably the toughest time for all of us.

Leaving is never easy, and though everyone knows it has to be done…its not the best moment. I look through the vidaai pictures…and I cry every time. I didn’t care about getting that perfect shot…there is nothing perfect about vidaai.

So, anyways…the vidaai got over and in no time me and my new family were zooming off to the airport…to my new life as a Mrs. The whole way my new husband was so so sweet…he kept squeezing my hand reassuringly…but somewhere he just couldn’t contain his happiness…and my in-laws were giggling looking at us.

I think for any bride, that new beginning…those early days into marriage…that’s the best time. I have such wonderful memories…honestly I think I have a bigger smile writing this post than the wedding posts. Wedding was stressful, this was the fun part.

You have to understand that by 3rd afternoon, it was our 3rd day without sleeping. The flight to Kolkata I don’t even know where that time went. We dozed off completely. We needed the sleep. My eyes were puffy, burning…and as good as I felt mentally, my body was just giving up. It needed rest.

We reached home to my in-laws house..and were greeted with so many flowers. It was amazing. I had a big smile on my face. We crashed that afternoon for a little while and when we woke up…my in laws were ready to ship us off again. We checked into The Pride Hotel in Kolkata…the room was gorgeous. We had the honeymoon suite…and the place looked so welcoming.

We stayed here for like 2 nights, which is 48 hours…but I think we spent most of the time sleeping…I remember our first day…the only time we woke up got ready was for the buffet spread downstairs. We were exhausted. Honestly I wish we had come to this hotel after a day or two…we would have ideally enjoyed it more…but our itinerary was solid jam packed.

First two days marriage

First two days marriage

Our Kolkata reception was scheduled on Sunday, 6th December post which we were flying off to Delhi. So after a day of rest, we decided to go out and enjoy the city of joy. I have been to Kolkata before…and this place holds wonderful memories for me. I am from Odisha myself, so this is kind of my territory…I love the feel in the city…the easy going nature, the food, the streets…its a good city to chill out in.

First two days marriage

First two days marriage

So on the second day of our stay, we finally decided to go out in the evening. Our first stop was Eco Park. Its a huge theme park which is spread across 400+ acres of land. It has boating, light show, a artistic village and the view is pretty amazing. We strolled around for a bit, and then did a little bit of boating. I was not too keen to paddle along…the boating area was huge…but on the other side of the mainland…we could see a lot of lights and music being played. Curiosity was the only reason why we finally went boating to the other side to catch a better look.

First two days marriage

There were probably 10 weddings going on. The entire area on the other side had designer mandaps, theme decors…it was gorgeous. I wish we could take a better picture…but the guys on the other side…did not let us paddle up close to see what was going up there. The place looked beautiful.

We came back to the hotel and the next evening were out again. This time we went to my favorite place in Kolkata…Park Street. I think this is by far the most happening corner of the city. Tomorrow again we were headed back home…for the next set of festivities and we wanted to spend some quality time together. So after a nice walk all along Park Street, we went to Flurrys.

I have always loved this place. Although the food is debatable, the ambiance and the whole feel of the place is amazing. It was a quite evening and we talked about the wedding, how far we have come since our dating days…I still can’t believe it. Its surreal you know, those early days…to be walking around hand in hand as Mr. & Mrs. Its the best feeling ever.

First two days marriage

First two days marriage

First two days marriage

Its a wonderful change. Marriage. From the day I became a Mrs. whenever I would talk to one of my girlfriends…I kept telling them…get married…its the best feeling ever. Its so good to have someone who enjoys the same things as you, is a constant support. But the best part is its so good to come back home everyday to that person who you know is waiting for you…its the best feeling ever. I honestly wish I had got married much before…haha..

My time as a new bahu was to begin tomorrow. Till now, I was shielded from public eyes. My MIL was super sweet to not let anyone come see me those few hours when were home. I was a mess. Now I was ready. Tomorrow would be a new beginning. The official entry as the Nautiyal bahu.


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