Wedding Day: All the details about the Reception Night

by Namrata Nautiyal
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reception night

Wednesday, December 2nd 2015

The reception night is finally here. The haldi ceremony was over by noon, but I honestly don’t remember what I was busy with for the next couple of hours. It just flew by and it was soon almost 3pm. My MUA was here with all her instruments etc to get me all dolled up. I had pre-decided to get ready in one of the rooms of the guest house where my folks were staying. It was easier here. Rather than making a complete mess of the house which btw was already in a mess, it would be calmer here for sure.

I am not usually a makeup-hair person, definitely not hair. So, the next few hours were definitely not my favorite. I don’t know how fashionistas and celebrities do it day in day out…but I am so glad all that was a one day thing. The finally look for sure made my eyes twinkle, but its just too much mehnat 😛

I was ready on time. 7pm the reception was going to start and I was set by 5:30ish. Enough time to get some solo shots clicked. After all, photography is the crux for any bride-to-be. It was a funny situation, my grooms side was also living in the same guest house…so I had like 7 people who circled me and hid me from prying eyes…took me to the other wing of the building…and we got started with the bridal photoshoot.

reception night

reception night

reception night

It was superb fun. I twirled in my poofy lehenga, did some cheesy shots here and there, and clicked lots of random pictures with my cousins. I was just getting into the mood, when it was time to go. My moment was finally here. I was going to my party, to celebrate our love with all my friends and family. It was going to be the best day of my life.

The venue was a short distance away. So it took us probably just 20 mins to reach the place. I knew the baaraat had yet to start. They were dancing away in the guest house itself. hehe… I knew they would be super duper late. I reached my venue, and was greeted by my entire khandaan – extended family included. Some of them saw me for the first time since their arrival, and it was so so nice to have everyone around. I just couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who took out time from their busy lives and traveled crazy distances just to be part of my big day. It was a blessing to see everyone.

I had time till the baaraat arrived, so I went ahead and clicked some more cheesy shots. Everyone was giggling looking at me behave like a complete love-struck cartoon. I was in the best of my spirits. My baarat finally arrived somewhere around 8ish, the guests had already come…so I had to rush back to the dressing room. I waited waited…but the baaraatis danced for an hour !!! It was like never ending…and I was so jittery…I remember dancing a bit in the dressing room myself to the sound of the dholkis.

reception night

Everyone was waiting for the bride to arrive, but my side was waiting for that (pink) dupatta you see over my head? Why can’t I remember what it is called…remind me people, its like its on the tip of my tongue…and I can’t just seem to get it.  I am just going to refer to it as the dupatta, ok?

Anyhow, so my MIL had brought a beautiful red full work dupatta for this very purpose and had sent it across to my home. I had even opened the suitcase in which it had come and had a look at it. It was red, heavy with sequins and work and things dangling from it…it looked quite rich. But I didn’t open it…instead I assumed it was my wedding saree from their side. Stupid me!

So, when we packed up all our stuff and moved to the guest house, we conveniently left the suitcase behind. I knew I had to wear that wedding saree for my Kolkata reception…so no point…carrying that around. In all this goof-up, my grooms side just waited n waited for the bride to arrive…and the bride side just waited and waited for the dupatta to arrive from the grooms side. It was 8:45pm. When the miscommunication was finally cleared…my brothers rushed to my home to collect it. But alas, when things don’t want to work out…they usually don’t. It was 9pm and they were stuck in traffic. Nothing could be done…My muhurat for the pheras was 12am and if the reception didn’t start like NOW, we would totally get screwed.

We were already running way behind schedule and the crowd was getting jittery. So as last resort, we looked around…and I picked my didis pink dupatta for the purpose. Pink really seemed like the theme of the wedding all of a sudden. Within no time we just rushed out to make my official bridal entry. Can you see me smile for my groom in the above pic? Its my favorite shot. I get goosebumps whenever I look at that pic. OFFICIALLY NOW US !

reception night

reception night

We moved to the stage for the official Jai-Mala ritual. But, but, but…in all the dupatta chaosness…we goofed up to separate the jaimalas…meaning we had one long jaimala…and just one. Just before this…I checked with my decorator when I saw the jaimalas…why are they connected…he said, it comes like that only. Don’t worry. And I totally left it there…I don’t know why no part of my brain worked then…and on stage, can you imagine…we had two jai-malas connected as one long one..and we had to work with that.

It was probably the biggest epic disaster…read funny situation on stage. I saw my friends giggling away to glory seeing our very real struggle. In the end, we were happy jolly. It was what it was, but it turned out to be different. The whole evening post that we were stuck to each other…we couldn’t even fit on our reception stage chairs. The jai-mala just wouldn’t pull that far.

reception night

Whoever came on stage said things like, “Get used to this. Now you’re tied for life. Think again, if you want to be stuck with this dude for life…abhi bhi time hai..this is God’d way of testing you one final time. But the most I heard from guests and friends was:Is this your idea to have a statement wedding?

Everyone had a good laugh at our expense…every time my to be hubby turned to put the gifts, I had to move one step closer to him…haha…we perfected the art of sticking together by the end of the evening. I really don’t know how time flew by, but it did. I remember telling my friends when they came on stage…I will just be done in sometime, and then we will come down and have fun with everyone.

Little did I realize it was 11:30pm already. We were starved yet the guests were just pouring in. I know its rude…but it did cross my mind more than once – what the hell was I thinking when I invited so many guests. !!!

Our jaws were done with. Not smiling was becoming hard, because our jaws were stretched to the limit for hours. Somebody really should come up with a alternate way of celebrating the reception party. This stage thing is just too much. As much as one wants to enjoy their own party…like seriously cross my heart…its just not possible. And by the end of it, you’re just so so tired.

My evening was just getting started. We were not even married yet…the pheras was going to start only post midnight, and I had to change into my other look + I was heading off to Kolkata the very next morning….9am flight. It was going to be a loooong night.

But first the newly wed pictures.

reception night

reception night

reception night

Mr. & Mrs. Nautiyal (to-be)

Photography: White Lily Studios

Lehenga: Raas, Santacruz

Venue: Megarugas, Mumbai

MUA: Neha Thakkar

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