Its the wedding day morning: Haldi Ceremony

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Haldi ceremony

Wednesday, 2nd December 2015

Its barely 6am, and I can hear voices in my sleep. It doesn’t help that I haven’t slept last night. Today is the wedding day, which bride really sleeps one day prior to the wedding. Its impossible…the feeling is so surreal. I had dreamed of this moment for the longest time….meticulously planned it out for months…almost close to a year…and its finally here. The haldi ceremony was scheduled to begin in an hours time.

I slept with my mom & dad the previous night…she held me close to her heart the whole night…I know this…because I could barely move. Its a chokish feeling…to know that I will be moving out of my home…home that I have lived in for 25 years. The past few days have been overwhelming to say the least. Family, relatives hugging, kissing, giving blessings…seeing such out-pour of love from everyone…its hard to keep it together. I am honestly not even thinking about the groom right now…I haven’t seen him yet…I mean of course, I can’t wait to see him..obviously..but I just can’t get myself to get up from the bed.

I walk out of the room, and I see my chachi has already cried a bucked load of tears already. Great. This is going to be harder than I thought. I try really really hard to act normal and jolly. I am happy, but the emotions are just so over-powering you know. I can’t look at my mom. This is the single most happiest day of her life…yet so bittersweet.

Some of you might wonder, why do I write one post after every few months about my wedding. Well, its hard for me. I just can’t get myself to. I am sitting wiping tears right now reliving the entire experience…have chucked my house-helper out just so he doesn’t think something tragic has happened to me.  🙄 

So anyhow, I walk out of my room and my house is swarming with ladies. All my chachis, mamis, mausis, cousins…everyone is here already for the haldi. In our culture, the bhabhi plays a big role on the haldi day. She along with mausis and chachis visit 7 different homes and collect water. Then they go to the temple, take blessings…and bring back the water. I, the bride have to then take bath in this water post my haldi ceremony.

Haldi ceremony

Yes, I wore this mukut for the wedding…wait for it…will share a picture in the coming posts.

haldi ceremony

haldi ceremony

A puja is done at the local temple, where the haldi, the mukuts are first approved by the Gods. I was nowhere to be involved in this. So, you see I had the morning off to myself. I quickly snuck out of everyone’s radar and called up the Mr., “How’s it going?” His answer…”This is crazy. We should have got a court marriage done instead, I have never handled so much attention from anyone.”…haha…I think the feeling was mutual…We spoke about other things too…but lets not get into that..

Everyone came back around 10 something…and by then, I was ready. I was not supposed to take bath or eat food before the haldi ceremony, so I was eagerly waiting for them to come back. Once everyone reached home…it was total mayhem. The house seemed quiet for like 5 mins probably, and it was as though they had never left.

Before I knew what was happening, I was brought center stage, chantings started – Odia style and everyone was having a gala time. I had my mehendi applied just the previous night so I had to keep it on for a little while longer. My maasi quickly helped me wrap a cellophane paper all around my hands and feet, and I was set. The haldi ceremony could now begin full force.

Haldi ceremony

That’s my choti mom…I don’t think anyone can notice that I am crying…I think I disguised it pretty well

We had the function at home. It was strictly a ladies event only. Although my brother from somewhere just came in and said, he wouldn’t leave my side. So, we had to accommodate him somehow  😀 That’s him in the top left corner.

I am looking for haldi pictures to share, but honestly I look like a total mess. Its almost as though I can’t be recognized. I chose to wear a simple patiala and kurti for my haldi event. In our Odia tradition, we have to wear something old for the haldi event…which after the puja is given away to someone outside the family. I chose to wear a patiala kurti because it was so comfortable given I still had mehendi on my hands and legs.



Once the haldi was over, I got into a fresh yellow saree next…it was already 12 noon by then. My aunts and cousins were still very much in the haldi mood…but I had to get going. My brother had an important task ahead of him too. He had to go to the grooms side and formally invite my groom and his family for our wedding.

Little did he know what he was getting into. Right after the formal invitation, was the haldi ceremony of my grooms side. Their function was held in the guest house. Luckily for us, the rooms were not all occupied, so the authorities had given a big hall for the mehendi ceremony.

Sharing some of the pictures here with you all.

I loved a lot of elements from their function. The entire color theme of haldi was red and yellow…everyone followed the dress code and it looked gorgeous in the pictures. My mum in-law wore a traditional nose ring for the ceremony. I was told that in the earlier days, this nose ring used to be the size of a persons head. Can you imagine, what that might look like…


Photography – Ruel Rebello


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