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by Namrata Nautiyal
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Best deal wedding venue

Guaranteed! Try it once.

Let me get this out first that this is not a sponsored post. I have dealt with these guys for my wedding and I know what they are capable of. If any of you are having your wedding planned out this year or the next, or even in the next few months…this post is a must read for you.


In one line, the business of BookEventZ is to get you your dream wedding venue at the lowest price possible. 


BookEventZ started out in 2012. Back then, it was just a startup. Till recently they went by the name UrbanRestro. Some of you might remember this name, as I spoke highly of them while going through my wedding madness. I had a impossible budget – 700 bucks per person venue charges included, and I wanted a lawn. I was getting this nowhere. Like seriously, I was losing my mind.


At first, I came across the shabbiest of the places. Vendors do that you know, show you the worst just so you break apart and decide to pay more. I had spent days and countless hours working out a wedding budget, I knew how painful it would be to simply increase my budget for the venue and rework my budgeting plan. It was not even the last resort for me. I knew this is what it is, and I had to stick to that figure.

Its not always about what one can spend, but what one is willing to spend.

I checked quite a lot of portals online to get a sense of wedding venue prices, but everywhere there were add ons like, changing room extra, venue rent extra, bizarre over time charges and stuff like that. It was mind boggling. Every time I thought I was coming close to finding a place, these extra costs would come up midway in the negotiations and everything would go for a toss.

I started filling out forms everywhere online. A number of sales guys called me up to discuss my requirements, but nowhere I felt that it mattered to them to get me what I wanted. That ownership was missing somewhere.



I came across BookEventZ by chance. I had less than zero expectations from them. I simply filled out the form and left it at that. The next thing I knew I got a call, same thing happened…I gave out all the details…but this time…the guy on the other line…tried to understand exactly what I wanted…what was acceptable and what was not.

I did not hear from BookEventZ for the next one week or so. I had forgotten about them, when I got an email in my inbox giving me a shortlist of wedding venues. All the venues had prices way above my range. Think 100% increase. Budget 700, I had options of budget 1600+ I just closed the laptop. I was not happy.

I got a call next…and I remember yelling out of frustration that this was not my budget. That’s when Harsh (the representative from BookEventZ) told me calmly, that they can get these venues to agree to my price. ! Can you imagine, hearing something like that. 100% reduction. I didn’t believe him. I said try and I left it at that.

Best deal wedding venue

I got my wedding venue. I didn’t do any negotiations. Zero. Never got into a conversation about money with the venue management. It was taken care of. I just went down there paid the advance and my booking was done. That + during negotiations, Harsh even managed to get them to agree to give me decorations in 1L. Their decoration charges started from 1.75L. It was a huge deal he cracked without any help from my end.

I keep telling him and BookEventZ that they were my budget fairy angels who came to my rescue. Its true, not making up a word of it. I would highly recommend them to anyone struggling to find their wedding venues.



BookEventZ has tie ups with all the wedding venues in a city. One needs to remember that these venues also need your business as much as you want them for your event. BookEventZ is like the middleman who cracks the deal which is favorable to both parties.

Normally in situations where the management has given a final price in the first conversation, the client like you and me, might just give up. They lose out too without realizing that a little push may have worked.

Every venue has different package deals, that you may not be aware of. If you don’t ask for these deals, they don’t tell you and you end up feeling miserable and move on to other venues. It thus helps to get some expert to deal with these vendors and squeeze out the best deal for you.

Best deal wedding venue



No. They earn their commissions directly from the wedding venue guys. For instance, in my wedding…I was told that for extra plates, the venue would have to pay a % of the earned money to BookEventZ. So you don’t have to worry about setting aside extra amount to give these guys. Its all free service for you.



Make event planning easier, smarter and quicker experience for all.



You have 11 cities where BookEventZ can help you choose your dream wedding venue. I suggest even though you have the money and you are ok with the price to go ahead with a particular venue, just talk to them once to see whether a better deal can be worked out. I mean no harm in saving some money right?

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi NCR Goa
Hyderabad Kolkata Pune Surat Vadodara



Pretty much everything. Think caterers, decorators, MUA, photographers…you name it, they have options for you. Its a one stop shop for all your wedding vendor inquiries. When I had consulted them, they were only working towards helping with wedding venues…so this is seriously exciting stuff.

If you are in the initial stages of planning your wedding…these guys may be really helpful to make those budget related decisions for you. I checked out some of the photographer charges, and they are pretty much up to date. I can vouch for these figures because I had physically contacted each vendor and got the best price possible. These guys have quoted that reduced price as the starting figure !

Anchor/Mc Bandwala Bartender Bridal MUA Choreographer
Comedian Decorator DJ Event Planner Mehendi Artist
Musician Photographer Singer Caterer Orchestra


Have you tried any online portals to help you with your wedding planning? How has your experience been so far?

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