10 Getting ready shots you must have on your Wedding

by Namrata Nautiyal
getting ready shots

This is a complete Pinterest inspired post, and highly useful for all you brides-to-be.

I am not usually that camera friendly, I know how to smile, I know a few poses…like very few…and most of my pictures if somebody keenly notices…has the same old poses. So when it came to the wedding, I was quite jittery. I know with photographers swarming all around me + friends, relatives everywhere, I would get shy to death! Let alone, think of original poses to do for the wedding.

So, a month or so before my wedding, I had made a checklist in which this topic of bride getting ready shots was there on my top priority list. I am a complete pinterest person, and I had noted a few pictures that I really really liked. They were easy, effortless and spoke volumes of the emotions running through any brides mind. It was perfect. In the end, it really did help me to loosen up and get those shots right. It was easier for the photographer as well as for me, saved precious time + I knew exactly which shots I wanted to have in my wedding album.

Brides MakeUp by @makeupbyroxx 

A good idea is to simply have the pictures saved on your phone or tablet and carry them on your d-day. You can show those photos to your photographer and he will make sure you have those perfect bride getting ready shots with you.

These are some of my favorite bride getting ready shots. I hope this helps some of you.


getting ready shots

A mandate pose. Every bride fixes her own earrings, and getting clicked while doing so gives some stunning images. Whether you are highlighting your statement earring or your bangles, this shot is a must have.

You can also try and get creative with your poses. I love the shot above where the focus is on the earring, but somewhere the eyes also go towards the brides wedding outfit. Its a brilliant shot to use as a teaser, before unveiling the brides look.


getting ready shots

The idea is if you are wearing a stunning pair of heels for your wedding, then flaunt it while you can. Once you have your lehenga and the rest of your jewelry, the focus moves away from the bridal footwear. This is the only time when you can show it off.

getting ready shots

There are various type of shots you can take with your wedding footwear, the focus could be on the payal, on the heels, the heavy border work of your lehenga…whichever you feel is good. My favorite shot is the one above which incidentally happens to be one of the most re-pinned shot on my Pinterest.


Bangles are an intergral part of any Indian Wedding. They are bright, colorful and are symbolic with the young bride-to-be. The minute a bride-to-be puts on her bangles, the whole look of the outfit changes, it looks like it has finally come together and its a wonderful first glance transition from a young girl to a bride to be.

There are many ways in which you can click this shot. Multiple kinds of shots work best to choose that one final shot which stands out. I especially love the shots where the focus is only on the mehendi and bangles, and the rest of the outfiit is blurred. Makes for a stunning bridal shot.


getting ready shots
Can you see the approval on the brides face? This is how she had always imagined her wedding look to be. Perfectly captured.
getting ready shots
I can totally hear this bride say, I want that maang teeka to be placed perfectly…its all about the perfection on the d-day

For any bride-to-be its all about this. Her wedding is something she has imagined, meticulously planned about all her life. It has to be perfect. While no bride really remembers all that chaos on the wedding day, it really helps to capture these moments, which bring alive the thousands of emotions running through the brides mind.


getting ready shots

A MUA plays a huge role on the wedding day for any bride to be. Its because of the MUA that a bride achieves her dream look for her wedding. I love this shot because you can see pure happiness in the brides eyes. Her MUA has given her everything she ever dreamed of for her wedding. The moment captured is precious.


getting ready shots
Can you feel the happiness from her face? Its priceless.
getting ready shots

A maang-teeka brings the whole look together. Its the last bit to getting dolled up before pinning up the dupatta, and the bride gets the first glance at her bridal look after wearing this. Its a huge huge moment for any bride to be, and you must ask your photographer to capture this. Its a moment not to be lost.


getting ready shots

Every bride has some helping hands, and they are ones who help out with last minute madness, and getting the bride all dolled up. Its like they are the brides private army. These shots capture beautifully how much they really care for the bride. Its all about getting the bride what she wants on her d-day.


getting ready shots

My favorite of the lot. There is no noise about colors, elements, nothing….its all about the brides shot. This is probably the most pure form in which you will see a bride getting clicked. I love love the first shot. The jewellery, buttis, the brides coy nature, its all come together in the best way possible.


The dupatta is the highlight of any brides wedding outfit. With the heavy borders and the work within, it really lifts the whole wedding look. The shot works on multiple levels, you can use these shots as a bridal portrait teaser, or even to highlight your wedding outfit…


getting ready shots

This is a classic shot. Lower your eyes, show your eyeshadow and your maang-teeka and the photographer captures the bride in all her bridal glory. Its a must must take shot.

Which of the bridal getting ready shots is your favorite? Do you know of any other type of images that a bride must have on her wedding?

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Dipti June 21, 2016 - 11:38 am

Beautiful post….Treat to the eyes 😀 My fav is the dupatta shot 😛

Frugal2Fab June 21, 2016 - 11:44 am

Glad you liked the post. I love the dupatta shots too. But my favorite currently are the black & white shots 😀

Anuja Shah June 21, 2016 - 6:28 pm

Super post…My fav are the close up shots –

Other shots i can think of are:

1. The Lehenga on an hanger shot

2. The outfit and jewelry spread out on the bed

3. The bride adjusting the nath can also be a good picture

4. If you are getting ready and your mom is with you- a picture where your mom is posing as if she is putting the duppata on your head or getting you ready can be amazing.

5. If you were confused between two ways to drape your dupatta and finally chose one – it would be a nice idea to get a picture with the rejected style providing you have the time and a patient MUA – applicable when the head dupatta and body dupatta are different- as the head one is the last thing you drape.

6. A lot of people get special bridal robes made – so i picture of that would be good too.

Frugal2Fab June 22, 2016 - 10:45 am

Hey, these are some amazing options to go for as well. Superb. Did you get these shots clicked for your wedding? I remember doing the earring shot, lehenga on the hanger, footwear shot etc…but I am pretty sure I missed out on quite a few getting ready shots >_< How I wish I had this post ready before the wedding...would have helped me as well 😛

nitzgwal June 22, 2016 - 1:02 am

Well…to answer your question,which of the bridal pose is my fav??? I say ALL…U have really done a great job by compiling the most beautiful poses…

Frugal2Fab June 22, 2016 - 10:43 am

Hehehe…Glad you liked the post 🙂


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