Designer Alert: All the details about Ayush Kejriwal

by Namrata Nautiyal
Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal has taken Frugal2Fab Pinterest by storm, literally. There is no escaping him and the more and more you delve into its designs, the more head over heels you fall in love with him and his outfits. Ayush Kejriwal is a UK based designer who has totally taken the ethnic and bridal fashion by storm. Think Sabyasachi of the UK, only that Ayush Kejriwal is better. Yup, I said it…kill me now.

But its true. I am not saying anything against Sabyasachi, I love him…the world loves him. But if you are also having a Sabyasachi overdose, then Ayush Kejriwal is the right designer to look out for.

I am a complete Pinterest person, and this post was something I wanted to write way back in October last year. Back then, I contacted Ayush Kejriwal, and we had a chat about his collection. Ever since then, this post has been on my mind like a hawk eyeing its prey. I just had to write about Ayush Kejriwal.

Feast your eyes ladies…these pictures from Ayush Kejriwal collection are going to make you teary-eyed with envy.


Ayush Kejriwal Bridal Lehenga Favourites:

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

This is what the designer has to say about his bridal lehengas:

“My attempt was to offer you an empty vessel that has been filled with a melange of design; there’s a taste of pop art, a blend of warm Indian colours and just a little sprinkling of the mystic surreal.”

Ayush Kejriwal`

Did we look this stunning on our wedding day? Probably not. There is something about the whole ensemble. The jewellery, the simplicity in which the outfit is carried off, the colors and the detailed work…it all adds up. Its purity and elegance is hard to miss.

But Ayush Kejriwal is known for his sarees more than the lehengas. His sarees be it banarasi, or chiffon have taken the vintage appeal to a whole another level. Hasn’t it always been the case that our mothers and elderly would opt for benarasi for weddings? May be a bride might have a one off piece in her wardrobe which she might have got during the wedding…but it eventually just gets passed down…and nobody really wears it. But once you see Ayush Kejriwal collection of benarasi sarees, you wouldn’t want to lock it out anywhere. Its going to be one of your prized possessions. Guaranteed.


How much does Ayush Kejriwal Sarees Cost?

His collection is so drool worthy that you would actually want to invest in his sarees. Every piece is a stunner of a choice, and it actually gets quite difficult to pick which one is a favorite. At this point, I should warn you that his saree collection price starts from £160 ~ Rs. 14k upwards which is honestly not all that expensive. I mean banarasi as such costs pretty much anything from 15k upwards to even a lakh+ …so this price should ideally bring a smile to your face. He is every penny worth it ! Don’t shy away from contacting him to get your own Ayush Kejriwal piece.

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal


What does Ayush Kejriwal have to say about himself?

I often wonder why do we all care so much about how we look? There are some people amongst us who spend hours trying to create that perfect look for ourselves, a look that will make us feel very special, a look that will make heads turn , a look that will make others want to be us! As a designer sometimes I find my job extremely challenging and the reason I say this is because I am a very selfish designer.

I design what I like, I don’t design for the masses and I know that is not going to be good commercially but I can’t help it. I think designing is like painting you cannot paint something wondering whether it will appeal to someone or not! Artists don’t use their minds they go with their hearts, I consider myself to be an artist and I always listen to what my heart says. I guess that is the reason why many a times my brand gets called boaring or old school, but that’s alright I can live with it as I feel it still has a soul.. a gypsy soul that is free spirited, a soul full of love and I must say a very stylish one too! I don’t think there is anything wrong in being selfish when it comes to style do you?”

No we don’t, do we? We absolutely love you Ayush !!!


Inspiration behind Ayush Kejriwal’s Collections:

“Its true that everything around me could be an inspiration in one form or another, however I think on a subconscious level I always look back to move forward when it comes to design. I have very beautiful memories of seeing my mum, aunts and grandmother wearing lovely sarees , I have spent hours playing tents with those vintage fabrics from old trunks; countless afternoons have been spent as a child competing with my sister whilst drawing the motifs from my Mum’s old Benarsi dupatta . One can’t forget these things, and I think that is why traditional always works for me. There is some magic in the old. Old is always gold and I believe in that.”

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

How does Ayush Kejriwal manage to get that perfect shot everytime?

“A lot of work hard work goes behind a photo shoot. From scouting for the right location, getting the clothes sorted, achieving the right hair and make up and last but not the least getting the perfect frame! It takes months of planning and organizing to sort one shoot. But if done right the results can be brilliant. For instance, the shoot for CHABEELI was not easy but as I I sift through the images I beam in pleasure.”


The only way to reach out to Ayush Kejriwal is through Whatsapp or Email. Why not have your own website?

“Not having a website till now has been a conscious decision. For one not having a website gives me a chance to engage with you personally. I know it’s not ideal in the long run but I would like to be in conversation with my clients for as long as I possibly can. From a business point of view this might make absolutely no sense and dealing with prospective customers only through messages may seem preposterous but I think it is one of the best ways. Anyways, when have I ever done anything by the books!

More so, by being able to speak to every possible prospect I am able to act as a gatekeeper and keep the haters and time-wasters at bay. I love what I do and how I do it and I hope your support will continue to grow with us.

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

I browsed through practically the entire collection of Ayush Kejriwal, and there was one thing that kept cropping up in my head.


Will we see more of Ayush Kejriwal Bridal Lehengas?

“Every single day at least 3 people ask me this question! And it always makes me chuckle. Why is it that I am expected to have loads of designs. Why can’t I have limited designs and not too many of them? I come up with no more than 20 designs or so in a year , and I like it that way.

The idea is not to mass produce one thing after another to satisfy the ruthless need in the industry. I don’t follow trends or colour patterns when I am designing so I don’t need to stick to seasons or change designs every 4 weeks. I weave my own story and dreams as per my wish. Hence I have the liberty of not to be under pressure of coming up with something new every second day! That’s not my style, this is not how I choose to run my business.

I appreciate the fact that the repetition could be boring for some of you but I am sorry there is not much I can do. This is my story, my vision , my dream and I would like you to be a part of this journey but please don’t expect me to adulterate my dreams as per your wishes. I am a very selfish artist, and an arrogant one too! I am sorry I can’t be any other way, love me or leave me. With lots of love.

I think Ayush Kejriwal can be rest assured that nobody is going to be leaving him. But definitely the hounding is not going to stop anytime soon.

Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

Vision of Ayush Kejriwal

Empowering Minimalism!
My ultimate aim is always to empower minimalism. To offers investment pieces which have restrain mixed with gravitas making them very alluring. The idea is to deliver clothes that were stylish without sacrificing credibility. Minimalism for me isn’t about being safe it is all about knowing what you want and being bold!”



Ayush Kejriwal

If you are also going ga-ga about the jewellery used in Ayush Kejriwal’s photoshoots just like the rest of us…you will be happy to know that Ayush is selling some of these pieces like the one above in the image at affordable prices. Please note that these are not designed by Ayush himself.



If any of you wish to get in touch with the designer Ayush Kejriwal, you can connect with him through the following means:

  • Whatsapp: 00447840384707
  • Email: /
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter:@byayushkejriwal
  • Instagram: designerayushkejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal is based out of UK, Glasgow but he ships his designs worldwide. Some of his major clients are based out of US & India. Check out the latest collection of Ayush Kejriwal Patola Sarees on Frugal2Fab.

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Pooja Modi August 26, 2017 - 2:06 pm

Can I please know the price of this red bridal lehenga by Ayush Kejriwal? I have tried contacting him but have not gone any response yet.

Namrata Nautiyal August 30, 2017 - 1:49 pm

Hey Pooja, I can’t give out exact prices of the designers outfits. You will need to get in touch with him either through whatsapp or Instagram. Try messaging again, may be he might have missed your message the last time.

Babli Golecha August 27, 2017 - 9:00 pm

How can I buy this sarees from ayush kejriwal

Namrata Nautiyal August 30, 2017 - 1:50 pm

Hi Babli,
Please contact Ayush Kejriwal on his whatsapp number or on Instagram. He responds pretty quickly. The contact details are mentioned at the end of the blog post.

Ash September 29, 2017 - 6:34 am

Hi! I’m in love with his designs but I’m a little hesitant to approach him without knowing his office range… I don’t want to get into something I can’t afford! Do you have any idea what his price range is? Thanks 🙂

Ash September 29, 2017 - 6:34 am

*price range not office range!

Namrata Nautiyal October 2, 2017 - 11:33 am

Hi Ash,
From what I know, his sarees are pretty much in the standard range of 15k upwards for silk. The same that you would normally pay in India as well. That said, I don’t have the individual prices for various outfits, so can’t say for sure. I have spoken to the designer, and he is really sweet to talk to. So just shoot him a whatsapp text, and I am sure he will be in touch with you in no time 🙂

Nancy December 5, 2017 - 11:18 am

Hey, Is that number still functioning. I can’t seem to find him on WhatsApp with that number :/

Nancy December 5, 2017 - 11:23 am

Nevermind, it worked haha 🙂
And on a side note – I love your blog. Very helpful. I am getting married in March and don’t have much time left!


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