Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration – LIFW Summer/Resort 2016

by Namrata Nautiyal
Wedding Guest Outfit

I know this post is due a little over a month back, but this times Fashion Week was one stunner of a show. I was glued to my Instagram for the entire 6 days checking out summer wear along with bridal options. I always search for those, and the fashion week did not disappoint. At all.

Normally I would do a best look post giving a summary of all the top looks I liked, but this time…that just wasn’t possible, as the post would get really really long. I have tons of outfits that I loved, some I wish I had in my wardrobe, and some totally drool worthy picks. So, sit back and enjoy the series of 6 days of fashion week madness.

The first post in the series is about wedding guest style -outfit inspirations. From the time I have moved to Delhi (the ethnic fashion capital)…at least I call it that, I have been trying hard to fit a way that I don’t look like a complete outcast at weddings. Everything here is loud, bling has altogether a different meaning here, and subtle is not in anybody’s dictionary.

Keeping all that in mind, I thought the best thing to write about could be all the fashion ‘approved’ wedding guest style outfits for this season. I am definitely going to bookmark some of these, may be it might help some of you too 🙂



Payal Singhal

Simple yet elegant, her style was definitely wearable and classy. I loved the small detailing on the side of the dupatta, which instantly gave the right amount of richness to the otherwise simple look. From saree, suits to flowy skirts the desginer had quite a few versatile summer options to choose from.




One of my favorites from this times LIFW…this piece is so versatile, depending upon the heaviness of your accessories, one can easily downplay this outfit, or wear it as a mehendi outfit too

More or less, the entire collection screamed wedding guest outfit. The colors were not bold enough for it to be wedding inappropriate, and wherever bright colors were used, the outfit style was such that it was totally guest wearable, be it for any wedding.

I feel these outfits were totally paisa vasool, if at all they are guest wear affordable…no clue about that….but then, we anyways spend tons of money buying fancy wedding outfits, so no harm checking this out either.




Is it a gown, does it have a slit…I guess we’ll never know…

I don’t know what I’m looking at, but I like it. The outfits have too many things happening, but the brilliant part is all together they are in sync, and its a beauty. I love the flowiness of the silhouette and the colors are very summery. All together some great options for wedding guest outfits.



Wedding Guest Outfit

The showstopper look…I love the skirt, don’t you?

Wedding Guest Outfit

I sometimes feel Anita Dongre goes super simple with her outfit designs, but somewhere that’s exactly what stands out in her outfits. Quintessentially wedding guest style, her designs are wearable for weddings, for summer brunches, or for any function which requires ethnic wear. I just wish Anita Dongre could lower the prices, so every one of us could have one at least in our wardrobes…*sigh*



The first outfit, I am in two minds…probably good for best friend outfit look…? You tell me <- but overall, there were few others from her collection as well, that I loved…we are talking summers, and its just so awesome to see colors on outfits…colors that actually go in sync with each other…its bright, fresh and lively.



Wedding Guest Outfit

You know, whites/off-whites always make me cringe a little. Only because its such a risky color to opt for even for summers. I am talking strictly during weddings. There are still so many apprehensions with this color. Don’t get me wrong, I love it…I wish its totally society approved and fast…but take your call….Remember my last post on summer color palettes and white picking up this season….so if you’re ok with wearing this color, then there is no stopping you from investing in one of these designs by Anushree Reddy.

If you have day time wedding functions, you can totally wear one of these. Guaranteed, you will look absolutely cinderella dream like in these outfits.


Some other favorites:







Source – Vogue, Lakme India Fashion Week

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