Sangeet & Mehendi Night [Part 2]

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Sangeet & Mehendi Night

If you have somehow missed the first part, you can read it here.

December 1st, 2015

Its 2pm and I am still at the parlour. I quickly do a final self check and I am off to the venue. We had decided to have the pre-wedding function in the club house which was in the guest house premises. This was easier, as both my side of the guests as well as the grooms side were all present in that one location. So no tension of transportation.

I reached the venue by 2:30 pm and I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the guests were already present. It was truly amazing to meet everyone and spend time with each one of them, taking their blessings and blushing throughout the conversation. It was a happy time.

Luckily, my girlfriends came in early and I honestly didn’t really need anyone else post that. Some of my girls, I met after months all coz of the crazy wedding planning schedule and in no time…the entire place seemed like birds chirping loudly.

mehendi night

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

I knew I wouldn’t get much time once all the guests arrive, so we made full use of the time to click as many wacky pictures as possible. Fortunately there was an outdoor empty pool outside which provided like the best backdrop of the afternoon and in no time there were guests who also came out to get their pics clicked.

In all the hustle-bustle I had forgotten to wear my watch and so I totally lost track of time. When I did find out, it was already half past 4 and there was no sign of the groom or his side folks. I later found out that they just couldn’t make it as they had to rush to their side mehendi function on the other end of the city. Tragic, it took me a good minute to get over the disaster but I was back in action in no time.

Just a week before the wedding, I finally decided that I should perform at my mehendi-sangeet function – I mean how could I not. Even though I am a terrible shy dancer, I just had to do it for the Mr. as well as for myself. 7 days of secret planning and choreography took place in my neighbours empty apartment, without anyone knowing anything…not even my parents…and it was all going to be a big surprise…

My parents have never seen me dance before, and that day the twinkle I saw in their eyes when I finally took to the dance floor. It was priceless.. Ha, in fact there were guests who had recorded my dance and forwarded it to my dad…who then watched it on repeat mode for a good long time after the wedding..He kept saying to me, “I didn’t know you had it in you“.

I prepared on two tracks – Ghani Bawri & Chittiyan Kalaiyaan. For anyone who wants to know the choreography I chose, you can have a look at this post. I learnt the exact same steps from the you tube videos. These two songs had the easiest of the steps which could be learnt and remembered in a short time. That said, I still goofed up but it was such a crazy rush to be dancing in front of an audience. I had a blast and post that, it was definitely not my last dance. I danced like crazy at my brothers wedding the week after, its like a pandora’s box being opened, there was no stopping me.

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

The dancing continued and soon, I saw my mehendi lady interrupting me. It was close to 6 pm and my mehendi muhurat was here. Yup, you heard it right – I had a muhurat for my mehendi as well. It had to be applied at dot 6:30pm. I was just starting to have all the fun, and yet I couldn’t help it I had to sit in one place and get started with the mehendi.

That particular point of time, I was almost contemplating whether to just do a shagun ka mehendi one circle type drawing and be done with it. But my mehendi lady was quite strict…and she made sure I sit put in one place. The whole exercise lasted a good 4+ hours. I mean pure torture…cannot move a finger, cannot giggle,  cannot scratch the nose !

Everyone was going all ooh aah seeing how the mehendi was turning out to be, except for me…I just couldn’t get myself to sit in one place. Every now and then, I would simply get up run back to the dance floor, only to find…my mehendi ladies making a careful force field circle all around me, and the guests and my girls all running away from me. Hehehe…

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

And then came the surprise of the evening. My brother and bhabhi’s dance.

They had prepared an entire medley and performed for a good 10 mins. My brother was totally out of sync but it was super sweet of them to have planned so much. I was giggling every time I saw my brother take a glance at my bhabhi to see the step she was doing. It was quite amusing and totally adorable.

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

By the end of their performance, my other cousins joined them and it was a total dhamaal of a performance. Best thing of the entire evening without a doubt. It was so touching to see them dance to all the carefully chosen “behena” songs…must have taken quite some effort to put it all together. I loved every bit of it.

The function lasted till over midnight, with my mehendi getting done only around 12:30 am. It was a long day, and I had so much fun that you won’t believe I forgot to ask the mehendi vaali where had she written (hidden) my grooms name ! Like I must be the first bride who herself was searching for the grooms name in her mehendi.

Sangeet & Mehendi Night

Can you see my grooms initials [NN] written anywhere?

I thought I will search for it later, I mean we have all the time…but that never happened. The next day was the wedding day, and since it was a one day function…things were about to get really out of control.

Stay tuned…wedding day diaries coming up…



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