Wedding Outfit Color Palettes this summer 2016

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Summer color palettes

This is a complete Pinterest inspired post. Enjoy the fun 🙂

I am strange because I sometimes sweat and feel hot looking at others outfits especially in summers. Be it in the mall, or when I am outside…specifically in weddings, I really don’t know how people do it. Silks in summer like OMG, full sleeves like no ways…I understand fashion can sometimes be painful in order to look good…but fashion has really picked up over the years…and there is no need to make yourself or the other miserable by wearing non-summery outfits.

I was especially inspired after the recent Lakme India Fashion Week Summer collection, there was some serious awesomeness there. By any chance, did you guys have a look at various designers outfits? Some were subtle yet oozed gorgeousness. I have been thinking of doing up a post on it…may be next week sometime…its going to be a looong one I know…wait for it.

But for now, I came across some super simple, elegant summer choices when I was casually browsing through Pinterest the other day, and thought wouldn’t it be nice to collect all inspirations and put it up in one place. I recently went for a south Indian wedding and I honestly wish I was better prepared for the weather.

So this post is for all you guys – brides-to-be, wedding guests, sister of the bride and more. I hope you get some inspiration for your next shopping spree.


Hottest summer color palettes this season:

Been in fashion for quite some time now, this color palette is here to stay. From the moment Anushree Reddy started with her floral collection, mints and pink have caught on like fire, and we can’t just get enough. Soft and soothing to the eyes, this color palette sure gives any bride a doll look instantly.

Be it for pre-wedding functions or for the main function, one can do subtle to bold just with a pop of pink. One of my current favorites, over the past few months this is one set of shade that you can find countless number of designs and variants of lehengas and anarkalis on Pinterest.

Mint and Pink

Given the subtle shades, it makes for the perfect summer wedding color palette. I especially love seeing this color for outdoor functions. Oooh, and did you see, the lovely Bipasha Basu also chose this palette for her mehendi look. For those of you who missed…she wore a gorgeous Anushree Reddy floral anarkali for her mehendi function.

Mint Lehenga


  • Safe option to go for, you won’t go wrong with this color palette.
  • Palette has something for everybody – bride, bride’s sisters and even guests


  • A tad bit over done. Everyone seems to wear this palette off late ever since Anushree Reddy’s floral mint colors came into fashion
  • Not for those who wish to experiment with shades


Orange, Coral with Gold

A classic.

This is one color palette which will never go out of fashion. A lot of brides nowadays look for subtlety in their wedding outfits and this is primarily a reason why corals have really picked up over the last few seasons. The color looks good in various combos, so be it coral with pink, mint or even a hatke color like navy blue, this color shade has sure made its way into one of our favorite all season favourite wedding outfit color palette.

Coral Lehenga

This was my first preference when I was looking for my wedding lehenga. The palette looks royal, gives you that traditional ethnic feel and looks great with traditional gold, kundan jewellery. A win-win in all situations, this is one modern twist to the Indian wedding outfit color that is here to stay.



  • This color palette makes any outfit look elegant. Be it in whichever style.
  • Perfect for mehendi and wedding outfit. Also looks great for trousseau pieces.
  • Is the perfect alternative for those who are averse to the color orange.
  • Fits perfectly with decor ideas, flowers and a theme overall.


I honestly can’t think of any cons to this palette. So go ahead and get yourself this dream color wedding outfit. You won’t be disappointed.


White with a color of pop

Summer is all about whites, at least when it comes to western outfits, but off late I am seeing a lot of bridal inspirations from this color palette. White is more or less a big no in hindu customs, so if you still think white is your dream color, the only way out is to add a pop of color in white. It instantly changes the look of the outfits, not to mention – its a total win-win, you get your white, and folks get their color as well.

From what I have seen, whites and off whites work best with subtle colors, nothing to dark except for may be exceptions like mustards and yellow…but that’s one off case.

White oh white


  • The perfect summer palette, its soon gaining acceptability in the society
  • Is a good option for brides looking for subtle palettes for their wedding
  • A lot of designers now are embracing white in their collection, so you can choose from a lot of styles be it the recent Anita Dongre’s collection of love notes, or from Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla’s white collection. You can also see hints of whites in practically every designers collection from time to time…so we know its definitely a must watch color palette.


  • If you are all about bold colors, then may be you should avoid this color palette.
  • You might hit some red flags with the community if you have a white hindu wedding, so consider the consequences before


Pink of perfection

My all time favorite color palette. You just cannot go wrong with this one. Be it summer, monsoon or winter…this is an all season palette that you can opt for anytime of the year. Also, one of the easiest and most popular of the palettes available. I opted for a peach pink lehenga for my wedding, given the price range…it gave a rich look + I was happy with the color as well.

Nowadays, there are two distinct shades of pink which have all the craze – one is the Anushree Reddy floral baby pink color, and the other is the fuschia pink. I somehow can’t decide which one I love more…but I am kind of inclining towards the fuschia color only because it really pops out in a crowd, and the idea of looking bridal is to stand out.

Pink Lehenga


  • Easy availability
  • One of the most popular of the bridal color palettes
  • Is an all season color palette


  • Done to death color
  • No scope of experimentation


Which color palette is your favorite?

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