Featured: Neha Thakkar – Budget Makeup Artist

by Namrata Nautiyal
Neha Thakkar

Also, MUA for my wedding.

I have been meaning to write this post since long, but I was waiting for the wedding pictures to arrive. I just got them over the weekend, and the first thing on my to-do list for the blog was to review my budget MUA (makeup artist) – Neha Thakkar.


How did I come to know about her?

Somebody told someone who gave her contact to my bhabhi who passed it on to me 😀 I was struggling for months trying to find the right MUA for my wedding. I am not much of a makeup person, and it mattered even more considering I was kind of clueless of what look I could carry off.

I searched over the internet, sent out broadcast messages to everyone on my whatsapp and after talking to like dozens of MUAs, I finally shortlisted Neha.


Why Neha Thakkar:

– She is good. She knows her thing, and is very easy going which is a huge advantage. The last thing you need on your d-day is a super hyper MUA to be doing your once in a lifetime makeup

– She is a budget makeup artist. From the lot I met and spoke on the phone, she was definitely the best given the rate and services.

Jewellery is included in her pricing. She is flexible about giving makeup trials at no added cost, and stays in touch throughout the pre-wedding preparation time always open to answering queries and suggestions.

– She is young and wants to make a mark for herself, and that shows in the efforts she puts in with her brides. She is patient, and happily tolerates all kinds of questions and concerns from brides.

– She will patiently sit with you to discuss looks, and your dreams of how you want to look for your wedding for as long as you like. Something you wouldn’t get from MUA’s who are too fussy about their time and effort in a single wedding.

Neha Thakkar

Neha Thakkar

With wedding vendors, I am always careful to see whether for them, is it just another wedding, or are they really willing to put in that extra effort, that personal touch…and that sense of understanding, that this is the biggest day of our lives.

Throughout my search for wedding vendors, I came across many goons…who would charge less, and then the service provided would also be affected to that extent.

If you have the means to hire top notch vendors, they make sure that they give you that much time, put in that extra bit more to make you happy. Its always silently included in their exorbitant costs….but finding the right one, who is willing to put in slightly extra in your comfort zone…that’s the real deal.

Neha Thakkar fits the bill if you’re looking for something similar. You won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed !


Services & Charges for my wedding:

I was charged Rs. 15000 for my wedding.

  • Two sets of jewellery was included,
  • Two looks for the hair and
  • For the second look, I simply went for an eye makeup change
  • Saree and Lehenga draping was inclusive (as with any other MUA)

For siders like my mom, chachi etc cost like 1500 or so each, which was seriously bare minimum.

I had my reception in the evening followed by my actual wedding (pheras) later in the night. In between I had may be half hour to get changed and everything, so given the time crunch…this worked best for me. My wedding actually started like post midnight, and a big problem I was facing with MUA vendors was that no one was willing to sit back and give me a round two change.

If at all anybody did, they were charging just double, reception one amount, and wedding the same amount again. It was turning out to be in the price range of 30k+ which was just not acceptable. I knew for a fact that I wouldn’t have the time to doll up from head to toe the second time given the time crunch, so it naturally didn’t make sense to invest that kind of money.


Things I liked:

Neha Thakkar

– The makeup used (mac) stayed put for the entire ceremony. I didn’t require touch ups even though I had a lawn ceremony.  The good part here was Neha assured me she would be at the venue in case of any emergencies which was a huge relief.

– The makeup look was light, fresh and easy to carry off. For someone like me who is a makeup newbie, this was the biggest concern. I didn’t want to look too cakey or done up…and this makeup though not superbly heavy in its look…gave an overall nice peachy fun look. I was very happy and relieved.

Dryness of my face was tacked well. Initially at the time of my makeup trial…my face had small little bumps right after applying makeup..all over…so on the day of, Neha knew exactly what to do to not let that happen again. Oodles of moisturizer and pre-makeup applying rituals were done. Moreover, right after my makeup trial Neha had given me instructions of home remedies to do every single day till the wedding day. It really really worked for me.

Very understanding. I was a fussy bride. Period. After my Lakme makeup trial epic fail, I was all the more alert. It just had to be that way. I am someone who has never done too much eye makeup or any makeup for that matter, and bridal makeup traditionally is all about loud, descriptive eyes and blush and lipgloss. Too much is too less. I just didn’t want that.

Given that your husband looks normal and you looking like a makeup ki dukaan, was something I absolutely wanted to avoid. Neha understood where my apprehensions were coming from after seeing the Lakme photos and she generously during the makeup trial, after doing half side face, also ended up doing a different makeup for the other eye. No other MUA is going to do that for you !

Neha Thakkar

Good collection of jewellery to hire. If you are looking to wear artificial jewellery on your wedding, you probably will have to either purchase it from some store, which will easily cost you 10-15k upwards, or you can hire it from another vendor. Normally jewellery on hire costs like 1500 or so for a days hire. If you don’t want to deal with another vendor, then go for Neha Thakkar as she has a good range with her.

What’s a big advantage is she is even open to purchasing new jewellery if at all something doesn’t work out. She is always open to new ideas, and I love that about her.


The final look:

Neha Thakkar

What do you think?

Neha Thakkar


Things I did not like about the makeup & hair experience:

My hair being pulled incessantly during the hair-styling. It was rough. And although, I guess that’s how the world works, I definitely wanted my hair to survive the ordeal and remain on my head till after the wedding which was really doubtful at that point.

My hair was damaged for sure after the wedding. I had a big chunk which I almost thought needed to be chopped off….because it had kind of like burnt and was forever tangled. It took me 3 months of constant oiling to get it back into its normal shape.

– While Neha is a sweet angel to talk to, you might not say the same about her mom…She does have a sense of irritation if you throw some tantrums around her. She is quite hard to deal with. So if you have a moderate to high tolerance level, then you are good to go.

My curls came off within no time. Even though they were loose curls, within an hour or so, it almost looked wavy and not set.

Neha Thakkar

My dupatta was already slipping off even before the photoshoot ended

I wish they had draped my dupatta better over my head. It was so painful, the hair was pulling and no matter how much they pinned, it just wouldn’t stay put. I refuse to believe everyone goes through the same torture and my dupatta was definitely not the heaviest of the lot. Mid reception, I just took it off. I couldn’t enjoy the function till the time it was on…and although it looked much better when it was over my head…I just couldn’t take it and now I am regretting seeing the pictures.


Neha Thakkar’s current charges and services:

Prices have increased. Tragic but true.

  • Rs.12000 for bridal and reception each. If you want two completely different looks.
  • Rs. 8000 for Sangeet, Engagement and the smaller pre-wedding functions.

Hair & jewellery inclusive, makeup trial included depending upon need – transport cost on d-day extra


But there is good news: (Read discount!)

All Frugal2Fab readers getting married this year can avail a flat 15% discount on the overall makeup & hair charges. Simply give Neha Thakkar my reference. Just say Namrata from Frugal2Fab and enjoy the discount 😀 How awesome is that !

P.S. I had to negotiate quite a bit to get you this, so please make good use of it.


Her Team:

They are a mother-daughter duo. Mother handles the hair department and daughter the makeup, and together they help out in saree & lehenga draping. From what I understand, mother has been in the business for over 15 years, so she definitely has some solid experience. As for Neha, she has been in the makeup business from the past 5 years and she is still in her early 20s !



Apart from her bridal assignments, Neha also participates in a lot of fashion shows like Lakme India Fashion Week, India International Jewellery Week among others. She recently dressed up Sugandha Garg for Lakme Fashion Week, and in the past has also worked with the likes of Gauhar Khan, Kiara Advani etc.

I thought it would be good to share with you all some of the images of her brides. So take a look. It will give you a good idea of what to expect when you hire her for your wedding.

Neha Thakkar


Contact Details:

If you like Neha’s work and want to reach out to her for your wedding, or anyone else’s you know…then you can connect with her at:

  • Phone: 9769243363
  • Based out of Mumbai
  • Resides in Vidyavihar. Works from home.


What do you think of Neha? Did you like her work?

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Dipti April 26, 2016 - 3:59 pm

HI Namrata,

I can able to understand this pretty much…. I am based out of Delhi but getting married in Buxar, Bihar(native) 🙁 unable to find any MUA yet for my wedding in Nov. Have no idea how it going to turn out for me….

Nice compilation BTW :)…. U look like Doll in the Pic below “Things I Like” 😀

Frugal2Fab April 27, 2016 - 10:20 am

Hi Dipti,
Congratulations on your wedding. I am glad you liked the post, and thank you for the compliments. You’re too kind 🙂
If your wedding is going to be in Bihar, you will have to check with locals there to know who is a trustworthy good MUA. A lot of times you might not end up finding the right one just by google search, but reference really works when choosing the right vendors. So talk to people around and see if something works out

nitzgwal April 28, 2016 - 11:17 pm

ooo my my!!!!DROP DEAD GORGEOUS…is the word
U must be aware I am following ur blog from its initial days and so I can feel a deep connection with you and was extremely excited to see hoe everything turned out…n m suppplpa happy that everything turned out to be just PERFECT…waiting for more pics

Frugal2Fab April 29, 2016 - 9:30 am

Thank you for the compliments 🙂 You’re too kind.
I am so glad that you have continued with me on my blogging journey, absolutely humbled that you still religiously follow the blog. Touch wood, everything turned out for the best, and I am planning to share all of it soon on the blog. So keep visiting 🙂

Anuja Shah May 4, 2016 - 4:03 pm

Glad to see you back with an all new revamped blog :).

This makeup suits you so so much- now when i compare the lakme one and this one i realise how makeup can make you or break you and how imp it is to get the right kind of makeup done as per your face. You look super :), Also i love your ring- its visible in one of the pic 🙂

Frugal2Fab May 8, 2016 - 12:21 pm

Hellooo, Thank you so much…I liked the wedding makeup too…and you’re right…good vs. wrong makeup can make or break the situation. I was so so scared for the wedding, but in the end it all turned out to be perfect 😀

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