Blog & Life Updates April 2016

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Hi Guys,

Hope you all are doing well. I feel so good to come back to the blog. I know I have been MIA since like forever, but I am making sincere efforts to come back once and for all. As you guys must have noticed, the blog looks a little different. I know! I have been struggling with my blog theme for awhile now…and yesterday late night I just took the plunge to finally change the look feel of the blog. I feel its time it needed a change. Change is good right? 😛

I sat up all night to figure out the nuances of the new theme…honestly, it felt like a new gadget toy in hand…I just had to work on it right then and there. So, I sat up all night and voila, the new look is up. Its a little (lot) raw right now…too many things have to be fine tuned….but overall the skeleton is up for everyone to check out.

I am still figuring out the new site…and its been close to 7 hours since I am up doing this…but please have some patience with the site for the next few days. I have lots of things planned out…and I want the blog viewing experience to be at its best for all of you. That’s the key reason for doing this.

Also, the only way I could justify this change in the look was because Frugal2Fab is going to be 1 year next month ! I mean….wooohhhooo….its been such a roller coaster ride you guys, and I am so touched to be hearing from you all this time …sharing your happiness, concerns, questions…its been amazing so far.

I definitely plan to keep it going…most definitely would try to devote more time to the blog….much more time…I know its been absolutely neglected since the wedding…but seriously, I don’t know how others do it…there are so many changes…so many things that take up priority even if one doesn’t ask for it…I have been soo busy since the wedding…I really thought that all you guys would just leave the blog (and me) and vanish. But to see that you all are still here, aaahhh…tears in my eyes…you guys are the bestestest !!!!

I hope you know that you all are an integral part of the family Frugal2Fab, and your views and opinions mean the world to me. Please browse through the blog and give me suggestions, feedback, anything absolutely that you feel about the new look. But let me tell you that its still work in progress, so don’t be too harsh 😀 😛 just kidding…

blog updates april 2016

Ok moving on to the plan for the rest of the year….waise there is no concrete plan…so let me talk about the next two months for now… This is what I have in mind…



Some of you have been sending me emails wanting to share your views, experience and information about stores, shopping, and weddings in general. Till now, I had kept the blog to myself, about my journey of being married…but now that I have moved to another city altogether, I want the blog to capture the happenings in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities as well.

Naturally I can’t do it all by myself, so I am calling out for all you writers out there…if you really wish to share any of your experiences, feel free to shoot me an email at and we can figure out something together.

Just to give you an idea, you can think of contributing to the blog on the following areas…mind you this is not at all exhaustive…just some random thoughts…

  • Wedding Exhibitions
  • Lehenga Store Experiences
    • Budget Store finds
  • Trousseau purchases
  • Good online deals & Sale alerts
  • Budget Wedding Vendors
  • Lastly, anything and everything about (budget) weddings…



I know I know…I haven’t been regular on this one AT ALL. But what to do, I hadn’t received my full and final wedding pictures yet. I am going to get it today, so I am super excited to see how the pics turn out and I can’t wait to share them with you all. I had an amazing team which worked like crazy for my wedding…and all credits to them for making me look totally fabulous. Wait for this one 🙂



I slogged those few months before the wedding to get the right vendors at the right price. It was all worth it in the end…and it would be a crime not to share some gems I found in the haystack. Some of my vendors themselves are waiting for their review…so this is definitely on top priority.

I have done some exhaustive researching…and kind of sort of have figured out benchmarks with respect to price and having a good vendor. The combination is very very important if you don’t want to drop a bomb on your wedding.

So review about makeup artist, venue, photographer(s), caterer coming right up. Stay tuned and take notes !



Ever since the wedding, most of my expense is because of travelling. Be it for others weddings, or for a casual weekend…its been hectic so far…but I have absolutely loved every bit of it. For me and the hubby, the both of us love venturing out…and more so to places which are relatively less explored. We always always look out for those. And so far, we have seen some exotic places, engaged in some rich culture and have absolutely loved every bit of our Incredible India travel.

I am going to make it a point to share some budget trips (I always look for those), + talk about some not so common destinations, some must visit places and more in my travel diaries.

In case any of you have been to any location that you can’t stop going ga-ga about…do find it in your heart to share about it with the rest of us. Again…you need to email me, and I will put it up as a guest post in your name on the blog.


That’s the plan for now…if you are looking for something specific since some time, and want me to talk about it…do write it down in the comments section, or email me, and I will make sure I get back to you and do something about it.


And now, the Life Updates…

No, I am not announcing a baby…unlike Shahid Kapoor…but I do want to get a pet dog. Someone that’s going to be apartment friendly, probably mid-sized and doesn’t bark too much. I have to soon move into a rented apartment, and the last thing I want is for us to get evicted because of our yet-to-come-pet.  🙄

But any suggestions people? I have been going crazzzzyyy looking through you tube videos, reading up on breeds and basically driving my husband insane. Just to control my sanity, he got me fishes…Noni & Nori…they are totally adorable. One is a fighter fish and the other a goldfish….but they are fishes…not a dog…So for now he thinks I am on leash, but I know the novelty is going to wear off pretty soon.

Also, do any of you know anyone in Delhi from whom I can adopt a pet? Probably a Shih Tzu or a Beagle? They are the ones I have shortlisted, but I am open to hearing your views about these breeds and others…please, please…I am really inclined towards getting one soon…so guys help. SOS !


In other news…Completed 1 year to the Engagement !

Last month that is….I just cannot believe it…time certainly flies…this years been just so good, its been more than a dream…I go around telling everyone to go get married asap…all that – ‘now’s not the age‘ crap is just such a nonsense. Its the best feeling ever…both pre wedding, and certainly post being married. I wish I could relive the whole thing again.

You know this blog is like a diary to me…I went back to my engagement posts, and it brought back sooo many memories…both happy, sad, frustrated, loved…all of it. Its not the same to remember it all one year down the line…but I am so glad I had penned it down here…if not for you…I definitely am cherishing each of those posts. Its reason enough for me to keep the blog going…and I will make sure I document every bit about the wedding as well.


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