Best of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

by Namrata Nautiyal
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It was fashion week last month, and I was pretty much on Instagram the whole week. I knew it wouldn’t be a wedding fashion show, but fashion is fashion right…and I for one, keep looking for designs that can be wearable, if not affordable. No harm in having a good time right?

Somewhere all these fashion shows eventually really influence the stuff that comes to the market. At least some of them do. Last years show had quite a few impressive names, so I was keen on checking out their work this time too. But alas, most of the designers of the winter fashion week were all new names.

But new names brings with it, new designs, colors and prints. And this times fashion week was not that disappointing. While there were some outfits which made me think, exactly which season occasion would this ever be alright to wear, there were many others that I wish I had in my wardrobe.


Source – missmalini

The dates for the fashion week were from 16th to 20th March, and it was held in Delhi, close to my residence. *weep weep*. My husband who knew I was visiting Wedding Asia oh so casually told me, “why don’t you just go and attend that fashion show which is taking place.” #facepalm Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But how I wish the world was as simple as he made it out to be and how I could have attended a few particular shows, only for the outfits, nothing more 😛

Anyhow, when I thought of writing this post, initially I thought lets just stick to the good old designer wise, the way I had done for the earlier posts, but this time after seeing the outfits…I thought its best not to do that. The reason being, I wasn’t in love with the whole collection of most of the designers….but that’s almost always the case, right?


So lets start with the best outfits from Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016



Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

This black number is just so so sexy. Outfit : Soltee by Sulakshana Monga

I found these to be super adorable, super wearable – except for may be that little maroon one…that’s a sexy piece I wish I could carry off…but anyhow…Nikasha, Joy Mitra, Soltee and Virtues were my absolute favorites this season. Their collection was fresh, colorful and I liked most of their outfits.



A fashion show is incomplete without its celebrity showstoppers, and this fashion show was no different. I somehow wait to see celebrities looking their best in designer wear. For the longest time, for me it was always about the showstoppers look, and nothing to do with the ramp outfits. That was never the focus, but now that I am blogging, things have changed and so has my interest.

Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016

Nobody does it better than Malaika Arora Khan – for Mandira Wirk

Who is your favorite celebrity showstopper?


Winter White Wedding, Yes Please…

The collection by Shantanu & Nikhil was nothing short of a dream. If you are anything like me, forever looking for wedding outfits be it any kind of fashion show…then you would be really happy seeing Shantanu & Nikhils dreamy white collection.

There was poof, ball gowns, ruffles and a gorgeous-gorgeous coral red outfit that I fell in love with instantly. Take a look…


Shantanu & Nikhil


I loved that there were hints of short jackets here and there in some of their outfits. I mean it is a winter collection…and we need something to cover those bare shoulders, right?


A collection truly meant for the winters…

In one look, one could tell that Hemant & Nandita’s winter collection was definitely meant for the colder days. Extremely international in its look, it instantly reminded me of all those FTV days when I would see models strutting around in high end brands. This collection gave the very same impression.


I loved that the designers were versatile in showcasing outfits with cover up coats, open style jackets and fur. I think they totally nailed the concept of autumn/winter collection.


Wearable Autumn-Winter Fashion

A lot of fashion in and around us gets totally influenced by the looks created by designers all over, and now that I am in Delhi which is nothing short of a fashion capital, I thought its time to up my fashion sense. I have been obsessed with flowy long capes and loose skirts & pants, and Anita Dongre’s collection was just perfect for that stylish yet comfortable look.



Favorite Ethnic Looks…


His theme of flora and fauna was nicely depicted by his flowy outfits. I loved the use of navy, maroon and forest colors in his outfit and this collection was probably one of my favorites from the fashion week. Although I don’t know how well it fits to the autumn winter collection, I would definitely opt for something like this for spring-summer 😛



I fell in love instantly after seeing the collection. So soothing to the eyes, subtle yet classy. I am usually not one to enjoy new styles, and fabrics…but this one totally won over my heart. If only I could land my hand on one of the collection pieces. But that said, I don’t think this would be winter worthy. What do you think?


For the love of Coral Red…

I am so glad this color has picked up this season. Its my favorite shade for a lip color…haha…but is totally adorable to wear as a solid one color shade for any outfit. Luckily for us, so many designers throughout the fashion week showcased various ways to style this color be it in saree, gown, skirts or pants for that matter.

Its like coral red is the new orange of the season. Again, for me this is totally spring summer color…but I am not complaining. Some of the best outfits right here ladies…take a look…




One of the only men’s outfit that I liked…not to mention, very weddingy…don’t you agree? By Virtues



If you’re not the colorful kinds, and prefer wearing black all seasons, then this section is for you. From magical outfits that screamed cast a spell, to minimum pop of color in all black, I found plenty of outfits that caught my attention. But the best by far was the outfits by Soltee by Sulakshana Monga. They were outstanding without a doubt.

There were others too. Pankaj & Nidhi had gorgeous pieces that were totally wearable for winters. One can never go wrong with black, and designers showed just that in their collection.



All images: Vogue

How did you find this times fashion week? Who were your favorite designers?

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