Review – Wedding Asia 2016 – My first Delhi Wedding Exhibition

by Namrata Nautiyal
Wedding Asia

Its been awhile since I have been to wedding exhibitions. I was so caught up with my own wedding, attending wedding exhibitions was like the last thing on my mind. But ever since I have moved to New Delhi, I was always on a lookout for these exhibitions. I know for a fact that Delhi does weddings in a big fat way, so I was waiting to get a chance to see what the city (and its designers) had to offer wedding wise.

Wedding Asia has always been something I wanted to attend…but somehow they have never really exhibited in Mumbai…not in the past year at least. My perception honestly about them was that its super duper premium and the who’s who like Sabyasacchi and the likes would be exhibiting at this exhibition. I was quite skeptical about attending. I mean, I write a blog on frugal ways, and heavy duty designers don’t really fit the bill, right?

That plus Delhi being Delhi, I still feel a little out of place, what with men & women openly staring at you checking you out from top to bottom, happily judging you while you wonder what is wrong with all these people. I have stopped dressing up casually slipping out of the house in chappals, because it is a complete no-no. In fact, my hubby has already told me he won’t take me out anywhere if I wear (bathroom) slippers and go down even….I mean seriously…we don’t have to look like celebrities everytime we step out of the house…I mean common ! 🙄 Take me back to Bombay already!

So anyhow, society pressures made me a recluse and I dragged my husband to what would turn out to be his first ever wedding exhibition experience. It was not fun for him…haha… 😆 I guess that’s the price to pay. The good thing was the exhibition was being held this time at The Ashok which is like super close to my residence, so I was quite happy. But for some reason, I ended up going only on the last day  😐 Major mistake. I wish I had gone on the first day, and then probably this post would have been helpful to some of you for the next two days exhibition. Anyhow, whats done is done. The good thing is Wedding Asia is coming back in July. So that’s not all that far anyway.

Coming to the exhibition – First things first…. It had quite a bit to offer. Even for those with a shoe-string budget, wedding wise. Thing 20-25k onwards for bridal gowns and lehengas.

Favorite outfits at the exhibition

Just to be clear, this was not the 25-30k lehenga ! But this one was one of my favorites I saw at the exhibition

I was quite surprised. I did not expect it. I thought that 90% of the stalls would not be worth checking out either with the sky high prices, and while there were many like that…there were quite a few hidden gems in and around. One had to search. Luckily for you, I jotted down some names and notes of who to contact if you want good stuff at brilliant deals.


Value for Money Stalls

1. Sionnah – For fusion outfits

Her stall had everything from lehengas to skirts and heavy embellished mirror work blouses starting in the range of 13k+. This was the first stall I went to mainly because I saw a lot of wearable fusion wear outfits. The pictures below are not exactly the same outfits I saw at the exhibition, but they will give you a good idea of the designs and color and fabrics used by the designer. If your range is anything like 15-20k and you are looking for occasional wear for others weddings, then you would definitely find a thing or two to pick from her stall.

I especially loved the used of shaded colors for skirts…gave a good dimension to an otherwise simple outfit. All her outfits were super comfortable and light to carry off except for heavy mirror work tops and blouses. But those were really fancy yet uber affordable.

My Opinion: Good for one-off purchases


Source –

Source –

Contact details are:

The brand is present in Mumbai, Bhilwara, Raipur, Pune, Delhi and Ahmedabad, but I just have the address to the Delhi outlet. You can contact them if you’re based out of any other city.

Address: 5k Basement, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

Tel: 011-41660103       Mob: 91-9911714844



2. The Pink Mirror – For Bridal Lehengas

My favourite stall in the exhibition. If you are a bride to be with a budget of say 30-35k, then this was your stall. The lehengas here looked like they were easily a lakh+, but the actual price was totally steal-worthy. I thought I got a good deal on my wedding lehenga, but here, it was on another level altogether. You want blingy, full work, mirror, heavy embellishments, multi-colored…everything was available. This was a one stop shop in the real sense.

My opinion: Bridal paradise

The Pink Mirror

Source – The Pink Mirror

The only downside to this stall was that they don’t have any outlets in Mumbai or Delhi, as they are based out of Kolkata. So all you Kolkata brides, this is your place to go. When I found out they were based out of Kolkata, I was so damn upset, as my in-laws are there. It would have worked out perfectly had I known about them before, but alas…I am not cheating on my wedding lehenga…it made me quite happy too  😛

The Pink Mirror

Source – The Pink Mirror

Contact details are:

Designer is: Alia Jasmine Alam

Address: 2A Townshend Road, Opposite lane to forum front gate, Kolkata – 700025

Tel: +919674235292        Email:


3. Lasha – Light Lehengas & Evening Gowns

I fell in love with one particular gown which was on display. They had this piece in multiple color combinations – black (gold) maroon, only black and gold, and then this piece. For anyone who is looking for an alternative to the traditional options, this was definitely a doll looking choice. I loved the layering in the outfit and especially highlighting the small waist line. Its the perfect outfit for those who have a slim upper body but want to hide the lower half. This outfit would totally work on them.

Source – Lasha

Apart from the heavy gowns, this stall also kept a lot of light wear lehengas in the price range of 16k+. They looked perfect to wear for some cousins wedding, or even to a friends wedding where you want to look fancy, but not too fancy so as to overpower the sister of the bride or bride herself. Minimalistic designs focussing more on light shades like peaches and mints…the stall was definitely worth a visit.

My opinion: Good stall with lots of variants to pick from

Contact details are:

Hill Crest, 16th Road, Bandra West, Pali Naka Corner, Mumbai – 400050

Tel: 022-26485756          Mob: 7738602592



4. Kanu/Creations – 

I always feel that wedding exhibitions are just good to visit and check out the stuff, but never really to make purchases as such. Rarely would you find any stall which would keep outfits under the 5k mark. So when I came across this stall, I had a big smile on my face. Its not like the stuff was cheap and so affordable, it actually was a cute pretty stall. Full gher raw silk skirts cost 3.5k which was super affordable, and you would get prints that normally you wouldn’t see anyone wearing outside. A big plus point. Nowadays the biggest problem I face while shopping in malls is even though you buy somewhat pricey stuff, every second person seems to have the same piece – may be in a different color, but same.


I saw a skirt in somewhat this design, the whole skirt…quite artistic don’t you think? Source – Kashmir Company

So if you are the kinds who likes to wear unseen designs and patterns, this was the go to stall. The raw silk skirts came in prints that you see in pashmina shawls…quite pretty to look at. Team it up with classy jewellery and it actually became an evening wear outfit on its own.

My opinion – Paisa vasool stall. Worth spending here.

Moreover, the designer also kept light weight lehengas in chanderi silk…they looked feather light and came in combinations of white yellow, peach pink with mint and so on. I was in love with her lehengas…easily a good pick to wear to practically anybody’s wedding. Price was 8k. The skirt came stitched vs the blouse was completely unstitched.

Amrita Thakur

I saw similar looking light lehengas…very wearable, in summer colours just like this one here. Source – Pinterest, Lehenga by Amrita Thakur

Contact details are:

Designer is Manmeet Ahuja

Address: 1036, Dayal Nagar, Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana

Tel: 09855527973             Email:


5. Imli Couture

For anyone still in love with Anushree Reddy, this was the stall to go to. The designers of this boutique supply to different stores and that’s probably one of the reasons there lehengas were comparatively reasonably priced. Think around 28-35k range. The good part was that they were totally into customizations. So if your budget was a little lower, something could always be worked out.One could see heavy zardosi work to sequins in colors of orange, pink, peach, gold…all bridal shades.

The collection also had inspirations from major designer houses like Sabyasachi and the likes. So for anyone who wants heavy looking designer wear and are not able to drop the big bucks on their wedding lehenga…may be you should get in touch with these designer duos.

Pernia's Pop Up Shop

I saw similar lehengas in rose gold sequins. Source – Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

My opinion: If you can stretch a bit on your budget, you may just score yourself a  first copy replica of your favorite designer

Sequins has suddenly made a come back, and I am not complaining. Subtle I don’t think brides should go for anyway, and Delhi as it is doesn’t do subtle from what I have witnessed so far. In all the wedding exhibitions I have attended in Mumbai, I have not seen so much of bling being used anywhere. But Wedding Asia was all about the bling, be it sequins, mirrors or heavy embellishments.

Contact details are:

Designer duo are Riya and Mugdha

Address: MP-74, Maurya Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi 110034

Tel: 9999337319 (Riya)              9811626941 (Mugdha)




Under (1 Lakh) Budget Stalls

1. Monde

If you want to look the most hatke, you have to shell out a bit extra. In a price range of 40k, they definitely had some eye-catchy yet stunning lehengas. I loved the latkans the most, I know silly observation but still…you had to see it to believe it…if you are bored seeing the same old gol-gol latkans, their stall would have your mind blown. I was almost resisting myself from asking, do they sell latkans separately… 😛

Astha Narang

This exact color combo. Source – Pinterest, Astha Narang

My favorite outfit in their stall was a mint green lehenga in blood red combination with gold stripes. It was killer. People were hoarding onto this stall to check out that one piece. They had the similar piece in other combinations at a slightly lower price, but this one was totally worth it for the look. But 40k is still expensive no? Especially because this was not going to be your bridal pick, may be a non-conventional sister of the bride…but still tough call.

P.S. I have searched the whole of pinterest to show you similar looking latkans but I can’t find even one picture which is coming out to be same same. Sorry folks.

This is an old picture I have dug up from their store launch two years back. But you will get an idea of what kind of outfit designs these designers are into. Source – Monde

Contact details are:

Designers are Anika & Tanvi

Address: Building No. 40, Punjabi Bagh West, Club Road, New Delhi-110026

Tel: 9988083838,   9999932339,  8588017807


2. Anha Fashions Studio

Gorgeous lehengas, but seriously expensive…I liked this one bright red lehenga, very bridal…and when I asked the price was 1.6lakh !!! I was like, its ok…lets adore the beauty of the outfits and move on. But they did have lehengas under the 1lakh mark too, but nothing that would make you pay that muuch somehow.

Source – Anha Fashions Studio

Contact details are:

Designer is Nadeem Malik

Address: C-9, 2nd Floor, South Ganesh Nagar, Opp. Mother Dairy Flats, Delhi-110092

Tel: 9999815000, 9711133633, 01122476840


3. Azalea by Aditi Gupta

It was all about the oppulence at this store. It was gorgeousness overload. The designer does complete customization and the stall had everything from evening cocktail gowns to bridal lehengas. If you have a good budget then you could find outfits worthy of sister of the bride in the price range of 40k whereas bridal outfits touched 80k. From gota patti to sequins, zardozi work everything was present. Although if you are not into loud outfits, may be this was not your store, but overall just to have a look…it looked like a doll house  🙂

Azalea by Aditi Gupta

Contact details are:

Address: S-511, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi 110048

Tel: 989979521


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nitzgwal March 15, 2016 - 3:35 pm

atleast describe shape and designs of those tassels…

Frugal2Fab March 22, 2016 - 1:01 pm

Lol…ok ok…they were something with a combo of this & this…but way way way better…it had mettalic elements and funky colors…like super unique…something that you would expect from a designer purchase…

Kitu March 16, 2016 - 11:04 am

I also had same thought about wedding exhibitions….but now i feel like 70% of the population density is us. So super useful article. I am also a budget bride…glad i came across F2F. My budget is also 30K for Bridal lehnga. Please do suggest something in Delhi to go for except CC.

Frugal2Fab March 22, 2016 - 12:47 pm

Hey Kitu,
Congratulations bride to be 🙂 I hear your sorrow…I was struggling to find things in budget myself specially since weddings are always so big fat…and esspecially here in Delhi, its all together a different ball game. I had been to Chandni Chowk when I was looking for my wedding lehenga, and honestly I couldn’t find anything which was in the range of 30k…everything was like 50+ for a decent wedding wear. I am still new to Delhi, so right now, I am still looking for places myself which has budget lehengas…but I would suggest talk to Riya & Mughdha for Imli Couture…their store is in Pitampura and I met Mughdha at Wedding Asia, she is super sweet and (not judgemental at all), I told her my budget of 30k, and she said she would be able to customize and make bridal lehengas in that range. You should at least give them a try.

Btw, when is your wedding? If you can wait till July, the same exhibition is coming back, and The Pink Mirror is seriously worth checking out. You can actually pick up the bridal lehenga from the stall itself. They had pieces in the 30k range, and seriously pretty ones…super heavy mirror blingy looking..may be you can connect with them, and they can send you some photos on whatsapp for you to get an idea…

I am told that Pitampura has a lot of these designer boutiques…I still haven’t visited the place yet…but no harm in trying right? May be you might come across a lucky gem. Believe me thats the only way of finding a budget lehenga. Shahpur Jat is costly from what I hear, so avoid that…and Chandni Chowk is totally overrated…but I am going to go (budget) lehenga hunting myself soon…I have a cousins wedding coming up…so will keep you informed if I find anything good

Kitu March 25, 2016 - 5:36 pm

Thanks fro such a elaborative msg, its really difficult to get your trousseau in budget. Today i have been to CTC motinagar, after the announcement of UPTO 50% sale. but find it lil pricey for the same stuff from meena bazzar. And nothing very eye catching except 5-6 sarees. just got 2 bangel box for a start. I am getting married in Nov. I saw some bridal lehnga in CTC today and they are currently having 25-50% discount….so a good place to find something bridal for 60-80K.
Thanks again for reply. BTW welcome to delhi 🙂

Frugal2Fab April 1, 2016 - 1:20 pm

You’re welcome. I wish I could be of more help. I hear about CTC quite often, and their sale is all over the newspaper…was wondering if it was price-worthy. Good to know about your experience. I was talking to another delhi bride-to-be, and she found some stores in Palam, which were quite economical and had bridal as well as light lehengas in their collection. A store named Raj Sarees…may be you can check that out as well 🙂

P.S. Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

Kitu March 16, 2016 - 11:16 am

can you please share the designer for the printed lehnga in the 1st pic please.

Frugal2Fab March 22, 2016 - 12:50 pm

I don’t have the exact address or the designers name for the first lehenga…they were not giving their visiting cards…and I have forgotten whose stall I saw it in but unfortunately, those two lehengas were in the price range of 1.5-2L !!! So it didn’t really make sense to spend much time at that stall. Sorry for not being able to get you the info 🙁


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