Its Sangeet and Mehendi Night ! [Part 1]

by Namrata Nautiyal
Mehendi Night

Tuesday, 1st December

Today marks the official start to the wedding celebrations !! Its the Mehendi Night !!! Wooohhhooo….I wake up and I am all dazed…things were pretty crazy till last night. I don’t remember sleeping at all the past 4-5 days. They all tell you to take as much beauty sleep as possible, but if only that was the case. A lot had transpired between the time of the last post and this one. But everything was in control (for) now.

The guests had all started to arrive early morning and the guest house was buzzing with hustle-bustle. This was my time. I have never been more happier than today. My groom was landing early morning and I was just waiting to get to see him. But that had to wait.

The thing about weddings is, no matter how much you try you won’t get any alone undisturbed time with the better half. Guaranteed. Be it family, friends, guests or any other human in the surrounding you will be busy in some conversation or the other. Everyone wants to meet you, talk to you, wish you, bless you, hug and kiss you. Its superb fun to have all that attention and love outpouring from everyone but by the time you realize it, it will be 3 weeks after the wedding. True story !

Mehendi Night

I had made gigantic, enormous sized plans of how my wedding was supposed to take place from point A to point Z. Everything was carefully thought out. At least that’s what I thought. Big mistake. Nothing turns out the way its supposed to be in weddings 😀

Till the time you are on ground level managing things, all the strings are in your hand…but on the day of, you really can’t be having your head buzzing with the logistics or management bits. I knew I had to let go, it was hard…but it had to be done…and so I did…Today was my day, and no matter what was in the planning…I was going to enjoy the party..  😀

Morning time was complete chaos. Everyone was rushing to get things in place and I woke up and saw a big zit on my face. SCREWED !  Like why God…whyyy…is all I could think of at that time…you won’t believe, but with all the wedding planning madness…I forgot to book myself a MUA for my sangeet evening…like really !?! And given the situation, I needed a MUA like SOS ! Something had to be done and fast. My function was starting at 2pm and my grooms side had started to arrive that morning…everything was totally chaotic…my head was spinning…and trust me, it was not my happiest moment then !

I quickly decided that the best option is to head over to a parlor and let them take care of things. I needed to relax and let the rest of the world take care of itself for once. So I headed out by 10:30am after grabbing a quick bite and reached my parlor. To make things worse, the lady in-charge who could/would be doing my makeup was on leave ! Yikkes…I mean talk about (rotten) luck ! By now I had tears in my eyes in anxiousness. What was I going to dooo?

I rang her up and pleaded for a while and thankfully she agreed to make an exception and come over. I swear I was thanking my stars at the time. By 11:30-45 am I was on the seat and the work on making me look my best for the day had begun. I had close to 2.5 hours to get ready and be out but somehow I kept looking at the time.

The hair wash and drying felt so soothing that morning that I don’t know when I drifted off to sleep. Things had been crazy from the past few days. I thought of everything that could go wrong, but eventually how miraculously things fell in place.

If you remember my last post, you would know that my sangeet lehenga blouse was lost…early morning 9am I rushed to the tailors, my last hope of finding it there…and luckily he had kept it. I don’t know how, but it was right there…till half hour back, I was going to end up doing my own makeup…and thankfully last minute I found an angel who took over. Everything had been good so far.


You just relax, just keep your eyes closed…and we are taking care of everything…You need your energy and peace of mind today, don’t think of anything…just take deep breaths.


Isn’t that wonderful to hear? Somebody taking over all your worries, it feels so light…I woke up around 1 I guess…quite a long nap…and what do I see…holy cr** ….my makeup !!!! (disaster)

Lets just start by saying, I had purple lipstick on. Green blue eyeshadow, and really defined eyes…

Mehendi Night

Mehendi Night

You can see the purple lip liner…because the first thing I did after seeing the lipstick was put some pink on it…like really…purple?!!?!

In the pictures, somehow it doesn’t look that off…I mean depends what you think, but in person…somehow that was just not my style…may be someone else in my place could have carried it off better…but this was not what I had in mind…The only good thing about the whole makeup situation was…my zit was nicely covered…

It was already too late to do anything. Lesson learnt…Never be too comfortable or trusting towards anything, anybody. Definitely not on the wedding day ! It doesn’t work. The one thing that I learnt from that experience was I knew exactly what I didn’t want for my wedding day look. I was crystal clear about that. Half battle won I say !

I had to run. No time for any quick fix anything. I didn’t want to get into a nasty conversation, I knew I was at fault…so I just thanked her, paid the amount and dashed out of the salon. I headed home only to find a horrified mother who kept saying…your face looks better without makeup !  😕  😕

I don’t know why…but its sort of true…I know a lot of people, who completely transform after applying makeup…I am just not one of them….I look plasticiee…and no matter how good the makeup…my skin just can’t breathe !

Anyhow, what was done was done. Luckily, that bridal glow that people talk about, it somehow magically appears…I don’t know from where it comes…but no matter how bad the face job, I still felt like I was glowing…at least on the inside…  😀

Mehendi Night

The invitations had gone out long back..and the timing was 2pm onwards…only because I wanted the grooms side to enjoy some together time with us before they headed out for their function later in the evening. But as it turned out…everyone takes time to get ready, and by the time they were all set…it was close to 4pm !!! Yikkes….They couldn’t make it…. 😥 😥

But I still had a party to host and enjoy ! Stay tuned to know all about the mehendi details, my first ever solo performance in front of an audience, and a party that went on for 12 hours straight !!!


Outfit – Mum designed

Photography – Ruel Rebello & White Lily Studio


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nitz gwal March 8, 2016 - 11:50 am

finally!!!u r back…
was eagerly waiting fr ur posts

Frugal2Fab March 9, 2016 - 8:47 am

Hahaha…yes…I am trying to be regular 😀

nitz gwal March 10, 2016 - 12:29 am

Although i agree wid ur mum…u look better widout makeup infact i would like to improvise the statement u look real beauty widout make up namrata…but but but no one can deny the fact that u were looking every bit of a stunner and extrenely gorgeous in ur wedding attire and in that maekeup..☺ n not to mention ur delhi trip pics were awesome dear…

Frugal2Fab March 15, 2016 - 8:09 am

Hehehe…you’re sweet, thank you for boosting my self image 🙂


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