DIY Mehendi & Sangeet Night Decor

by Namrata Nautiyal
Sangeet Night Decor

We had separate functions, me and my groom. Tragic, I know. But in both our cultures, the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other before the wedding, especially during the mehendi applying ritual. I was made aware of this, but somewhere I was still hoping that may be I could catch a glimpse of my groom.

Didn’t happen.

But you know what is the good part about this. I could give my undivided attention to all my folks, relatives and friends from my side. It was all about me enjoying this momentous occasion with all my near dear ones, and ditto the feeling was the same for my groom as well.

We all knew the wedding is going to be the union of both the families, friends and relatives. Now that everything is done with, I know that there was no ways I would have been able to enjoy as much with my folks had it been a combined Sangeet night. My attention by default would have gone to my groom’s side..

So in the end it all turned out to be perfect. I just wish I could see and dance with my groom that night though. But it turns out, I got crazy number of occasions right after the wedding to dance with him for one entire week in celebrations 😀 You caught a glimpse of that in my Uttarakhand post right?

So coming back to the Sangeet night decor…I was taking care of my side of the function, no wedding planners, no decorators. I had a huge hall for the sangeet and mehendi ceremony booked months ago. It was the club house in the same guest house. The minute I saw it all those months back, I had instantly fallen in love with the place. Big windows, beautiful blue walls, an (empty) pool outside which btw, gave us the perfect backdrop for photos later in the evening. I had loved every bit about the venue.

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

That’s me doing a last minute dance practice…no better place than an empty pool where no one can see you, right !

But my guest list for the evening was just about 100 and the place was good enough to accommodate 5 times the size. Till about two days before the event, I had not really thought this through. Its only one day before the sangeet night, that I visited the club house and realized that there would be too much of empty space around.

Something had to be done! And fast !!

I had one evening to put something together by myself. Since, it was a big place, I didn’t want to fiddle around much with the decor, I don’t think I could have managed it by myself given the time. I remember trying to catch hold of some event planners and decorators a few months back…I really wanted to put up a jhoola, but some agency after contacting them from Just Dial gave me a quotation of 45k just for one swing for one day !!! Height of absurdity. I think I could have managed to buy a swing at that price. So anyhow, episodes like those and I decided no need to break my head over all this.

Guests care about only two things during any Sangeet function – Dance & Photos.

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

Food is a given in any event, so I am not counting that in this. Dance to an extent was taken care of. There was ample floor space was guests to dance, and a DJ was coming with his lights and all his equipment’s…so the ambiance of the evening was also not a concern.

The only part where I had to focus on was the photos. It was my Sangeet and naturally I had girlfriends coming for my party. And all of us loved getting clicked. I had already planned with my sis-in-law to get photo booth props and I had thought of making one section of the venue into a photo booth section.

The previous day when I finally stepped into the club house to inspect the area and choose my section for all the props, I realized that the ceiling was too high and the area was too big to enclose into a proper photo-booth section. Major panic mode happened. Luckily for me it was still Monday morning, and I had one full day to access and fix the situation.

I knew my local papervaala kept old frames in his shop. I had visited him once long time back and I thought he would be the perfect guy who could lend me some frames for the evening. Not only would this solve the issue of the photo session, it would also give the guests a good distraction to pose with all the props.

It was quite comic when I went up to him and asked, “bhaiya – khaali frames chahiye, tutti-phuti“….He took sometime to reply and I had to literally show him a photo downloaded from Pinterest telling him why I wanted antique looking rusty old big frames for just a day  😆

Luckily for me, he agreed, and I ended up picking some 8-10 big frames to put up at the venue. Cost – Rs.200 for all of them ! Super frugal isn’t it?

Next, I bought some transparent strings to hang the frames from the ceiling down. That evening with all the supplies in hand, I got the local guest house boy to come help me and got all the frames to hang in the middle of the venue. The outcome…check it out here…super easy, super fun !

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

The blue walls worked out perfectly for all the pictures. Result – Guests happy, me happy.

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

It was a fun evening for sure, with food, music, dance and loads and loads of photos. It turned out to be perfect. In the end, it all boils down to having a good time with your folks and friends and I so badly want to relive it all over again. Luckily for me, my wedding was in the evening the next day, which gave us enough time to party the night away.




DIY Sangeet Night Decor

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

I loved loved the use of bright colors in the entire decor. Pinks and orange are by default evergreen wedding colors and it just brightened up the entire place. A little bit of creativity and with colorful fabrics, this decor was a hit among all the guests, relatives and friends.

The venue was at the army officers institute in Juhu which in a beautiful spot next to the beach. With lush green trees all around and the beach next door, the venue couldn’t have been anything better.

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

DIY Sangeet Night DecorI couldn’t attend their side’s Sangeet because of the customs. 😥 Super sad that I missed all this fun….so just like you, I also get to see just the pictures…

DIY Sangeet Night Decor

If you have someone who is going to handle the decor part, then by all means you can go ahead with some simple decor ideas such as these. It doesn’t cost that much, its simple, less painful and looks amazing at the end of the day. Include simple props like bubbles, whistles, colorful umbrellas and confetti and any and every decor will automatically become a hit 🙂


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Archana January 20, 2016 - 8:52 pm

Hey Namrata,
Congratulations for your wedding first :). Have a happy and blissful life ahead.
Nice post again :).
A question for you, R you on the page of Uttamvastra site? Saw your picture just now.

Frugal2Fab February 1, 2016 - 5:45 pm

Hey Archana,
Thank you so much for the wishes, its been one big fairy tale so far 😀
I am aware of the Uttamvastra site, saw my photo being used without my permission to sell a duplicate lehenga. Have taken legal action against the concerned people. The whole thing was a nightmare and I knew about it for awhile now, but luckily its all good now 🙂

weddingvelvet October 31, 2018 - 2:31 pm

Thanks for these ideas! Very interesting


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