The Wedding Lehenga Story – Where & How I found it !

by Namrata Nautiyal
Wedding Lehenga

The Wedding Lehenga is one of the most important outfits for any bride to be…probably, the mostest important one. The minute one hears wedding…the first thing the mind runs to is this lehenga…I was no different. From the day I got engaged way back in March 2015, my mind was racing – which stores to look through first, what should be the budget, what kind of lehenga do I want, where will I find it…sale or non-sale season…is designer the only way, color, type, flare or non-flare and the list went on and on…

I think it was the most difficult time, those few months when I initially started with my Lehenga hunt. I would drag my mum to every store, there was not even one galli in Mumbai that I left out…from Malad to Juhu, Marine Lines to Thane I looked through every outlet possible.

No luck.

It was a nightmare, sometimes the lehenga skirt was perfect, but the blouse was plain…other times the dupatta, blouse and skirt were not in sync…but in most of the cases…I saw everything was over budget…and somewhere there was always a compromise needed…

I remember there were days when I was frustrated to the extent of opting for a saree for the reception…or a midway fusion of Lehenga in the Laccha (Anarkali cum Lehenga) format. From utility purpose too, it was turning out to be a better deal…but somewhere I just wanted a Lehenga…afterall, its once in a lifetime celebration…one must not let go of dreams so soon…so I kept searching…

South Bombay had some real nice picks…but everywhere it was above 60k…I came to Santacruz, Juhu…and the price point came down by a mere 10k, which was still way over budget…somehow, for a 3 hour reception party…no matter how much I wanted my dream lehenga, I couldn’t see myself shelling out that kind of money…it was just not happening…

Then came the epic Seasons sale. I had no idea this store was that famous…the crowd during that one week sale was insane. It felt as though Amitabh Bachchan was handing out lehengas to girls from the way the women were behaving…buying bags and bags full of lehengas and heavy anarkalis and sarees…I have seen nothing like this ever in my life….It build up my hopes quite a bit…if they can get so many things…then I am sure I can find one Lehenga at the very least…

I took my mum and we headed out early morning only to be welcomed by a line which would eventually take us close to two hours to enter the store. But once we were in, all I could see was small-small defects in Lehengas…if one is buying something so precious once in a lifetime…at least it needs to look fresh and new and defect-less… but given the prices, it was hard to notice the few glitches.

First time was no show, we went for two more rounds…the second time, I found one Lehenga which almost fit what I was looking for…we had almost decided on picking it up…I was in two minds about it, but it was the best from the lot….but just when we were about to bill it, someone flicked it from us…no idea what happened there…and it was gone….I was super duper depressed…

It took days to get over that Lehenga…I can still see it in front of my eyes. It was beautiful in gold zardosi work and had no visible defects and the price was beyond believable…it was perfect and yet…

God had other plans…and honestly, thank god I didn’t pick that one up….because look what I chose instead…

Wedding Lehenga

Moments such as these make you realize that somewhere God or almighty power does exist, and that good things eventually prevail. I fell in love with my wedding lehenga from the time I set my eyes on it. It was love at first sight for sure.

You won’t believe, but I am wearing my lehenga and writing this post….that’s how happy I am with it…I mean just because the wedding is over, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my priceless possession right?  😉

Its been a blessing truly. After all the hardships that I went through with my mum in locating the perfect lehenga, I finally found it…The one thing that I have learnt from the entire exercise is that, no matter what Lehenga one picks…one has to be absolutely and in all pureness be happy with it…that’s the only way you can know its worth…you can only shine in something that you believe in from within…not based on what others might like on you…

Initially I got a bit of skepticism from my mum…she said its too light for me, considering I am fair skinned…and she wanted something blingy and darker…but for me…color was not the priority…it was the look-feel of the lehenga. I had said this before as well, that flare was my top priority…I wanted it anyhow…

wedding lehenga

wedding lehenga

Wedding Lehenga

It still feels somewhere like a dream to have got exactly what I wanted…

It was the last day sale at Seasons. I had almost lost all hopes. I had just lost my (dream) lehenga in the earlier visit, and I was hoping for some reason may be the person decided not to buy it. I went in with my mum fingers crossed…this time we were at the store by 9:45am, 15 mins before the store even opens. Luckily it was a weekday and the line was bearable.

We got in – rushed to the Lehenga floor and within minutes knew that the lehenga was gone….forever… *heartbreak* nothing could be done about it. My mum told me not to feel depressed and that we would increase the budget and then life would be easy. I was really upset…but I could see no other way out.

For a budget like mine…stores were showing me sangeet outfits or sister of the bride outfits…The other issue, the major one was the low budget which meant – less flare lehenga options….so all I could see was fish cuts which was a strict no-no.

We headed out of Seasons all disappointed, walked towards our car. There are a chain of stores in Santacruz where Seasons is just one store in the lane. I had visited all the stores (Paanihari, Camouflage, Bawri, Roopkala and few more) but had missed out one store. Raas.

Wedding Lehenga

My car was parked right outside Raas, and for some reason…we had knowingly missed out this store…comparing it to the posh Frontier Raas of Delhi. I thought there was no way we could find anything in there, so no point going in and wasting time.

I was just getting into my car, when my mum said lets at least try it out…car is parked…and the store is right there. No harm is trying one last time. I initially refused but when she started walking towards the store, I had no choice but to lock the car and follow her.

Mummy is the bestestest.

I walked in to this beautiful showroom which had lehengas (floral, bling, brocade) all on display. It was a beautiful store. I was already getting a feeling this is going to be way over budget. We walked straight to the lehenga counters and asked the sales person to show us some heavy lehengas in our range.

He asked me what kind I wanted…and I pointed out a few lehengas on display. “Madam, that’s all above 1 lakh price point“.

BOOM ! *heartbreak*

But by now I was quite used to this…and had become quite thick skinned to listen to comments from these store salesmen. But this one was different. He noticed the disappointment in my face…and asked me specifications to what is it that I was looking for in my wedding lehenga.

He heard me out patiently, and called out to his ‘helper’ to fetch out some outfits that he thought would be close enough to what I wanted. My lehenga was the first outfit he showed.

Wedding Lehenga

The minute I saw it, the twinkle in my eyes said it all…I think the salesman just knew I was sold on the outfit. The price was the only thing that was forming the shady cloud. The salesman almost knowing my apprehension quietly walked closer to me and whispered in my ears the price of my Lehenga.

I squealed so loud when I heard it…people were giving strange looks…but I really didn’t care at that time…I started jumping holding the lehenga skirt and twirling with it all around. My mum couldn’t stop giggling, I think she was more relieved than happy but nevertheless, this was it !

When its meant to be, its just meant to be…deep down you just know it.

Soon after this lehenga was out, some other party politely asked if they could see the piece. After my Seasons debacle, I had become so overtly alert that I blurted out a big no. I think with that no, I just nailed the bad customer chapter 1 issue.

It was love at first sight for sure, but for some reason, I still ended up seeing 3-4 pieces more, every one was exquisite but did not match up to this one. I finally decided to place an order for this Lehenga without giving a second thought…it was everything that I wanted…came with a stitched blouse, super big flared skirt, peachy pink color – it was a blessing to be able to buy it.

Wedding Lehenga

Mine is a raw silk lehenga in pita work

Wedding Lehenga

I bought this lehenga somewhere in October and they took close to a month to alter it and add the canvas layers to the skirt. But all in all, I was really happy with what I had found and even with the store. Unfortunately I entered the store on the first day of their non-sale season…the sale period had just ended the previous day…but all said, I still felt it was a good deal that I got.

I made one addition to the Lehenga…my mum added the butis to the dupatta to make it look heavier…otherwise it was looking quite a docile outfit.

If any of you all are looking for your dream lehenga in a budget, then make sure you do visit this store. After I picked up my wedding lehenga, my bhabhi went there to search for hers, and she picked her lehenga as well on the first go. It was that quick.

These guys are definitely competitive with their pricing, and they are equally good for the expensive outfits as well. I also found some sangeet worthy outfits in the range of 15-20k in the store which ideally was costing almost close to 30k in other stores. So, don’t miss out on this store AT ALL !


Store Name: Raas

Address: Swami Vivekanand Rd, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400054

Tel: 022-26053333

My Lehenga Price: Less than 30k

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Anuja Shah December 31, 2015 - 3:22 pm

Vow… super lehenga – look at that lehenga hanging in the first pic- what an amazing flare… n for that price- its totally worth it.

I also love how you have kept your hair open – rather den going for the quintessential bun…

Cant wait to c your phera, mehendi n other looks 🙂

Frugal2Fab January 3, 2016 - 10:23 am

Hehe…Thank you….I kept the bun look for the pheras… 🙂

Dipti April 23, 2016 - 10:19 pm

Very pretty lehnga….And with this price SUPER Cool (Y)

Frugal2Fab April 26, 2016 - 1:38 pm

Thank you Thank youuu :-*

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Amruta Sahoo July 24, 2017 - 5:57 am

Yes your bhabhi did love her Lehenga from Raas!!! Love you Namu! Great article 🙂

Namrata Nautiyal July 24, 2017 - 3:09 pm

Amruuuu :-* :-* :-*


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