9 Easy Sangeet Choreographed Dance Numbers for the bride to dance on

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Easy Sangeet Choreographed Dance Numbers for the bride to dance on

I can’t dance. At all !

In my head I dance beautifully, almost Madhuri Dixit standards with all the expressions and thumkas, but the minute I actually step on to the dance floor, or when it comes to just swaying a little bit…I freeze. I just can’t do it…and for the life in me I don’t know what is the cause of it…

In our Oriya culture, we do not have the tradition of Sangeet and Mehendi. I knew this, and I was quite relieved. I didn’t want either. a) I don’t enjoy endlessly long mehendi applying ritual, b) I don’t dance…then what’s the point of keeping these pre-wedding functions which will just irk me more than making me happy and chirpy.

Easy Sangeet Choreographed Dance Numbers for the bride to dance on

Dulha on my hands…all set to get married…

But I am going into a North Indian family, and they love both these events. In fact, for them these pre-wedding rituals are very very important. So I started planning the event. Till about one week before the wedding, my plan was to hire a DJ, keep a dance floor (for others) and I thought bridal mehendi will give me a good excuse to stay away from dancing on my big day.

The plan seemed to be full-proof, but somewhere a small part inside me wanted to dance…to wow my fiance (who btw, knows how to dance), my family who knows I won’t move a muscle, but more for myself….its afterall, my only wedding…this is now or never…I just had to get past this…

I called up my good friend Savia, and told her my apprehensions about dancing…luckily for me, she loves bollywood dancing, and said she will definitely help. So the plan was set. It was a top secret mission, and one which till the last day was on a can-get-selected or can-get-shot-down mode. But even so, I was doing something for me…I was excited…

24th November was my first day of the dance preparations. Exact one week to the Sangeet Ceremony.

We sat down to skim through you tube, saw some 20-30 videos and finally chose one. It looks pretty awesome to do, but my god, when I started imitating the moves…I started cursing DID & Jhalak, for making it look so simple…I have new found respect for all these dancing artists…its amazing what they can do…

Wait, wait…I am not telling you which song I finally danced to…that’s a secret but for now…if you are also thinking of which song to go for, and which dance moves to do…then this post might just help you a tad little bit…Let me know what you think…


Easy Sangeet Choreographed Dance Numbers for the Bride

#1 Chittiyan Kalaaiyan

With easy dance moves, not too fast music, this dance number is full of thumkas perfect for any bride-to-be. The music is something that everyone will love, even the lyrics are safe throughout…this is a sweet number to perform on.


#2 Manva Lage

If you are the flexible kinds, love dancing in general…then this fluidic choreography is just the one for you. I so wish I could do this…but nevermind my dreaming…if you can do this…you don’t need to look at any other song number.

There is something so innocently romantic about this song, and the way the choreography has been done…its just perfect to the t for the new bride to be.

But if you’re anything like me, shy and rough in your dancing, then a easy version of choreography is the one below. With nice standard steps this one is definitely easier to crack.

I love how easy they make it all look, but when one really stands to do the steps, it feels insane. For once, I can’t make sense of the sides, that is which side what step goes. Major confusion 🙄 but overall, once you get the hang of the steps…its not all that difficult.


#3 Sawaar Loon (Lootera)

Just check the first 45 seconds…I am not much of a fan of the other song choreography…but some of the steps in the first bit is definitely cuteness. I think this song can be nicely done with the bride and her sisters, just the way it is done here. A sweet number with not too much jhatak-matak.


#4 Punjabi Wedding Song (Hasee toh Phasee)

Looking for a peppy-energetic number? This one is perfect for you then. The song itself is energetic and somewhat recent, so makes for a fun number to dance on. You can get all the family members and friends to join in at the end of the song. Its almost like a perfect baraati number.


#5 Ghani Bawri (Tanu weds Manu-2)

Continuing with the peppy tracks, this song is in my head for awhile now…if you can pull it off, then get your girls to dance this number along with you for the full effect. I love the choreography on this one. Start watching it from 28 seconds…


#6 Saiyaan Superstar (Ek Paheli Leela)

My current favorite song, even though it is a Sunny Leone song, but still…its like the number to dance on this year..I was searching for decent easy-to-do choreography for this song when I came across this video…I wish it was taken in a better way…but still gives a good idea about the steps and its kind of cute performance…definitely bride worthy !


#7 Ghagra (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

This dance just brings a smile on my face. If you are planning on wearing a ghaghra to your sangeet, then how can you not choose this dance track…its the perfect song, has the perfect amount of tease and adaaein that will remain a memory in your fiance’s mind for days… 🙂


#8 Radha (Student of the Year)

So I know this is an old song by todays standards, but the track is peppy enough to choose as your bridal sangeet number. The steps are fairly simple and easy to do and yet there are ample thumkas, and nakhras in the track to be a hit amongst the audience.


#9 Ambarsariya (Fukrey)

I have this song on repeat mode right now…no matter how many seasons come and go, this song has such a sweetness in it, that one just falls in love with it over n over again. For a shy, coy bride, this is the perfect track to dance on for the sangeet.

I just wish the video above didn’t interrupt abruptly, and we could see the whole song dance…but unfortunately it does, and there is nothing that can be done about it, so I am sharing another video on the same song…this one has easy steps too…so one can mix and match between these two videos.


Any other videos and tracks you guys like…may be you can share here for everyone. What did you dance on for your Sangeet?

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