Super sorry about no new posts but I am back now !

by Namrata Nautiyal

Hey guys, how have you all been? Its been soo soo long and I am soo sorry for not updating the blog with new posts…in case some of you missed out…I just got married !! Woohhhooo….best decision ever I tell you…life has been such a blessing from the past one month…I am eternally grateful for all the love that has been showered upon me and my new hubby throughout this new phase of our lives.

I always knew my wedding was a longish affair but never in my wildest dreams would I expect the celebrations to last for 16 days !! No kidding….We had 3 destinations…Mumbai, Kolkata and then Haja (which is in the remote hills of Uttarakhand) and I just got back to my new home (Delhi) just last night…

I have so much to tell you all…I don’t even know where to start from…haven’t even unpacked yet…but I just had to come on the blog….firstly, thank you thank you to each one of you for keeping the patience of seeing no new posts on the blog for almost a month and a half….won’t let that happen again….and no, the blog isn’t shutting down…its just that I had absolutely zero time and in most cases, limited connectivity to be blogging…

But starting this week, I will try and come back to blogging regularly as much as possible. Although I must tell you that weddings are not really over for me now, I have my brothers wedding this christmas, so there might be some no-blogging time in the last week of december….but will try to catch up as much as possible.

I haven’t yet received my wedding photos from various destinations, so for now sharing a few that I have with me through my phone and camera…


With this post, I am starting my Wedding Diaries.

From misplacing my mehendi ceremony lehenga blouse at the tailors two days prior to my event, holding back my tears till the vidaai, sitting on table top on my wedding day in front of the entire reception crowd to dancing in traditional attire in a distant village in -6 degree celcius, the wedding had all the madness that will keep you glued in the coming posts….you cannot and should not miss this…


Wedding Day look…this one was for the pheras…

There were so many emotions all around…it was one roller coaster ride from the very beginning…I just got done with the festivities like yesterday…it just all happened so fast…I wish I could slow it down…

But I should tell you that marriage is the most beautiful feeling ever…from having friends and relatives show up for my Mumbai Wedding…to going to an unknown territory in Kolkata, being so warmly welcomed by my in-laws side folks there….and then finally moving up to the remote hills of Uttarakhand for a truly mesmerising reception party in the village….life has come a full circle..I am so incredibly lucky to have been blessed by so many people in the past few days…I can hardly contain my joy…


Mumbai Reception look ©Ruel Rebello

Wedding Diaries

With my parents at our Kolkata Reception party


My traditional wear for our 3rd reception in Haja (Uttarakhand)…There is a head scarf with this outfit too…you can see it in the pic below

new posts

New Posts

This was the celebratory dance in Haja (Uttarakhand)…Can you spot me in the pic?

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much fun I had this past month…it has been one big celebration till now….we haven’t even had the time to look through our gifts yet…its been that jam packed…

This was the first time I visited Uttarakhand…and its beautiful beyond I have decided along with my wedding diaries, I am going to start a new section on travel diaries as well, where I share with you the culture, traditions, places with loads n loads of pictures for you to see…I have been truly blessed to have been witness to some rich customs & traditions, and it would be a shame if I don’t share it with you all…Do let me know if this would interest you as well…

I have missed you all so much….do drop in to say hi in the comments section… 🙂

P.S. First Post as Mrs. Nautiyal  😀 

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Anuja Shah December 21, 2015 - 1:13 pm

Wohooo… Congratulations….You look very pretty and happy and glowing. :)… cant wait to hear more about it and c more pictures…. awaiting the wedding diaries.

Three receptions vowww…. yes i would definitely like to read your travel dairies and also more bout the haja celebratory dance…it’s something different.

Frugal2Fab December 28, 2015 - 10:32 am

Thank you thank youuu 😀 Haven’t had any time to sit down and write all this month…its been one crazy ride…just got back to Delhi last night…I keep saying I will start posting but getting so caught up with something or the other…I so badly want to share all the weddingy stuff with all of you…hoping to do that super soon….what’s happening with you…wedding is soon approaching…all set?

Jyo December 22, 2015 - 2:05 am

Congrats Namrata.. Stay Blessed 🙂
You looked amazing in all your functions. Your happiness was pouring through all your pics. Eagerly waiting for upcoming posts.

Frugal2Fab December 28, 2015 - 10:29 am

Hi Jyotsana, thank you so much for the compliments & wishes 🙂 Just got done with all the weddings for the season….it was one marathon month for me…slowly getting back to the grind…will start posting soon…Keep visiting !


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