The Wedding Invitation Card is finally here…

by Namrata Nautiyal
My Wedding Invitation Card

Sans any spelling or grammatical errors, might I add… Thank heavens for that…  😀

Its 22 days for the big day, and can you imagine, I just received my wedding invitation card like yesterday. We all were on full on panic mode. To the extent that I started thinking my wedding would become that (not good) one of a kind weddings where only verbal invitation would go to the guests.

Already I have started informing my friends and colleagues about the wedding and pre-wedding dates. I had not made a save-the-date card thinking its too late already, and now I realize its importance. Kar diya hota, toh life would have been easier. Now instead I am busy answering calls all day and replying to questions about venue, timings, dates on whatsapp !  😕

But anyhow, so yesterday I took my parents and went to the card store. They hadn’t given me a demo card to see, and I literally was shaking with fear wondering what they must have done to my cards. The only thing that I received was a pdf copy with words scribbled and I was to live with the hope that everything would turn out ok in the end. This was probably the only category which scared me to bits.

For those of you who missed the earlier post on my wedding invitation card status, you can read it here.

Earlier when I received the disaster that the proof-reading was, I had yelled and yelled at the store person. So, as it happens I wasn’t his favorites anymore as such…we got into the store, and without much pleasantries being exchanged, he showed me my card….my one and only wedding invitation card…

My Wedding Invitation Card

Yesterday I just sat with all the invitation cards all on the floor…they were everywhere…this was just before I started with writing the guest names

First look…all good…the only thing that a little bleh…was that the ink color used on the front was red 😐 No idea, where and why that happened…but I kept quiet…there was an entire carton of invitation cards..and nothing could be done…

I quickly scanned through the sheets to check for any possible landmines…none…big sigh of relief…

I almost couldn’t believe it that after the first few trials, he had actually got it correct. Its a different thing that I had given him the entire text typed and sent, and all he had to do was copy, paste…but still…I had zero confidence that he would pull it off…

So I thanked him, to my own surprise…even invited him for my wedding…and paid the amount and we were off…My invitation cards were finally with me…All those 30km to and fro trips finally paid off…it was all worth it in the end…

Here is what my wedding invitation card looks like…

My Wedding Invitation Card

I know this is not the traditional kinds per say, but I chose it for the contrasting colors with the envelope

My Wedding Invitation Card

This is what the inside card looks like

My Wedding Invitation Card

There are 3 separate cards on the inside…one for Mehendi & Sangeet, Reception & Wedding

Store Address: Mohit Creations, Dadiseth Agiary Road

Contact Person: Dharmendra, Tel: 9769835862


On a side note…

I consider myself a zero when it came to invitation card etiquettes and ways…I didn’t know what the process was like, the days it would take to get it, the pitfalls, and what all to watch out for… but now that I have gone through this experience, I want to share with you all, all the tit-bits you should be aware of when dealing with wedding invitation cards.



When I first went looking for cards, I had a certain price in mind. We all should, otherwise the budget just goes up n up n up….Mine was under 30 bucks. I didn’t know whether I would find anything that I would like in this price range…but this is where I wanted to start…

My cards actual cost was Rs.27…I knew from the beginning I wanted something bright and colorful, nothing too traditional…and this fit perfectly…with mustard yellow envelope, and orange on the inside, and then separate colors for each card…this fit the bill perfectly. Hence chosen.

I was quite happy that I found something in my price range. Normally a card comes with two extra sheets included…but I had one sheet extra written…I have 3 cards inside (mehendi, reception & wedding), so there was additional printing charge.

Total printing was 2500 plus additional 800 for an extra page in the card. Initially we didn’t bother about it, and we thought its fine…reasonable…but here’s the trick, when you actually sit to calculate the total cost…sum it all up…my per card cost went upto an even Rs.40 !!!

Nowhere in my dreams had I expected the cost to vary that much…but so slyly it just happened right under our nose. We realized this when we were finally given the total cost…and at that time, nobody had the energy to go about this exercise all over again.

So just to give you a heads up…

If you have a budget in mind for your wedding invitation card, given everything…keep in mind that the final cost will add an extra 10-15 bucks per card depending upon your card design and exclusiveness.



I presumed that a demo card will always be given. When conversing with the store person, I asked him proofreading will be given, he said yes…and I left it at that. I did not specifically ask back then whether a demo invitation card will be sent, and neither did he bother to tell us. So instead we ended up paying the advance, and when I finally reached out to him over the phone waiting for the proofreading card to come, I instead received a pdf copy on my email !

Imagine my shock…post that no matter how much I asked for the demo card…the store just didn’t agree. I checked with my friends in the city, and they all said Mumbai works that way…

But a good thing is, if you are from any other city…as in residing in any other city…you will not have this issue…everywhere else, the stores give a demo card…so ask for it…

The spacing, alignment, picture size etc…you can’t judge that from a piece of paper…and definitely not from one that will come in your email…

No matter how much proofreading you see on paper…a demo card is everything…




I am not just making this statement based on what happened with me, but I generally got this notion from others too…the store people may be quite polished in their talks and ways, but the people they finally send the order to…who are supposed to type out on the card, and finally print it all out…those guys are different…people who you and I don’t get to meet…so there is no way of knowing their basic knowledge levels.

Its better to send an email to them with the matter written EXACTLY the way you want it written.

They are not going to take the pains of doing anything. When I was frustrated with my proofreading copy, I volunteered to send them the written matter on MS-Word…I literally just typed it out in the default calibri font and sent it.

The proofreading copy that I got had the exact same font, no bold, no italics, basically no importance given to anything. When I spoke to the store person, he instead said, “you only sent the written matter, now you’re complaining

So, just saying…careful who you deal with… The problem is they all are like that unless of course you are going with some well known fancy agency who obviously know what they are doing…



Once, I had chosen my card…I simply asked the store person to show some wedding cards worth Rs.40-50. Basically a notch higher than my price bracket. He simply kept the same set of cards in front of me. At first, I did not get what he was hinting at, so I asked again…and this time he directly said…that the exact same cards are sold at that price point.

“It all depends on what the customer is willing to pay”

I realized that most customers come with the price range Rs.10-15 and work their way up. Everyone wants the business, so eventually these guys do give you exactly what you are looking for in the price bracket. So don’t do the mistake of giving them the actual budget from the beginning.



This is the only way to go about this task. Every shop has its rate card which is very different. But here’s the thing…all the wedding card stores have similar and sometimes ditto cards with them…but at a different price point. Ideally its better to go to multiple stores, find out the cost of exactly what you like…and then decide on a store.

They all are going to be bad when it comes to proofreading…might as well get a good deal on the card price. For instance, I am sharing with you some of the best prices I saw for similar looking cards…

Regal Hindu Wedding Marriage Invitation Cards

Not more than 25-30 bucks. Source – Regalcards


Hindu Wedding Card

Price – Rs.15 – 20. Source – cardwala

Indian wedding card

Price Rs. 20-30, Source – theweddingcardsonline


Wedding Cards

Price Rs. 40 upwards..only because of the color and laser cut

Hindu Wedding Cards

Price – Rs. 15-20….These are quite small sized. Source – 123weddingcards



If you are ok with the standard colors, then you are super lucky. Because the card worth Rs.50-60, you can get for half the price if you go ahead with these colors. The minute you choose some funky colors like pinks, blue, orange, yellow etc etc, the prices go up for basic designs.

A Spectacular Two-Day Indian Wedding | We’re thrilled to share Sonia & Manny’s spectacular Indian wedding with you that can also be seen in the latest issue of WedLuxe Magazine| Photography by: Krista Fox Photography:

Its not a bad thing thus to at least have a look at these standard color cards. I saw a laser cut card for 20 bucks in off white. I asked if the similar kind can be done with a dash of pink, the store said then the price would go upto Rs.55 !

Even box cards come quite affordable with these colors. So, if you want something fancy without spending too much this is the only way…



If you are buying from places like Girgaon and Dadiseth Agiary road, or from any of the retail wedding card stores, 90% of the times customizations would not be possible. By customization, I mean change the color of the card, the design, size, prints…etc etc. Mostly these guys give ready to print designs, without any scope for any changes. The only thing variable possible is the written matter, the color of the font…and may be the inside sheet colors.



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