Start the festivities with Triveni’s latest Jhumri Collection

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I have been rather distracted these days, and somewhere the blog has gone at the back of my mind. Sorry. I am just not able to deal 😥  There is last minute shopping, packing, checklists, payments, and lets not even mention the emotions running wild these past few days. And now with diwali just a week away there is again so much shopping to do. Its almost like a job, you think you’re done, and boom! some other occasion pops up.

This time I thought, I don’t have the energy to physically go shopping. But this is the last diwali before the big mrs. gets attached to my name, so I definitely wanted something special.

An email popped up on my screen. Triveni’s new collection Jhumri (Vol. 4) is out. My eyes have been on Triveni from quite some time now. Ever since my encounter with them at Fashion Jalsa, I knew this is one (online) brand that I am not worried to splurge on. I had personally seen the fabrics of their outfits and interacted with the brand owners, and that brought in a certain comfort level with the brand.


To make matters solid, I was also invited for a workshop back in August I think sometime where I was exposed to their fresh collections, their brand story and basically got a good feel of what they stand for.

For those of you who haven’t heard of them, Triveni is a 30 year old saree manufacturer from Surat which has off late become a brand for all kinds of ethnic wear from sarees, salwars, anarkalis, lehengas and even fusion wear.

I had picked up a simple white kurti from their stall at the Jalsa exhibition, and it has been my favorite ever since. Nothing fancy, but what is good about them is the fabric of the cloth, if it says its cotton, then it is good cotton…I also had a art silk triveni saree which I recently wore to one of the pujas, and it was so light to wear…I felt feather light. Absolutely loved the feel of the fabric.

The thing about fabric is, no matter what it says be it pure silk, art silk, silk cotton whatever, even then you really don’t know if what you get is what you had hoped for. In case of Triveni, I have seen firsthand that their focus is on good quality at competitive prices.


From my interaction with the owners of the brand, I found out that the reason they are able to give away such good ethnic wear at steal deal is because initially they worked as wholesalers only distributing to all retail giants, but with time, now they are getting into retail themselves. Its thus possible for them to pass on those prices directly to the consumers, which is a win-win for both sides.

The latest collection of Jhumri consists of beautiful sarees that have unique blouses in various fabrics with attractive embroidery. Nowadays the trend is to wear a plain saree with a heavy blouse, and if you have been looking for something similar, then Jhumri is definitely worth looking at for the price…


What caught my eye in this collection is that I liked most of the sarees on display on the catalog, which is very rare for me. Be it the colors, or design, the varied use of different fabrics, this collection had something for everyone this festive season.

If you like any of these sarees, I would request you to first think of an apt price for these sarees, before you scroll down to the bottom to find out about their cost. Otherwise its human tendency, you will wish it was for lesser…so don’t cheat, and think of an amount…Do comment below, the cost you initially thought it to be..



My favorite in the entire collection

I have always known Triveni to be a strong promoter for sarees. If you go through their website, you will see sarees marked occasion wise, be it for festivities, office wear, party wear and then by fabric and style wise. It automatically makes life easier for customer like us to directly search for any particular looks.

In fact they were originally known as Triveni Sarees and recently, changed to Triveni Ethnics.

The Jhumri Vol. 4 collection has a plethora of fabrics and patterns to choose from. Chiffon, georgette, jacquard, printed fabrics, brasso, satin / velvet for blouses and borders and shaded fabrics offer you a vast choice in a single collection. Also the attractive borders and embroidery in embroidered patches, stone work, foil work, hand patches, cut work and machine embroidery represent the exclusiveness of this collection.

I personally am loving the different styles of blouses that can be done with this collection. Normally, I am very boring with my blouses, the maximum I might do is probably just keep cutting off the fabric without much experimentation. But this collection does give a good sense of ideas of what can be done to make one look stunning this diwali.


See how beautiful the boat neck looks



You can buy Triveni Sarees either on their website, or through Jabong, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more. They are present on practically all online shopping sites. But this is one brand that I have purchased and seen from up close, and I can definitely vouch for them.

The Jhumri Vol. 4 collection prices are for Rs. 1928 each, but on the website they are discounted and are available for just Rs. 1543 !


What do you think of the sarees now?

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