What kind of bridal mehendi design are you opting for?

by Namrata Nautiyal

Last evening, I spoke to my to be mum-in-law. We were talking about wedding plans, guests stay and other arrangements and finally Karvachauth. I realized this was the last time, I could have food on this auspicious day. I also found out that my mehendi has a muhurat at 6:30pm one day before the wedding. I asked if I can apply my bridal mehendi two days prior since the color would come out rich and dark, but a muhurat is a muhurat.

So now, I know that for my mehendi, sangeet ceremony, I have a couple of hours to enjoy, and post that I will be locked down in one corner to apply my mehendi which suddenly makes me rethink this whole bridal mehendi situation…

Just how far do I have to take my bridal mehendi? Elbow, higher than elbow, 4-5 fingers above the ankle or all the way up to almost the knee?


Source – weddingstoryz

I know a lot of people are crazy about applying mehendi…like they love-love to. Don’t get me wrong, I love it too…but that time when one is applying mehendi and you can’t do anything else is plain torturous. I just don’t have the patience to sit through with it + the ordeal doesn’t end after the mehendi is applied, you still have to wait for it to dry and do all the additional mehnat of sugar water, nimbu etc etc…its too much…I had applied Indian mehendi for my engagement, and that itself got me irritated in no time. It took close to two hours.

But all this bridal vaala mehendi it seems takes easily 4-5 hours !!!  😕

I am already losing my mind thinking about it…So to access the situation, I am going to be in a lehenga for my sangeet, mehendi ceremony which starts from 2pm – dance for 4 hours, and then from 6:30 pm I get punishment – meaning I have to wear that lehenga and sit till like 10-11pm and then probably go to sleep in the same outfit, for fear of not messing up the bridal mehendi??

So given all this, I am listing down all the kinds of bridal mehendi designs that I have come across, but honestly this post is more like a post for me…to find out exactly what would be comfortable yet fun to go for. But you can also look through this list and choose, what type of bridal mehendi is to your liking….do let me know… 🙂

P.S. Don’t kill me for the names I am giving to the mehendi designs…I really don’t know what they are called…this is best how I can describe them


#1 Five fingers above the ankle


Most of the mehendi designers I have spoken to typically agree to do this length of mehendi in their bridal basic package of 5k. This is the 5 fingers up length. I think it is ok, but I am honestly a fan of mehendi which goes up half way to the knee…I know I know, I don’t have the patience, and I still want more….but this is legs…keeps the hands free to do whatever I wish for…so for me, this is no-no.

I love the whole payal idea of this picture, so will make sure will wear a payal – I think it looks brilliant in photos, so dressed up for the feet…don’t you love it too?


#2 Traditional Indian filled up mehendi

Beautiful South Asian Brides:

Bridal mehndi- so awesome! i wish this was possible for me but i think its too much:

This is what I am aiming to go for. I am not a sucker for figures mehendi. For some reason, I ended up going for the gudda-guddi figures in my engagement mehendi, so the craze for figures has somehow eluded me. Lucky for me, the minute we ask mehendi artists for figures mehendi, they end up charging ransom amounts of 8-10k !!! as opposed to a standard of 5k for regular Indian mehendi like this one above.

I don’t like the first vaala design that much, but you know what I mean right…because I feel eventually the color has to come dark, and the bridal mehendi should be thin thin lined designs…that’s what adds to the beauty of any bridal mehendi.


#3 Gladiator looking mehendi


The minute I saw this design, it reminded me of those gladiator type chappal looks. I think post the wedding, this look is totally worth it for honeymoon…wouldn’t feel weird and you have a ready gladiator look that will go perfectly with those short dresses…hehehe… but on the wedding day, I don’t think this will work for me, what about you?


#4 Not too filled up mehendi


I think I like this length for bridal mehendi. Less time consuming, and one can have fun as well. Although a small part of me wishes for some design to spill above the elbow as well… 🙄 I think this is the traditional Indian mehendi which is not too filled up, and not too empty…it has the right balance…so if you like the kind which is not completely filled out…then you probably might like such designs…


#5 Bangles look mehendi

Bridal mehendi

Source – Wedmegood

I remember long back, couple of years ago I was in Jaipur for a wedding, when I came across this bangles look mehendi…but then that was for the hands and not the legs…but even so, I think this is an unusual choice to go for. So, if you like this kind of design, do ask your mehendi artist to show you designs.

Sometimes, we are so stuck with one particular type of look, that we don’t even bother asking about what all is out there. Do yourself a favor and keep an open mind and ask the mehendi artist to show all her work. You may be surprised by a design or two.


#6 Short and Sweet

In India, brides traditionally wear henna on their wedding day...with the groom's name hidden somewhere in the design for the groom to find. Also, the bride is not supposed to do housework until the henna has faded--now that, I could do!:

You know what I like about this design, that its in sync with each other…not like hand mehendi touches the sky, whereas feet mehendi is hardly anything. See what I mean? The length being more or less same, it pictures so beautifully…even though its not too much, its sweet in a way.


#7 Criss – Cross Look

mehndi maharani finalist: Mehndi Designer http://maharaniweddings.com/gallery/photo/13900:


I am saving this one to do on my feet…I love this look… Source – Bigindianwedding

I love-love-love this criss cross look on the feet..I don’t know why…but somehow I don’t know if it will look equally good when the mehendi has dried off and the actual look comes up. Anybody any idea?


Source – Wedmegood

I don’t even mind having the criss-cross look on the front of my palm side rather than going all out Indian filled up both on the hands and legs. Anybody else also crushing on this kind of mehendi design?


#8 Basic – No fuss Mehendi (Mira Rajput Style)


A complete no-no for me, at least for bridal look, but post Mira Rajput’s mehendi look, a lot of brides are embracing this less mehendi more fun approach. I for one know that given a choice, I wouldn’t opt for a full fledged mehendi ever again post my wedding, so this is probably the only time where I should just go for it and get it over with.

But if you are the kinds who is also not too pro mehendi, then probably this is not too bad a choice. Think of the brighter side…you get done soon, you look nice and fresh, your mood is good and you get more time to enjoy your function with your friends and family.


#9 Symmetrical Designs


I find this idea quite cute, but it makes me wonder what if we choose a design where if you don’t join your hands, the look will look kind of incomplete.



#10 Figure loving mehendi


Source – Shaadi Bazaar


Source – stylecraze

By figures, I mean the dulha-dulhan…there are tons of options in this. I have seen dholaks, dandiya, sindoor look, baaraat etc etc. Nowadays, this is the most favored of the bridal looks and no denying, it does look stunning…but sometimes I have seen that if the mehendi artist is not good enough, the figures kind of end up looking sad, angry, lost and basically not good….so careful, when you go for figures, make sure you choose your mehendi artist properly.


Have I missed out on any other kind of designs? Which one do you like the most?

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Anuja Shah November 4, 2015 - 2:53 pm

I love love the criss cross wala design but yes it definitely looks prettier when wet than dry. Dry main toh traditional indian filled up mehendi looks best with the apt usage of thick and thin lines. I have found out a mehendi artist in ahmedabad who does radha krishna figure wali mehendi like the famous harin dalal in bombay. The difference between the figure wala picture you have posted and these are that these literally look like drawings- the figures are that good…plus the figures take up more space and are highlighted than the normal mehendi on the sides. Difficult to explain – check out harin dalal- you ll get an idea what i m talking bout. Haan but for such mehendi i will have to shell out 1-2k more than the traditional mehendi walis – harin dalal toh m sure must b super duper expensive.

Frugal2Fab November 5, 2015 - 8:50 am

I just saw Harin Dalal mehendi pictures…they look amazing, but wohi hai…I am not sure whether I would want like a tattoo kind of image on my hand also taking a significantly big area for the figure…going today to meet a mehendi artist, so lets see what I come across…

Anuja Shah November 5, 2015 - 12:58 pm

Haan i guess in case of mehendi- you first finalise the artist based on seeing his/her work and the rate for the amount of mehendi u want to put, and also how much her sides will charge for the mehendi of your relatives. In case of ahmedabad the rate for the sides r a differentiating factor- else all mehendi artists r almost at par for the bridal mehendi. And then you tend to finalise on the design.

Frugal2Fab November 13, 2015 - 8:35 am

Yup Yup…I finally fixed the mehendi vaali…but siders somebody else is doing…her rates were too high…Went to her place checked out the designs, and eventually she said I can’t fix a design-design as such, on that day, based on their flow they will do something similar…I saw her work was pretty decent, so I went ahead with her. But yahaan pe bridal mehendi cost also varies quite a bit…I got price range from 5k to 10k…for the same kind of designs..and length, which was a little concerning…but finally my mehendi vaali has agreed to 4.5k 😛 for above the elbow, and almost the knee length with figures mehendi…so lets see how it goes… 🙂

Shinjini November 10, 2015 - 1:52 pm

The criss-cross DOES look good! My friend got it done on her roka, and I lovveeddddd it!
And seriously – if the mahurat for mehendi makes you feel like you’re sitting for punishment, I’m sure you can change the time and date to have it applied. It’s YOUR wedding, it comes only once in a lifetime, and if you can’t enjoy it— argh! I feel mad already!

Frugal2Fab November 13, 2015 - 8:46 am

Oooohhh…my mehendi artist said criss-cross mehendi looks good when wet, but the same effect won’t show when it is dry. I still think it will look fantastic for the feet…where one doesn’t necessarily have to go all out Indian…so I put my foot down, and told her I need criss-cross 😛

Shinjini, isn’t bridal mehendi a punishment as is? I mean 4+ hours, its making me miserable just thinking about it…for a time I was giving serious consideration to the Mira Rajput styled basic mehendi, but somewhere I knew this is the only time, and I will definitely regret it later…but my sangeet ceremony is planned 3 hours prior to the muhurat time, so there will be enough dance performances n dancing time, hopefully I will survive the evening…I have kept all the siders mehendi time around my muhurat time…so there will be people to keep me company 😀


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