Invitation Card gone horribly wrong…

by Namrata Nautiyal
Invitation card

Is blogging only about writing about good stuff, because life is not always good and I found out the hard way yesterday. Sometimes putting too much faith on goodness can lead to some shocking revelations. Also, may be what I experienced wasn’t all that bad and appalling, but given my bridal hormones right now, I just flew into a rage.

Let me rewind a little bit…Last thursday was dusshera and thus a holiday. I took my parents and decided to get the invitation card finalized. I went to Dadiseth Agiary Road which is a lane across Bhuleshwar dedicated to only wedding invitation cards. We got into practically every store on that lane, but within a couple of minutes in each store, I knew whether I would be able to find my card or not.

While some stores exclusively had major options in white and gold cards…others were all about the expensive funky cards and colors. I found this one store – Mohit Creations which had fancy wedding cards in bright fun colors. The exact thing I was looking for.

Wedding Invitations

I saw a lot of these kinds at the store

I had pre-decided that I didn’t want maroon or gold or white, but would opt for something in mustard, orange, pinks or blues. We spent a good hour or more in that store browsing through 100s of cards in different colors till we found the one. I was in love with it.

The guy at the store was super pleasant to talk to…well spoken in polished english, and knew the kind I was looking for. Within no time we finalized on the card. I sat with him and wrote down the written matter word by word. I was told to write in all caps, for lack of confusion and so I did.

I wanted to have one or two quotes included in the card, but as were discussing it…we changed it to my father saying the quote in the wedding card and my uncle saying a quote in the reception card. These were the two quotes I decided on –


“On this day, my daughter will marry her friend, the one she laughs with, lives for, dreams with and loves”

“With new dreams, new hopes, and new aspirations, my niece is stepping into a new beginning of her wedded life”


So now, with all this finally done…I checked with him by when I would receive the card for the ‘final’ proofreading…he said by next day or at the most saturday. Printing of cards would be another week at max. I was more or less ok with it because this meant, I would have my cards in hand by the end of the month for sure.

We left the store with a smile on our faces…to the extent we all were discussing among ourselves of what a nice wedding vendor we had found finally. Just like my caterer with whom I haven’t had any issue till now, I felt the invitation card vendor was about to give him some serious competition for the best wedding vendor across category award !

How wrong I was in my dreaming…


I went home waited till friday evening, nothing popped in my email…I didn’t think much of it…then saturday went…still no email, no card…I called up and the guy sweetly said there was some issue in printing, and I would get it first thing monday morning. I was a little put off by it, but I thought let it be, sometimes these things happen…

Monday came and went, and I called multiple times hearing everytime sending, sending, just sending. Nothing popped up. Tuesday came. My anger was on the tip…I started calling from morning…he said by afternoon…I said ok, then started with the hourly request…in the next 25 mins…you will get an email with the card…nothing came, and so and so on it went…and finally after yelling and screaming I got the email at 8:50 p.m.

invitation card

I squealed in excitement. Its finally here, its finally here !!! It said to check properly…and given so many extra days taken, I thought I really have to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. I got my grandfather to sit with me and with super excitement I opened the attachments…

All hell was about to break loose… why? Take a look…


This is the first few lines of the card, which btw came in a white pdf version. First shock…I expected an actual demo card…but later I was told that nobody gives out demo cards…its only basis such a pdf version that one is supposed to imagine how their one and only wedding card is going to turn out to be.

But you tell me, basis this (above) where the lines are not aligned properly, spacing has no sense…and I don’t even want to talk about spelling, capital/small (no) sense and grammar…+ the surname itself was spelt wrong ! How am I to proceed with anything like this… + this is after every word was given to them in writing…

I could share with you more snippets of what was included in the “proof-reading” such as guest became gaust in all bold caps lock, sister was sisiter and propositions were flying all over my invitation card looking for their appropriate place to be in. But I will not share those images, because my blood boils at the sight of it.

What ensued post this was a war of words…me yelling left right centre, to which the store guy aptly made me his beloved sister for the hour trying to calm me down by saying…there isn’t much to correct in this 😕 …and that I was being obnoxious about wanting everything perfect. Yes, he knew the word obnoxious, but missed out on the earlier more important lessons of english.

I realized that it was pointless going head to head with him on this, realized that this is how the world works, and sweet words are not to be blindly trusted. So I told him, I will write down the entire matter to which he immediately said, please come to the store and do it yourself on the computer and give it to us ! Fair enough, at this point, I can’t imagine him to try fixing this…


This was just yesterday, so the issue is still not sorted…but I wanted to ask you guys that post proofreading aren’t we supposed to get one demo card to get the feeling of what the final product is going to look like?


Should I continue with this guy or move on and start from scratch to search for a new wedding card altogether  😥



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Anuja Shah October 28, 2015 - 11:41 am

Omg! This is bad…

I guess nobody gives hard copies of a card but dude everyone gives you a soft copy – i mean they have the template of the design on the computer and they just have to edit it and mail it to you- i know of one of the vendors who doesnt send the demo card with all your wordings (they dont write the name of the bride and groom or parents n have xxx there) – for the fear that you may take his template and get it printed elsewhere- fair enough- but atleast give it to me written on my own card- so that i know how will the spacing etc look.

I guess try and find out whats the trend in bombay – do none of them give you a demo card? or is it just this particular guy? if you really like the card ask him not to mail the template to you but since you are going all the way to type it out on his computer -might as well convince him to show u the template at his office.

Frugal2Fab October 28, 2015 - 11:51 am

Pataa nahi yaar…I spoke to some of my friends, they also said that sirf pdf mein milta hai, no hard no soft copies…I find it superbly strange…spacing, line alignments etc are important aspects…its not a archies birthday card I wanted to scream at him! Probably tomorrow day after, I will have to actually go down there and check and bug him to show me a soft copy on the wedding card atleast.

Anuja Shah October 29, 2015 - 10:59 am

O o…. haan ya spacing, alignment is important.. aese toh kaise… unless ofcourse you pick up usi k card k format k wordings n just replace the names, date and venue- phir u can be sure k alignment n spacing us card main hai waisa hi aayega… go go bug him…as a customer i feel its our right- especially when you are gettin so many cards printed usse…heck visiting cards main bhi log bhejte hai soft copy

Shinjini November 10, 2015 - 1:58 pm

I had to do multiple proof-readings, and the guy was patient enough to make all those little changes 5-6 times and re-send a new version (in pdf) to me everytime. Once the proof-reading and wording was absolutely final, he gave me a print out in the same shape as the card would be (but not same paper). I loved it, and he reminded me that the actual card colours and paper would be different. I knew he couldn’t give me a 100% replica at this stage, but was happy with it nevertheless. Turned out to be great 🙂

Frugal2Fab November 13, 2015 - 8:50 am

My fiance’s side had a similar experience, they got theirs done from Delhi as well…and because of them, I assumed Mumbai also works in the same way…but I checked…my guy took such offense when I demanded for a demo card…he was ready to refund my advance amount 😐 Too much attitude issue, I tell you…

But anyhow, the final product was good..(still thanking my stars)…except for the first page font color…and that somehow only I had a issue with, all my folks liked it…so I just thought of letting it go…Perfection is hard to achieve at times..

The Wedding Invitation Card is finally here... - Frugal2Fab November 10, 2015 - 4:38 pm

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