Best Looks from PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015

by Namrata Nautiyal
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I have been waiting for this one for awhile now. Ever since I came across the fashion gorgeousness from our neighbouring country, I have been hooked on to some of their designers. I don’t know about you, but I am quite tired of seeing the same kind bridal wear that we see here by our designers. Don’t get me wrong…I love the looks, but nothing is different as such. You see the same kinds again and again.

From last years bridal fashion show, I loved the creations by designers Nida Azwer and Nickie Nina. So this time around, I wanted to see what this years bridal wear would be like, and let me tell you, the fashion show was filled with some exquisite pieces that were breathtakingly beautiful.

The PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015 was a three day event which was held in Lahore from 16th to 18th September.

PFDC L'Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015

While most of these names are still new to me, I know for a fact that within no time some of these designers are going to be are top favorites. Already just time back, I read on TheDelhiBride’s post that PFDC fashion is now available in South Ex, Delhi. So there you have it, its already happening…

All you designer loving ladies, make note…if you wish to look different, then you must check out the pics from this post. This ones for you especially.


DAY 1 – Bring the Bling Back !


PFDC L'Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015

Just look how adorable the kids wear look…it looks like one happy good looking family

Hands down, my absolute favorite on the first day of the fashion show was Elan. The collection was subtle yet opulent in a royal way. I loved the colors used by the designer. Somehow Bombay just doesn’t know how to do bling, but if you see this designers blinginess, you will notice that no matter if the outfit is head to toe bling…its actually suiting the look without crossing the line of tackiness.

I fell in love with almost all the creations. I just can’t choose the best looks from this designers collection, because they all were that good. Take a look…


I love-love this lehenga…especially the dupatta..not much of a fan of the men’s wear though


Normally I wouldn’t prefer this much bling on any outfit, but given its bridal wear…I think this fits right?



I wasn’t much of a fan of the entire collection but I did see two outfits that caught my eye. I think they are a nice pick for Reception wear. A perfect mix between traditional and modernistic look for a bride.



If you are the kinds who loves all out bling, then this collection would wow you for sure. Take a bold color like red and add loads of bling to it…and what you get is a stunner bride. I felt the bling was a bit much, but overall if you look…it does look good. Sometimes fashion can really surprise us…and this one definitely was an eye opener for me.

I am normally one to always run away from bling…but looking at something like this…and given that even I am a bride-to-be, I think its almost mandate to have that one piece of bling in the wardrobe.


karma red


Ali Xeeshan

This collection was so colorful and bright, it brought a smile to my face. I absolutely loved it. Instantly the minute I saw the first picture, I remembered Brazil and carnivals for some reason. That mixed with a bridal look, and it might just be the right pick for some of the funky brides to be. Have a look…


ali xeeshan

This entire collection somehow screamed lets bring back the fun and colors to our lives..loved it


Other favorites from Day 1

Although I loved other collections as well, I saw bits and pieces of bridal wear in others collections. The entire line wasn’t bridal to speak of.


Bank Alfalah


DAY 2: Colors & Bling…

The day 2 of the fashion show wasn’t as impressive as I would have wanted it to be. While I am bit picky with bling…day 2 designs went complete overboard with bling…like eye popping bling…there were quite a few designers showcasing their collection but these were my favorites only because the outfits were wearable and had apt amount of bling…

What was nice was one could see a lot of variations in colors from subtle to bold and eye popping bright colors…there was something for everybody here. If you like subtle prettiness then Misha Lakhani would be your pick, if bold bright colors then Kamiar Rokni and if you’re taste is in neutral nude palettes then Fahad Hussayn was apt for you…


Misha Lakhani

misha lakhani

I loved the colors used by the designer…nothing over the top…simple and elegant outfits that everybody would love. There was a mix of bridal wear as well as sangeet mehendi worthy outfits in the collection. But my favorite was this pista green anarkali…I think it fits perfectly for the Mughal-e-Azam/ sangeet look…


I think I am being spoilt for choices…because if not given so many options you will see that every outfit looks lovely as it is. Given so much of gorgeousness, I feel like choosing elements from each outfit and putting it into a dream outfit altogether. But I guess that’s just me throwing some tantrums around  🙄

Which outfit is your favorite so far?


Kamiar Rokni


I felt the designer went overboard with the use of colors to an otherwise good collection. The more I saw her designs, the more I wanted to simplify the look…if I liked the skirt in one, the top of other was looking better…and some outfits I felt are good with a plain white shirt…seriously…there was that much color to be toned down…have a look…

P.S. These were the best ones I felt…


Like this last outfit with the lavender colored skirt, I think a plain colored top would be apt as there is already so much happening with the fabric itself…in most of the outfits…I felt the look is going in multiple directions…but overall it still looks vibrant and fun…just not something I would personally pick to wear…

What about you?


Fahad Hussayn

One of the few designers who had a good collection for men’s wear. I also liked quite a few bridal outfits from this designer. His collection was entirely set in gold, browns and reds which is closer to bridal wear for us here nowadays. Subtle and not at all blingy like the rest…it was a pleasant sight to see. Take a look…


The only thing that put me off was the makeup…uuuhhh…what were they thinking…ruined it completely for me…I don’t know which was worse…mens or womens…you pick…

Now that I look at it, I want to add few colors from Kamiar Rokni’s collection to this and I think it would be the perfect blend for a beautiful wedding outfit…what do you think? Btw, check out the star on the face of the male model…I mean why would anyone want to do that…


I just love the colors on this Lehenga…not much of a fan of the loose top though…but the work looks amazing


Other favorites from Day 2 – Here comes the bling…

Nickie Nina




Sana Safinaz



DAY 3: Best for the last…

Nomi Ansari

You want color, he has it…you want bling..he has that as well….bridal, pre-bridal, heavy, light lehengas…whatever you wish for…his collection had something for everybody. My favorite in this entire fashion show, I think his collection killed it!

nomi ansari

I think when browsing through the entire collection, I have practically saved 95% of the creations to share with you. I just can’t choose…they all were brilliant…I could think of different occasions where his outfits fit in beautifully. Be it men’s wear or womens, this designer has totally nailed it.

PFDC L'Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015

How gorgeous does this look…Perfect crop top, perfect blend of colors…sangeet outfit anyone?

Sorry I am sharing with you practically all the pictures, but I loveee them…don’t you? So fresh to look at…Nomi Ansari is like the perfect blend between Anushree Reddy meets Vikram Phadnis meets Anita Dongre. I don’t know…may be this is complete khichdi what I just said…I can’t seem to decide … but whatever he’s doing…its amazinggg….

PFDC L'Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015

Which one is your favorite from the Nomi Ansari collection?


I think I should just end the post on these photos, but that would seriously be a bit cruel, because there were couple of more outfits that caught my eye on day 3. So without ruining this for you, sharing just a few more which I think were awesomely good…

ammara khan

Ammara Khan, I love the trail in this one…what a nice blend between Christian – Pakistani – Indian Bridal wear

PFDC L'Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2015


All images : PFDC

What do you think about Pakistan Bridal Fashion? Is it just me or are you also loving it as much as I am?

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