Mehendi & Sangeet: How to make it more fun?

by Namrata Nautiyal

Firstly, I am super sorry for not being able to post more often. As the wedding date is close approaching, my days are getting crazier and crazier. You won’t believe I haven’t had the chance to look at the blog in the past three days at all. That’s not a very good sign right…but I just can’t seem to catch a break.

Too many things have happened in the past one week, and that I will share with you all in some other post…but for now, my head is buzzing with what to plan for my mehendi & sangeet. I have the venue to myself for a good 12 hours…yes, 12 ! which means there is plenty of room and time to plan out events of the evening.

The grooms side is having their mehendi function in the evening separate (the groom is not allowed to see me during the mehendi time, which is why the chaos), so I have decided to keep my mehendi sangeet starting afternoon sometime post lunch till whatever hour it continues to go on till. This way I will get a couple of hours with both the families celebrating the pre-wedding function together before they have to head out for their own function.

dance-wance.....balle balle....:

Source – Theweddingtravellers

I am already crying because I can’t get the whole evening with the fiance…tragic but what to dooo…

Anyhow, moving on…updates first – DJ almost fixed…he is ok about playing music from 2pm to 11pm in 6000 bucks..steal deal I think, mehendi for siders almost fixed…50 bucks one hand front and back is what I have negotiated…so 100 per person decent…nowadays everything seems to be around this price only…

Given these two things, I know I can have a mehendi sangeet function to start with. I am also thinking on the lines of having a photobooth corner and some other things…haven’t planned that out yet… now you see why I am struggling to catch up with everything…still tons and tons of stuff to dooo…

So lets get started with the list. This is what I have come across from the internet as well as seen and enjoyed at others pre-wedding functions. Do let me know if you have more ideas or anything fun to include in the function. I would love-love to know…

P.S. I am not including all of this in my function…but putting it all out here…


#1 Dholki

Mehendi Dholki

I first witnessed the charm of women playing dholki during mehendi at my cousins pre-wedding function. It was traditional yet superb fun. The beats were just perfect and there was a certain charm that was not possible to get with DJ or bollywood music.

Its mostly seen with 3-4 women depending of the size of your guests and room, who come together and play the beats on the dholaks. The music is loud and the bride can dance with all the ladies in the room to some traditional style music.


#2 Karaoke

Mehendi & Sangeet - Karaoke

Source – Weddingplz

Works as a nice icebreaker if you and your family are the shy kinds. Once somebody gets into the groove of the music, be sure people will follow suit and your function will easily light up. Post this you you will have a better response and a energetic crowd for the rest of the festivities of the evening.


#3 Dance Performances

Dance performance

Source – Crimsonbride

I think everyone comes to pre-wedding functions to see atleast one dance performance. Its become like a mandate, and surely why not…its so much fun and leaves everyone with a smiling face. The best would be if the to-be bride and groom do a dance performance choreographed or otherwise. I think it looks super adorable.

How I wish I would do a performance with the fiance, but  I am not good at dancing at all…+ he is not even here…so totally clueless how we are going to go about this…may be an impromptu dance…

Mehendi and Sangeet

Source – Haringphotography


#4 Family Awards

If you are having your family and close friends for your pre-wedding function, then this is a good activity to involve everyone in. It instantly lifts up the moods of all the guests, and in turn everyone is entertained. The only bit I feel is if you have too many friends and guests coming in, they might feel a little bored or left out if this activity is not done in a fun way…

Think of some funny ‘hatke’ questions and try and include everyone in the audience to give an award to…


#5 Solo Dancing by the bride or her sister

Solo dance by the bride's sister

Source – Indianweddingsonline

A must-must. For any sangeet to be successful, you have to have either the bride dancing or her sister. It instantly lifts the moods of the audiences and you are sure to get lots of cheers and clapping at the end of your performance.

In my case, since I am not very good at dancing, I am getting all my cousin sisters to make up for it by giving them each a solo performance to do at the function 😀


#6 Projector showing memories of the bride and groom

You can do this during the dinner time or the time after dinner when guests want to relax after all the dancing and singing. Its a sweet idea to show pictures and memories of your childhood leading upto this day and finally with the groom included in those pictures. Be sure you will get a lot of aawws and oooohhs from the guests and it will be the final touch to a memorable evening.


#7 Get the men in the audience to sing for their wives


Source – Maharaniweddings

Be it the bride’s father, or grandfather or mama, chacha anyone…get all of them to come one by one and bring out the romance for the special lady in their life. Its a super cute idea and one that is sure to get whistles blowing throughout the night. Keep the groom to come up with the most innovating song in the end to sing for his new wife to be.


#8 How well do you know your bride?

Source – Shaadisaga

Perfect game for the to-be weds. You can get your cousins and close friends to come up with whacky questions to ask the groom and the bride to answer about their spouse-to-be. A good way to keep your audiences also entertained. For every wrong answer, the bride’s sisters can take promises from the groom to do some extra pampering to the bride. One can make this activity fun in a lot of ways…


#9 Photo-Booth & Props

Sangeet Props

Source – Bollywoodshaadis

In this selfie age, one must have some corner of the venue dedicated to pose and click pictures. A good idea is to keep some props on the table and have one corner decorated for guests especially friends and the bride & groom to take some fun pictures.

Its a good distraction and one that the young crowd at your function are going to love…


#10 Tattoo & Mehendi Artists

Mehendi function

A Mehendi Sangeet function is incomplete without mehendi artists for the guests. In many functions I have seen that considering it is a mehendi function, the host does keep mehendi but the instructions are to apply mehendi for just one finger or so on. It really is a mood killer. If you do to keep a function, then this needs to be done…so accordingly put it in the budget so that your guests also have a good time along with you.


Do you have any other ideas? What do you think of these?

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Anuja Shah October 26, 2015 - 12:01 pm

Antakshri. I recently attended this sangeet where post the performances by the bride and groom and their respective family members and some garba (a must in gujju weddings- lol) and the dinner- there was an antakshri between the brides and the grooms side. This was held towards the end – so it was just the close family and friends remaining and was super fun.

Also nail art is becoming at thin at sangeets/mehendi’s – more like nail stamping. Then there is this churi wala ka stall- budgeted ones have like a cart givin out a dozen bangles as mehendi favour – you can go and pick ur design and colour- whereas the not so budgeted ones have a stall where u can go and make your own ‘lakh’ ka bangle and then take it away with you as a favour. A village theme is also becoming quite a thin with a puppet show – some performances on rajasthani songs – dancing with pots on the head- a fortune teller with a parrot – a chai wala on the cycle and the likes.

Frugal2Fab October 28, 2015 - 10:00 am

Antakshari is a superb idea…not only will it act as an icebreaker, it will also bring in a certain amount of fun competitiveness among the two families…will try to implement this at my function…lets see…

I don’t know much about the churi wala or village or any other themed pre-wedding function at this point. I think I will need to get a wedding planner to help me with these…and I don’t have the energy to go through with it…so instead I have kept a DJ for unlimited time and mehendi artists and that’s it…I am not going overboard with anything…

As the months are going by, I am realizing that I am only bothered with wedding planning…and no matter how much I try, there is still more to do…so now, I am giving up on multiple options and cutting back and relaxing…its all about the spas and feeling good and enjoying these few weeks left… may be will plan all these quirky add ons for my devars wedding or my cousins…I think it will be good fun then…

I think somebody else should be there to plan these out for you…otherwise nahi hota hai to do it all by yourself…it gets overwhelming..

Anuja Shah October 28, 2015 - 11:49 am

Totally agree on the it gets overwhelming wala part. Every bride should have an wedding assistant, other than a wedding planner- this assistant should be with youy 24*7, come n give you timely fruit juices, make you eat those healthy stuff, vitamins n all, come n apply your home face packs, your night cream, your day cream, give your feet TLC, oil your hair every few days, play soothing music to help you calm your nerves, serve you tea/coffee just when you need it etc etc… like seriously, this should b a thin 🙂

Frugal2Fab October 28, 2015 - 11:55 am

LOL…I think mum is the only one that fits this criteria of wedding assistant of yours 😛
Its crazzyyyy… I enjoyed the shopping parts and the planning n everything…but sometimes I feel the minute this circus will end…I am going to be really clueless of what I have to do next…in the sense that this almost feels like a job…I am spending practically my entire day doing something or the other related to the wedding only…nothing else…

Anuja Shah October 29, 2015 - 11:07 am

True true…Mom’s are super women… i dont know how they do it….

Ditto feelings…just the other day i was thinking… ill be taking a leave of 22-23 days for the wedding of which 9 days will be pre wedding and wedding n the balance 14 days will b in my new house… n we r planning to keep our honeymoon later- like in june n jan end main go somewhere nearby for 4-5 days … hubby will resume work n i ll b at home… so i was like dude 7-8 days at home what will i do?? I kno new house, new ppl, etc will take up time but still I ll go mad …. especially coz abhi m constantly juggling between shopping, honeymoon planning, caterers, decoration etc. etc.

Frugal2Fab October 31, 2015 - 10:45 am

Exactly…I am trying to find another bride or so to be in the coming months post my wedding, just so it doesn’t come to a rude shocking end. I want to make the transition sort of smooth…otherwise just after the wedding, everything goes thap ! Nothing to do…all this wedding planning feels like such a 9 to 9 ka job, then one day it will be as though we are jobless…no more weddingy stuff to do…


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