22 Easy Props for your PreWedding Photoshoot

by Namrata Nautiyal

As you know, I got my pre-wedding photoshoot done a few months ago. It all happened rather unplanned. The fiance decided to pay a surprise visit and I knew there would be no better time to get the photoshoot done. I quickly checked with my photographer if he was available for a day, and luckily for me he was.

While I got my pre-wedding photoshoot done well before time, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t plan it out completely. There were so many things I would have thought of – a big part being props and pre decided poses.


Source – Bollywood Shaadis

If you are someone who is not at all camera shy – you and your hubby-to-be included, then you are blessed. I always thought I would be fine in front of the camera, I will do all those goofy poses and be super cute with my fiance…but seriously, solo pictures are one thing…getting cosy and intimate with your significant other in front of someone else in a public place is a whole another level of crazy.

If you have seen my pre-wedding pictures, I feel they are nice…but only when you rate them based on standard poses. We ended up doing nothing whacky. It was just too damn difficult. I never knew I could be this shy….

So, when I look back at the pictures I realized that the best easy fun pictures that I could see was whenever we used some kind of props. It works like such an ice-breaker, one automatically tends to start playing with the props, and without much effort you get stunning pictures.

Now I had checked with some other photographers about what’s the additional cost for getting props, and it gets rather expensive. Some good photographers give their own props, but then their photoshoot fees itself might be super duper high. So a good way is to get easily available and inexpensive props for your photoshoot yourself.

Take a look at some of these…


#1 Bubbles



Source – Intocandidphotography

Its so much fun with bubbles. I used it in my pre-wedding photoshoot, and honestly for me it saved the day. Its something that you must have played with all your childhood and while you know it exists, who really plays with bubbles now. So, to get bubbles for that one day, it automatically brings back all those childhood fun memories and you are guaranteed to have a blast !

Where to buy: Any local stationary stores. You get the fancy ones for Rs.50


#2 Confetti


Another one of my favorite. The good thing about confetti is you need to either blow it in front of the camera, or do some poses like the one you see above. There are limited options thereby making it easy to get the right shot within one or two trials. Again super fun to use.

Where to buy: Any local stationary store or Monginis. You can get one packet for like Rs.5-10.


#3 Balloons

Colorful Balloons



Source – Wedmegood

How adorable are these pictures? You could do poses or just be goofy with the balloons. You have a world of options. Choose colorful balloons to add that dash of color in your pictures.


#4 Frames


Source – BollywoodShaadis


Source – dkreatephotography

Frames are the current favorites when it comes to photo booths, but a good option is to use it for your pre-wedding photoshoot as well. I especially love the pic above because its a DIY. Must have taken some effort to make it, but the end product is so worth it for the picture.

In case you don’t have the time or the creativity to make one, just go over to any old frames shop and ask the guy to give you one rusted broken frame on hire for a day. He should be ok about giving it 🙂 This way it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


#5 Captions


Source – Wedmegood

All you girls have to take one day and make these whacky captions on different chart papers and stick it with a cardboard on the back. Cut it in different shapes and you have a prop to make use of almost free of cost !

The other way is to go to any printing shop, and ask them to use those photo print outs…give them the matter and you can get the captions printed out. This method might cost you anything between Rs.10-20 per caption.


#6 Scrabble letters

Cute wedding photo idea

Source – colincowieweddings

If captions is not your cup of tea, just go for the scrabble letters. You can either borrow the game set from someone, or you might be having one at home…search, search…and this is a brilliant idea to get some pictures with or without your face in the photo.

So if you are the shy kinds, this really helps to get some nice awww worthy pictures without you even having to be in the picture !


#7 Dupatta


Source – Wedmegood

I am loving this sheer dupatta photos. I am seeing a lot of dupatta pictures in prewedding shoots, and its quite adorable to look at. You could be running with the groom trying to catch your dupatta, or you could be flinging it in the air…you could also do the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayega poster look.


#8 Vintage rides – Cycle

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Source – theweddingscoop


Source – Weddingsonline

Remember those ladybird cycles every girl used to have with a basket in the front? If you can find one of those in your building compound, then nothing like it. You could do all kinds of fun poses…even ride the cycle with your significant other, or get two cycles and ride while the photographer shoots you. There are tons of options to think of !


#9 Umbrella

Photoshoot Ideas for Couples.

Source – Playbuzz

I remember I had kept a big big umbrella for my photoshoot hoping that it would rain, and I would get a cheesy boolywood shot with the umbrella, but it turned out to be one of the hottest days that day…and in the event, I totally forgot taking the umbrella out of the car  🙄

An umbrella is a great prop to make use of. Nevermind if you don’t have those fancy cloth designed umbrellas that you see in most photoshoots, any normal one which is not black would do.


#10 Rings

Engagement Photography

Source – Rosemaryphotos

This picture is my absolute favorite. The look on the brides face just says so much and the entwined fingers is just the perfect pose. I just wish in a way the grooms ring showed as well. But otherwise this shot is a must for every young couple in love.

There are so many rings pictures that you can take inspiration from. Be it for your pre-wedding photoshoot or your save the date cards, this prop is one not to waste !


#11 Flowers

Pre Wedding

Weddings are all about flowers, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t include flowers in your pre-wedding photoshoot as well. You could get the groom to go down one knee, and give out a bouquet of flowers with the ring, or just hold hands with flowers such as the one above…or run around in a field of flowers. There are tons of options to go for…


#12 String letters together

I think this style of photography is great for engagement photos and save the date photos. It's cute and simple and it's pretty self explanatory :):

I love this idea both for save the dates as well as pre-wedding photoshoot. This is totally DIY and you can write dates, we are getting married or some short love quotes. Hold the string out together and all you have to do is look into each others eyes for that perfect shot. Sweet and simple.


#13 Puppy (if you have one)

Engagement picture with a puppy! Cute idea

This is by far the cutest picture in this post. I keep doing aawww every time I see this picture. Its so cuteee…don’t you think? If you have a pet, please please do include them in your pre-wedding shoot, you will be surprised at how adorable the pictures turn out to be…


#14 Glitter

Retro Diner Engagement Couple Photoshoot

Source – izphotography

Ok, I know this picture is not exactly glitter…but you can go to any local shops and ask for colourful glitter, the dust glitter that is and do this exact pose. The picture comes out stunning + there is no added pressure to pose in a particular way. You just need to blow the glitter on the camera.


#15 Holi colors

If you are up for this, then you could get some stunning shots. Colors add a lot of drama to any picture, and holi colors are the best for that. Keep this shot for the last, as you don’t want to be all colorful for the rest of the pictures with props…


#16 Blanket

Pre Wedding

Source – Weddingsparrow.co.uk

I found this idea to be super adorable…haven’t seen any Indian couples going for this shot, so if you want something different and unique, you can try this on. Easy for the groom as well…no posing, nothing…just be natural and you will get an adorable pic clicked.


#17 Cold drink bottles


Source – Wedmegood

Cheesy is good. I love this picture as its so fresh and fun to look at. You can easily see the couple is at ease with themselves, super easy shots, one doesn’t have the pressure to pose in any way. Get colorful drinks and stick out labels with quirky sayings and you have one hell of a shot right there.


#18 Sparklers


Source – Heyweddinglady

My wedding photographer gave this idea of sparklers. Works best during late evenings, with the background completely dark and the only light is through the sparklers. All you have to do is hold it out with your significant other half, smile at each other…and your picture perfect shot is ready.


#19 Slate


Source – Etsy

Ever After Engagement Photoshoot:

Slates are one of the most commonly used props. The good part is it is super easy to work with, and with one slate you can write multiple words and phrases and click different pictures and poses.


#20 Aviator Shades

Aviator shades

Source – Cancunstudios.com

This is a super cool idea where the groom can just smile, and you can see the bride in his eyes (shades). Alternatively, you could also put your aviator shades on the ground with the photographer clicking a picture of the shades and you and your fiance’s reflection can be seen in it.


#21 Ampersand

Pre wedding

Another prop which is a good idea for save the date cards as well as your pre-wedding photoshoot. I am not sure where you can buy a big ampersand from, but if you do have one then it makes for some cute photos.


#22 Your phones


I just came across this picture on Pinterest and its one of the most adorable pictures in this list. Don’t you agree? Super simple yet adorably cute. I love this idea for a pre-wedding shot.


Which prop is your favorite amongst these? Have you used any other kind of prop for your photoshoot?

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Rajender Gupta November 6, 2017 - 8:03 pm

Where we got it

Rajender Gupta November 6, 2017 - 8:04 pm

Where we got these props

Namrata Nautiyal November 9, 2017 - 10:54 am

Hi Rajender,
Most of these props are available at any local stationery store 🙂

Balachandra March 14, 2018 - 7:31 pm

These picrpict stunningly awesome.


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