What do you want to shop for this festive sale season?

by Namrata Nautiyal
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festive sale

Its 7:30 am and I for once am not interested in reading my daily newspapers. Bombay Times will have to wait because today marks the start of the great Indian festive sale ! Snapdeal has already started with its hourly deals since yesterday and Flipkart & Amazon have started with their sale today !

For those of you who love the sale season, but get quite annoyed seeing the crowd at malls and stores, online shopping sale season is the best time to purchase some heavy duty stuff at killer deals….and this week is all about that !

I and the fiance do share our love for quirky gadgets, and since yesterday he has been prodding me to let him buy some of the “not required” stuff. I say not required, he says can’t live without <- The downside to seeing big discounts. But even so, this time of the year is the best time to buy electronics of any kind. Even if one doesn’t require the item right now, its better to buy it now and get goodies along with it, rather than buying it by paying full price. I have a couple of items that I was eyeing for awhile now, and I am so excited to finally place an order for some of these things.

Mind you, I know this is a wedding blog (and not what electronics to buy blog)…but some of these items are perfect to splurge on yourself and your better half. Buy them now, keep it aside to surprise him with gifts later on…I mean who doesn’t like gadgets…right?

This is my wishlist…you tell me what is yours 🙂


#1 Selfie Stick

festive sale

Source – Pinterest

Ya ya I know…I may be the only soul in the world not having this till now. But now that I am getting married, I know I just have to have this. Why? Because on all those solo trips with the hubby, we can’t ask around all the time for someone to click our pictures.

A selfie stick immediately will make any couple independent to click their own snaps. This product is a must buy if you are getting married too.

Status: Bought – Snapdeal, Rs.350


#2 Digital Camera or Polaroid?

festive sale

The fiance has a DSLR, but I find it super heavy and bulky to carry around and manage. A small digital cam is easy to put in anywhere – nowadays you get them in such small sizes, some can even fit in the clutch ! Again a must have for any couple, this gadget is sure to be your best friend on all the weekend trips you will make as a newly wed couple.

Status: Waiting for BigBillionDays on Flipkart for Electronics


#3 Kindle

I already have a kindle paperwhite, and I am quite attached to it. I am not fussy about reading an actual physical book, so online works perfect for me. But for some reason, my kindle stopped working a few months back, and no matter how much I have tried to read on my tablet, its just not the same.

festive sale

I think a kindle is your perfect buddy when you are either at home, traveling or anywhere else for that matter. Its light, and perfectly sized to put in your bag. If your hubby loves reading, then this makes for the perfect gift choice too.

The thing is Kindle Paperwhite is almost getting discontinued, and that means, if you want to buy the newer versions it is directly going to cost you double the price. A kindle paperwhite now costs somewhere close to 5k, but soon the only kindle you can get will be around 10k !

Status: Bought – Amazon, Rs.4999


#4 Desktop

I have always had a laptop all my life. Never have I used a desktop. Never. As the years go by, I am now realizing what an evil laptops can be for our neck and shoulder. It really messes with it. I think initially the way laptops were marketed was to use it on the go, portable etc…but never to use it as the main pc.

festive sale

The problem what I see with laptops is no matter how good the posture or the table height, you invariably tend to look down to your screen, and that’s not good for the body in the longer run. Now that I have started with this blogging thingy, I told the hubby-to-be to keep a big screen desktop at home. May be this will be my first purchase towards the blog… 😀

Status: Still deciding


#5 Funky Tablet & Phone Covers

If you have a local store in your area which keeps all the China Bangkok stuff, then this may not be of much use to you. But if you don’t have these stores, then buying quirky tablet & phone cases and covers will probably cost you quite less on the sale days.

festive sale

You can basically go crazy on this one. Buy as much as you like, but one thing – take a look at the original price they are quoting and not just the discount…sometimes we tend to see just the reduced price after say 70-80% off, but the original price mentioned will be something totally random.

So check accordingly and make smart purchases !

Status: Waiting for better designs and deals online. I want a kindle cover, IPad cover and a phone cover, and I am kind of crushing on the picture above…meaning, all gadgets same cover. Isn’t it like sugar sweet cute?


This is my list, what is yours?


If you want to know whether you are getting tricked by all these sale discount amounts, or whether there is genuinely a price slash, do check out the website PriceTrak. The fiance told me about this site. It helps you to track the prices of anything on your wishlist – and then it informs you whenever there is an actual price drop in the item.


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