Featured: Pradakshinaa – Budget Wedding Photographer

by Namrata Nautiyal

Let me just say this upfront. I wanted to choose these guys for my (budget) wedding photography. Why? Read on…

For months now, I was looking for a photography agency to cover my wedding. I had a set budget in mind, and I wanted nothing super over the top…but decent good photos. After all, you can’t get budget and extravagance in the same plate right?

I was just browsing through Canvera the other day and came across this agency called Pradakshinaa. For those of who who are not aware, canvera is a portal where you can find all kinds of photographers listed. I honestly had no hopes from the site, mainly because the minute anyone is listed anywhere, they start charging random amounts.

But even so, I was too tired to do anything that afternoon, and I ended up screening some 26 odd pages of wedding photographers. Took me that entire day. What followed was a series of get in touch with me emails, hoping to find a gem in the pile of dust.

It was barely a few minutes and I got a call. It was Ajay from Pradakshinaa. I spoke to him, and told him about my wedding details and the requirements. I also gave him my budget and asked him to give me something reasonable 😛 He said he would get back to me by evening.

An email popped on my screen at 12:41 am. I absolutely loved the clarity in which I received the response.

  • A clearly laid out quotation was sent with breakup for candid and traditional photography and videography.
  • Number of hours of shoot was mentioned,
  • Number of edited and non-edited pictures
  • Delivery dates of all the pictures and video
  • Advance booking amount
  • Album related details

I think when any kind of enquiry is sent out, the other side expects these basic details. I was so relieved to get all my questions answered at one go, I immediately called the fiance. We discussed over the next couple of days as to what should be done. At that point I was still obsessing about cinematography, and somewhere hoping that it can be fit in..in my budget.

A grave mistake.

I finally decided to go ahead with Pradakshinaa, and decided to ring up Ajay. I got no answer. Called on alternate numbers, still no answer. At that time, I didn’t make much of it, so I left it and got busy with other work. The next day, and the day after that I still got no answer. So I decided to shoot an email. I told him we wanted to go ahead with his agency and I wish to confirm it over the phone.

He immediately replied back thanking me for the consideration. But his next few lines sank my heart. His phones were stolen and thus, he couldn’t answer any calls, and because of the lost 3 days, someone had already booked him on my wedding day !

Play Karan Johar’s – someone died in the background music – and that is what I heard at that moment. 

I wanted to cry, literally. I felt uuufff, back to square one. Have to go about the tellecalling business again. So close yet so far.

But honestly, look at their work. If you are not fussy about getting like the wedding salad, or the wedding filmer and want like genuinely decent shots, nothing superbly amazing…then do give these guys a consideration. It may not be the same, but they are definitely worthy for the price.

But wait, wait, first check out their work atleast…These are some of my favorite shots by them…

Their strength is candid photography and it can be seen from these pictures. For more, you can log on to their official site as well.


But now lets talk about the price….

Candid Photography starts at 16k for the main wedding day, 8k for the pre wedding functions

Traditional Photography is 5k and Videography for 2 days is 15k. Album comes at an additional cost of 6k.

So if you sum it all up, your entire wedding photography & videography can come within 50k !

P.S. This is without any negotiation price 🙂


You can reach out to Ajay at 9967141199 or on his email at info@pradakshinaa.com. They are based out of Mumbai, with their office in Bandra Kurla Complex.


What do you think of Pradakshinaa’s photography? Worth the price?

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Anuja Shah October 12, 2015 - 12:27 pm

Hey this is definitely a good find in bombay- candid photography at that rate is good even for ahmedabad 🙂 and not just the price- the pics r good as well

Frugal2Fab October 12, 2015 - 4:56 pm

Yes exactly..! The idea is not to feel disheartened…somewhere someone is always there… 🙂

Ajay December 10, 2015 - 2:34 am

Hey Namrata,,thanks for the kind words…
May every day that you spend together in your new life hold a wonderful surprise for you.Congratulations on your wedding.
I am so sorry missed out on your wedding.Hope you got a good photographer.Will love to see few pictures.

Frugal2Fab December 28, 2015 - 10:44 am

Hi Ajay, Thank you so much for the wishes…I really wish you could have captured my wedding…but its ok…with God’s grace I found the right guys…and the memories have been captured beautifully… Wish you all the best, and I hope you do get lots of assignments in future…Your team is exceptionally good for the price and I think everyone should know about that…All the best to you and your team !


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