What’s your dream Wedding Lehenga Color?

by Namrata Nautiyal
Wedding Lehenga Color

Its a lazy sunday afternoon, and I am tired with all the wedding talks. Weekend is when my parents get super hyper and start counting the days left, and the pending tasks. While normally I am not the panicky kinds, but these weekend talks can make anyone sweat with worry.

So you know what makes me feel better…looking at gorgeous lehengas. Its just so soothing to the eyes. Its almost therapeutic for me now. And as I type this, I can hear my mummy screaming from the kitchen, stop looking at those lehengas, you have already bought yours…there is no point obsessing over it. But how do I explain it to her… I am not looking at it for me, I am totally in love with and loyal to my wedding lehenga, but that doesn’t mean I need to stop admiring the beauties that some of these outfits totally are…

Wedding Lehenga Color

When I started looking for my Wedding Lehenga, I never went with a particular color in mind. All I wanted was a full flared skirt. That was my priority. But I have a lot of my friends about to get married soon, and I realized priorities are different for everybody. For a lot of them color and design on the lehenga was the biggest factor.

With the world of options available, I thought lets break it down and choose, given an option what would be your dream Wedding Lehenga color?

P.S. This is just a fun post with loads of prettiness. So don’t take it too seriously 😀


Red, Tomato Red, Maroons and the likes

Wedding Lehenga Color

Till about a few years back, red was a mandate color in every bride’s attire. No matter which culture you pick, you would see brides wearing red…be it a saree or a lehenga. For me, whenever I think of red…I see a bengali bride in front of my eyes. The beauty that radiates from the bride is almost surreal.

Be it any culture, somehow red always stands out, and that’s precisely the look some brides want even today. So, if you want the same, then you should definitely try out a few shades of reds to see which highlights your skin the most.

Wedding Lehenga Color

Sober yet classy. If you are looking for such lehengas, then ask for ‘antique lehenga designs’ at the stores.

Now while choosing a red lehenga, there are a lot of combinations you can opt for. Red with gold or green a.k.a traditional to the t….or red with pink like the one above, the shade that is a mix of red and orange – (bridge between modern and classic) or even the velvet maroon shades with zardosi or brocade work. Nowadays, there are lot of lehengas having reds with yellows and orange shades. They look pretty as well.

See if you can have a look at multiple shades of red to know which one makes you shine the most. Take my case. I never knew that blood red color would suit me, but it totally did and it was quite an eye opener for me. I felt my skin was glowing just wearing that outfit. *Sigh*

So, you may think that you know what goes well with your skin color but don’t be surprised if you get something better in the process. Day or night wedding, this color goes well for both. The only downside is this color Lehenga can’t be easily reused in any other weddings. You won’t make any bride happy if you wear this color and strut around in someone else’s wedding !


Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Mint

Wedding Lehenga Color

How pretty is this Lehenga skirt to look at? And if you notice, the blue shade is quite unusual, but that’s what makes it so stunning.

Normally with blue, you will see a lot of velvets and royal blues and they are perfect for brides who don’t want to opt for the common colors. Lehengas of this color can easily be resused, by bringing down the heaviness…wear the skirt with some other top and dupatta, or use the dupatta separate and so on. You can get away in multiple ways.

Wedding Lehenga Color

Anybody remember this look from Band Baaja Bride. I was totally awestruck by this Lehenga’s gorgeousness

What I love about this color is it looks so rich. Like one look, and you would want to pick it up at the very least. For those who like bold looks, blue is your color. Its amazing how you can mix it up with so much variety in colors be it red, greens, silver, pink etc.

I see a lot of brides these days are embracing this color. If your family is not too finicky about traditional look, then you should at least try out wearing one or two of these kind of outfits. My lehenga that was stolen at Seasons, was of navy dark blue with red combination in mirror work. It was absolutely killer to look at. I am still cursing that person who stole it from me. *Can’t get over it somehow*


Yellows & Mustards

I know yellow, mustards are more suited for mehendi sangeet lehenga, but you can also opt for this color in your wedding lehenga in parts. By that I mean, have a tinge of yellow or mustard somewhere, be it the blouse or the dupatta, or the border etc. It really helps to pop out the other colors.

Wedding Lehenga Color

Isn’t this just gorgeous. Mustard is very traditional and is a great alternative to the traditional red colored lehenga. I love how it gels so well with the green shade here.

Every bride must have something yellow, mustard in her trousseau, if not the wedding lehenga. Its just so radiant to look at…Even in lehenga stores that I have been visiting off late, I see a lot of tinge of yellows being used everywhere. Its quite refreshing to see this color as compared to the done to death reds and pinks.

I am totally crushing on this color right now.

Wedding Lehenga Color

See how the yellow just brightens the entire outfit.

Which of the above two is more to your liking? Would you like something yellow in your outfit?


Wine and Purple

Purple is another one of my current favorites. I fell in love with this shade when I saw a Jade Lehenga (below). Honestly never thought there could be a good looking purple lehenga before this. The Jade Lehenga was to die for. I went to so many lehenga stores, but nowhere did I see any purple lehengas (the dark shade ones) and it sort of broke my heart a little bit.

Wedding Lehenga Color

How gorgeous is the work on this Jade Lehenga..

The color is quite opulent a choice to look at and one that is an unusual bridal pick. So if you can get your hands on one that you like, then you must go for it, because you will have one of a kind lehengas that you won’t easily find online or anywhere else.

Wedding Lehenga Color

The thing about purple that is dicey is that the shade if not picked properly can go horribly wrong. I feel the color doesn’t suit everybody…you need to be careful while choosing the right shade. Usually the darker ones look better in Lehengas. So do try them if you get a chance. Ohh, and purple velvet can look killer for reception wear ! Even those borders with velvet wine purple color looks amazing…


Off Whites, Creams, Gold, & Beige

Wedding Lehenga Color

There is something absolutely magical about whites. Lucky for us, white is now not just for the christian bride or for our grooms. Some of the most regal stunning looking lehengas nowadays are in the off white shades and I love seeing brides embrace this color.

Whats interesting is that you can go for off white shade with practically any color possible, be it with a dash of red, pink, gold or even blue in some cases.

Wedding Lehenga Color

Glitter glitter all the way…

If you want to get yourself a gold lehenga that doesn’t cost a bomb, check out Feathership in Santa Cruz. They are a wholesale store, and I doubt you will find heavy lehengas in the price range that they provide. I saw (above) similar kinds in heavier look starting at 50k upwards. The store allows customers basis appointment only.

AddressS.V. Road, Le Magasin, Gulmohar Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai, 400054

Tel022 2600 0088

With gold or beige, I immediately remember Sabyasachi. It almost feels as though he has patented these shades for only him to use. The collection is drop dead gorgeous. There is a certain undertone to the shade which is elegant yet classy. You won’t see too many brides opting for this monotonous shade as is. But if you think you can pull this look off, then go for it… No one can stop you from looking like a million bucks on your D-day.


Pink, Peach, Majenta

The most common of the shades. One can never go wrong with this. Also, these shades are the most widely available across stores, even more popular than reds in some places. The variety in terms to designs and prints is unmatched to any other colors.

Wedding Lehenga Color

I love love this lehenga. Doesn’t it scream prettiness… I am kind of hoping that my Wedding Lehenga color looks like this when photographed *fingers crossed*

My wedding lehenga is peach pink in color and I love the fact that it can be reused in multiple ways later on as well. That’s the beauty of pink. You can seamlessly reuse the colors anyhow. Personally I love majenta as it really pops out, but off late after seeing Mira Rajput Kapoors Lehenga, I feel the soft pinks look pretty nice too 🙂

Wedding Lehenga Color

Source – Wedmegood

So which shade of pink is your favorite?

No matter what your taste, you will find a shade of pink to your liking. Be it peachy pink, pastel pinks, or the darker tones of pink…this color has a little something for everyone. Another good thing is pinks can be combined with practically every color imaginable be it blue, gold, whites, orange, red, green….say it and it can be done.

The best part is stores actually keep such lehengas with all possible combinations. So ask if you are unsure of the color combinations. They might just have something in their inventory for you.


Green, Mint Green, Dark Green

Wedding Lehenga Color

Green is another traditional favorite. You will normally see the dark greens used practically with 90% of the red lehengas. They immediately remind of the ethereal indian bride. With any store, you will see this color combination easily available. So if this is to your liking, wedding lehenga shopping is going to be an easy affair for you.

If you don’t wish to go via the traditional route, the funky colors are in as well. A lot of mint greens and parrot greens are also available these days. But honestly make sure, you absolutely love the color as it is quite bright and eye popping to look at as a outfit in whole.

Wedding Lehenga Color

What do you think of this parrot green lehenga?


Orange, Marigold

Another evergreen favorites for Lehengas. I think if I wanted to pick a current favorite Lehenga color, it would be this. I just love the orange pink combo. Makes for the cutest of the Lehenga outfits. Even the ones with a tinge of red in orange base looks great and immediately moves from the traditional look to one that’s more contemporary.

Wedding Lehenga Color

You could opt for this color for your pre-wedding look as well. Depending on how heavy a Lehenga you choose, you can find all kinds of Lehengas in the orange color. For heavier looks, you should try out the orange lehengas with gold sequins and work like the one in the picture. Team it up with gold jewellery and you will make for a stunning bride.

All images from Pinterest

Looking for some more Wedding Lehenga inspirations? Then check out the Pinterest Board – Bridal Lehenga.

So, have you decided? Which one color is your favorite for Wedding Lehenga Wear?


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Anuja Shah October 8, 2015 - 11:24 am

Mine is a pink, wine or orange for the wedding. I would love doing mint, blue and gold for the reception…. though i m not sure i ll b able to carry the full sequins/glitter wala lehenga…

Btw, thats my friend prachi in the peach lehenga 🙂 she looks beautiful in it.

Frugal2Fab October 9, 2015 - 8:54 am

Ohhh really…I love everything about that picture Prachi is in. She looks so beautiful in it 🙂

Gayatri Raman February 13, 2020 - 3:20 am

What do we do if we are confused between two colors? I live abroad and I will not be able to travel before my wedding and I have am confused between pastel pink shades and traditional Red lehenga. Mine would be a night wedding too, so please suggest the pros and cons of color of the lehenga too.


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