My First Bridal MakeUp Trial: Lakmé

by Namrata Nautiyal

If you remember, I told you that I had a free bridal make up trial voucher from Lakmé. Till now, I haven’t even spared a minute to think about who will be my make up artist (MUA) and now that its just two months to go for the wedding, I thought its high time to get over the photographer fiasco and move on to other priorities of the wedding function.

BTW, you can still avail this voucher if you are a bride to be

I had received my e-voucher weeks back (last month in fact) and I called up the nearby Lakmé salon to cross check if my voucher was valid. That took close to two weeks…No exaggeration. While Lakmé was happily distributing its vouchers to anybody and everybody who was a soon to be bride, they simply forgot to mention their offer to all their outlets.

From receptionists telling me that they will check with their managers, and call me back (which did not happen on multiple occasions) to not having a ‘bridal’ makeup artist available at their (big) salon, I went through it all. I sometimes felt that they just simply didn’t want to take it up…but alas, one fine day after much yelling…I finally got my appointment….saturday 12:00 noon sharp !


What a relief…I am finally getting my first bridal makeup trial 😀 This is going to be epic ^_^ [fail is what I forgot to add at the end of the sentence]

Bridal MakeUp Trial Lakme

So anyhow, by 11:45 I am ready and out of the house. My mum tagged along with me. It was equally fascinating for her to see how her kiddo will end up looking after a bridal makeup. I was told by the Lakmé people that the session would go on till 1-1:30 p.m. at max. So we thought we will quickly go finish up and then come back for some lunch back at home.

I reached there sharp at 12:00 and sat in their reception area for 10-15 mins till they validated my voucher. I had a look at their Lakmé Bridal Stylist catalogue, which honestly was ok…only because every picture had the model wearing subtle shade of pink outfit which ultimately got all the model photos with the same kind of make up being done. No reds, no corals, orange or any other color….I found that superbly strange. Thankfully, for me…my Lehenga is pink so I had plenty of idea of what could be done for my eye makeup and overall look.

By 12:20 pm I was taken inside their bridal makeup room which was honestly quite nice. It was secluded and they had those lights all around the mirror. It felt quite fancy. A senior bridal make up artist was assigned to me and she came in for consultation.

I showed her my Lehenga dupatta, told her about my event, all the details…that my wedding was a night wedding…how I was not at all pro makeup and that she should suggest something that will work on my skin tone and my face. She was quite nice to talk to, and she patiently asked me questions after questions hearing me out.

As we were talking, the manager (I think that’s what she was) came in and requested that I excuse the senior artist for like 10 mins. There was an angry customer waiting for a long time, and she needed her to do her hair wash. Since I was so happy (till then) with the senior artist, and because I did not want to cause a ruckus for a small thing I said ok, no worries.

First grave mistake of the day…


From 12:30 pm, she came back at 1:45 pm ! I was supposed to be home by now. At first, me and my mum were just gossiping about, so we didn’t bother much. We were looking through the magazines and it was fine. Then after a while it got really pissing off and I still felt, lets just give them another 5 mins…because as it is I have come for a free makeup trial and this is just how things usually are. But they really took us for granted.

As I am recalling the whole incident, even while I am typing this…its just making me so mad. You don’t expect such things from a professional setup. I finally had to storm out of my room to see what is happening only to find the senior artist is blow drying that customers hair. Which ideally means she gave her a head wash – hair cut – and was on the final stages of completing that assignment.

I went to find that manager and I started yelling at her. She on the other hand, must be used to this, gently pushed me back into the room, closed the door and tried to sort out the mess. She held both my hands, apologized and still requested for additional time. I mean the guts, seriously…. It was 2:00 pm now.


Anyhow, after this the senior artist finally showed up and thus started my first bridal makeup trial. I was told that it will be a half face makeup only so that I get to see the before after. I didn’t have much of a say in that so I said ok go ahead.

From here on, it only goes down and down and further down…


She used a moisturizer and then a concealer followed by compact. She said at Lakmé, they do not use a liquid foundation anymore. She then filled in my eyebrow which I found thoda sa strange looking, but I guess I am just not used to it. After that she moved to the eye shadows, she used a gold and a dark pink shade, which I didn’t find that flattering for my skin color. She used a LOT of kajal instead of any waterproof liner, as it would be easier to take it off.

I kept my mouth shut and let her do her artistry on me. After all, I am a complete newbie when it comes to anything makeup related and here I was being worked upon by a ‘senior artist’. Who am I then to judge her expertise?

And then this happened…

First Bridal MakeUp Trial

This one is the nicer one from the collection of selfies I took…Wait till you expand and see the rest >_<

Sorry for the bad picture quality, these are all phone pictures 🙁 For someone like me, who is a zero in makeup, this was such a huge setback to the self confidence. I know it might sound silly, but I was superbly upset yesterday. I started thinking that may be some faces are not meant to get any makeup done. Especially since I have such big eyes, I think it needed to be downplayed rather than highlighted. But this may be I didn’t know at the time, but given someone with professional experience, I expected them to not make such a grave error.

The justification the Lakmé lady gave me was, guests can’t see anything from far if you do not highlight your ‘features’. This is the only occasion when you need to look different. At that time, I wanted to tell her different should mean good different, and not something like another species altogether.

Even the way Lakmé filled out my eyebrow, it looks like its competing towards touching my lash line  🙄

I hate sharing my pictures looking like this, but just want you to have a look and tell me, that I am not insane to think that I am sort of resembling a half faced kathakali dancer !

I went with the intention that jo hoga dekha jaayega, this is the first bridal makeup trial, I am not going to be fussy about anything. Lets see may be they might do something magical. So in a way I am telling myself that what happened is a good thing. I know exactly what NOT to do and that’s also equally important to know.

So I thank you Lakmé for letting me find that out…but in my opinion after what I witnessed… I feel…

You should stick to your fashion weeks rather than do anything bridal for any brides-to-be !


P.S. I left the salon at 3:30 pm…

For those of you who love my ‘bridal’ trial look 😀 and want to know how much a Lakme bridal makeup costs, I found out that for a single event makeup + touchup + hairstyle + dupatta/saree draping, they charge around 18k including taxes.

May be it was this one salon that backfired, may be the other ones are actually fantastic…so I wouldn’t say don’t go for it…a makeup trial is mandatory…so you should try it out at least. May be it may work for you.

I am not going ahead with them…


There is still more to what I did at the Lakme salon…will share that soon with you all… Happy weekend 🙂

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Anuja Shah September 28, 2015 - 2:54 pm

Omg!!!! this is totally a faux pas…ya its totally true that some good comes out of everything …. atleast now u know wat not to do for ur bridal makeup – btw this look totally works for me- bt i have chotu chinki eyes :)… bt its not supposed to be used for your eyes… you should totally check out aishwarya rai bridal looks or makeup looks- i guess she has big eyes and her makeup artist never uses such makeup techniques on her…

I dont see any bridal glow— mayb coz she has not highlighted your face… n also it seems your face is not contoured – its givin your face a round look… i mean your face looks more round then it does in your other pics…its a total no no….

eyebrow fillin n fake lashes work but only if done correctly… follow dressyourface on instagram …she is a pro at makeup… i m no expert…but after following these set of expert mua’s on instagram…i can totally tell a difference btw good n bad makeup n this aint good…

Also my cousin got her makeup done from lakme baroda for her sister’s wedding n they were good … so mayb its just this mua or this saloon … bt it wasn’t half as costly as this– mayb coz she wasnt the bride- ppl say ‘dont tell them u r the bride’ wen getting dressed for the side functions so u can save up on costs…

Frugal2Fab September 28, 2015 - 3:13 pm

Anuja, for my engagement I never mentioned what was the occasion…got my (minimal) makeup done for 2500 bucks flat. I felt that looked better on me that this! I told that Lakme guys that my eyes pop open, there is no need for highlighting it so much, but they kept saying trust us, we know what we are doing :- I know this look works perfect for all the small eyes. I wish I had smaller eyes >_< I don't see any bridal glow either, my left and right side more or less looks same except for the horrendous eye. I was totally put off by this. I also did not like the way she filled out the eyebrow, made it look very evident and fakish. False lashes toh daala hi nahi, so no comments there. I am going to add this dressyourface and check out the pics 🙂 Thanks for suggesting ! I thought today I will just sit and search everyone through the internet. Just spoke to Maya Mehta, somebody told me she is good and budget friendly...she said her charges are 18k per event, touch up makeup additional 5k + including hair will be 10k which means total 28k for an evening. I don't know from which angle this is budget. Even a makeup trial she said would cost 8k 😐 I still have to check out Jawed Habib and other salon chains. I don't really know of many freelance beauticians or makeup artists, so have to rely on friends and friends of friends. Its quite a daunting task. One of my fellow bride to be friend said, from the past 4-5 months, she is keeping an eye out for MUA's. So what she did was for all her cousins weddings and pre wedding functions hired different MUA's to do her makeup and that's how she has shortlisted her MUA. It worked both ways, she was decked up, had the occasion to spend the makeup money and this way figured out whom she wanted... I wish I had done the same...Have you fixed your MUA? What are the charges there in Ahmedabad?

Anuja Shah September 28, 2015 - 4:33 pm

Hey… ya i guess they r one of those professionals who feel that they know their job the best bt they actually dont- neways for makeup i feel its an individual choice – i know a few brides who want to go all out for their bridal makeup – i mean they feel thats the only way they ll look like a bride- n then there r some who just want to look as natural as possible… i fall in the later category… So just look around for some references of artists who do your kind of makeup… ask around, these days a lot of these mua’s have their fb page…u can get an idea of the kind of makeup they do from the real bride pics they have posted…

Ya i shortlisted my makeup artist 3 months ago— coz frankly there are only 2-3 good makeup artists who do natural my kind of makeup out of which for one of the artists i dint have any reviews- just pics on her fb page- one of the artists had mixed reviews – did superb makeup for one of my frens n very okay for the other— so the one i booked was the safest bet… n she gets booked really fast— so you need to book her in advance. Now she is costly by 1k-1.5k then the rest… last year she charged my frd 12.5k for normal makeup, this year her charges were 13.5k for normal makeup,14.5k for hd makeup and 15.5 for airbrush… for my skin type she suggested hd using makeupforever products… now i m not a pro so i thot its fine to pay 1k extra n go with what she is sayin… so its 14.5 for hair,makeup, draping …. n she does not come for touch up’s n she doesn’t give trials- i mean if u want a trial its like u pay her the full amount n get the full makeup drapin hair done….how she works is … you meet her 20 days or 1 month in advance along with your outfit n discuss the kind of look u want – u cud show her pics of the kind of look u want— n den she ll give u her suggestions as to whether it ll look good on u or not….

O yes, i did my engagement make up n hair for 3k flat from an mua who comes to ur place n does ur makeup n hair… wen i asked elsewhr (salons) they told me they charge 6.5-7k for side brides n newhr btw 10-13k for brides …. n wen i asked them wat bout the hair only? for loose curls it was 2k-2.5k n ard 4k for messy buns… o btw for my frens weddin i got this amazing deal on groupon at a shahnaz hussain parlour for 300 bucks including hair, makeup n saree drapin…u could try out groupon deals also to test out mua’s/salons in case they dont give free trials. Also, you stay in powai na – there is this salon i dont remember the name – its at hiranandani hokey pokey/natural wale building main- during my college days a lot of gurls used to get dressed there n it was good. Since college gurls used to go there i m sure it must not be very expensive – its a small parlour so it may not be worth gettin your D day make up/hair from them but yes you could definitely consider it for your side functions.

Frugal2Fab September 28, 2015 - 6:12 pm

I got mine done from Celebrity at Hiranandani, I think you are talking about the same salon if I am not wrong. They did a decent job. Considering I had a temple event followed by lunch get together, I found the amount of makeup just perfect. Not at all loud. But because I have my night wedding, I want probably a notch higher than the everyday look…not the super loud kinds, but subtle…probably like soft pink peachy gold look. Not sure what that is called 😀

I am going today to find out again from the neighborhood salons how much they charge for bridal makeup…will go to celebrity as well..I hope she doesn’t remember me…I told them during my engagement, that I was getting ready for my sisters function 😛 but anyhow, dekhte hain. I think any decent MUA now charges over 10k. Its become the standard and every year, the charges just go higher and higher.

I just checked on groupon in the afternoon…saw some deals with bridal makeup on 75% off coming to be somewhere around 999, 1999 and so on. I don’t think I want to go for those. But if in case, there are any coupons that come up for Powai, will check them out coz 1000 bucks is ok to shell out for a makeup trial at the most. Paying an entire makeup session money without going out anywhere, is a sheer waste especially if it doesn’t work out with the salon or MUA.

I found a decent MUA through a friend…said she will charge 8k per session. She has done a couple of my friends weddings, and is not popular (thank god, no offense) so planning to get in touch with her as well. I have my muhurat at 11:30 pm and since its a lawn wedding, I know I will need touch ups done…so I want someone who is not finicky about staying till late to get the job done.

Anuja Shah September 30, 2015 - 11:32 am

O ya…celebrity it was…ya ya the bridal look has to be a notch higher than your regular makeup…n i kno exactly what u mean soft peachy gold look…i totally need it for my wedding 🙂 and for the reception i want thoda sa smokey eyes wala look…bt not too much also…lol…haha talk about tellin the saloon guys its ur siblings function… for an event at the groom’s side -mehendi cum sangeet thats what i have told the saloon :).

Na na… payin 1000+ bucks for getting ready for no reason is a waste… mine was for 300 bucks n i had a frens weddin to attend so it was cool…

8k wala deal is super cool… go for it… i guess in the weddin business once these ppl get famous, be it the mua, photographer, caterer or hell even the mehendi wali, they double their rates which if u couple with an increment each year its like too much… i feel i should take up a course to learn makeup n hair…going by the rates these ppl charge for a single event…m sure i d earn a lot :P… a very good business proposition…lol… go for the 8k wali if she is good….ya ya if ur muhrat is 11.30 u ll need some1 to do touch ups…mine is an evening wedddin 5 ish…so touch up should not b a prob…

Frugal2Fab September 30, 2015 - 1:56 pm

I just asked celebrity…they said they will charge between 9-15k :-O Smokey eyes will look good on you 🙂 I just spoke to another MUA today, blatantly refused to give any makeup trials. Asked me to simply “trust her” coz she does this on a daily basis. I don’t know how they just assume that we will avail their services without a trial. But this is now everywhere. Nobody is willing to give a trial. I feel the way some MUA’s are talking, it hurts their egos when asked about a makeup trial.

1000 bucks is the lowest rate I have been quoted for a makeup trial. Can you imagine, what a waste of getting all decked up for nothing. Plus, there are absolutely no guarantees that I will go ahead with that MUA. Nowadays, the prices have just touched rooftops. Anybody and everybody is charging a bomb. I was also thinking of taking up some makeup tutorials, its super important to be knowing the basics and not having to rely on anybody. Found out a couple of classes, which were quite expensive :- So I forgot all about it. This was quite a few months back.

Most of these MUA’s I am talking to are telling me touchups are not required, because their makeup easily lasts 12-13 hours. I just can’t digest that. Reception stage with those lights on will get me sweaty for sure…that followed by the pheras in front of the fire, I don’t think any makeup be it MAC or anything else can handle that without becoming cakey and patchy.

So, now my fundamental thing is to find someone who will stick around to do my touchup as well. Because that is absolutely needed. Especially in pheras where all the photos are going to be close ups, I don’t want to look like a makeup botched up job.

I feel getting into these kind of professions is the thing nowadays. Kuch karte hain and lets get into the wedding business Anuja, it will be purfeccttt ! hahaha…Anybody who is remotely good just commands any amount whatsoever and people are there to avail the services. Today I have the time, so I am hunting for budget vendors, but whoever doesn’t have that much time to invest, they go ahead with the first person available. I am sometimes just so exhausted with this witch hunt…photographer, MUA, mehendi, decorator, caterer…the list just goes on >_<

Anuja Shah October 6, 2015 - 11:07 am

No offense bt I would not pay celebrity so much money… for that cost i would rather go to a brand – just for the sheer fact that they would have done more brides or more makeup n hair in general also then a smaller saloon…and no u cant trust anyone … coz frankly i have a friend on whom makeup just doesn’t look good….n i really mean it… so she took a trial n the MUA gave her a base makeup trial thats wat these MUA’s give these days for free… which essentially means they ll put foundation n concealer on your face n show u that they r not gonna make you look artificial or too made up or white …. but still it dint work out for her on her engagement with the MUA.,.coz even tho the base was correct.. the eye liner n dark lip colour just dint suit her…she had booked that MUA for her engagement function a day before the weddin…n that same MUA did a fab job on another frd of mine… so i guess it depends on your face n what kind of makeup suits u… so a trial is imperative if u feel that u have a face which can only look good in a certain style….luckily for my frd for her weddin she had opted for a natural look n that really suited her….n that MUA was without a trial… many a times i feel its like its all on your luck… bt how can one leave the look for the most important day in your life to luck and trustin the MUA completely… how?… i just dont understand…

Dude if you have dry skin it can be managed for 8 hours or so with only the lipstick touch up bt if u have oily skin you ll surely need to blot the oil n apply foundation compact every few hours… so it wud b best to get ur MUA to stay for touch up’s or pre-discuss with her ur look n buy a foundation n lipstick so u can do your own touch up… m gonna buy the lipstick i ll b wearing for my weddin… for touch up n future use as well since i dont own many lipsticks as such…

ya man, we should totally do somethin to get into the weddin business….These days no body has the time n plus i have seen a lot of ppl who dont really kno where to get wat for how much n also wat will suit them… n they tend to spend a bomb by going to big designers for the same reason.

Frugal2Fab October 6, 2015 - 3:11 pm

hahaa.. I don’t think anybody is paying Celebrity that much. I got in touch with another MUA through my would be bhabhi…I am meeting her tomorrow for trials, she said she does makeup + touchup + gives out jewellery for the day all in 10k, including the trial. I think its too good to be true, but fingers crossed, lets see how it goes. I had a look at her work, and its pretty decent and she was quite jolly to talk to, so that’s a relief. Dekhte hain, whether tomorrow I end up looking like a heroine ya daayan 😛

I don’t know why 90% of the MUA’s expect us to believe in their experience and skills. Like you said, everyones face cut is different, and so is their skin. Without a trial how can one know what to expect on the wedding day. I tried reasoning with one MUA, but she blatantly said no! Another one said, she will charge for the trial and then if I hire her, she will reduce that sum…which is probably a step up…but still not enough I feel. Her makeup trial charge itself was 2.5k…I almost wanted to tell her, dude if you charge my that much, I might just have to take you up just to cover my charges…

You are telling me exact opposite of what Lakme skin ‘expert’ told me. She said I should maintain my oily skin because then the makeup stays shiny and put. With dry skin, the makeup reacts and that’s why the skin shows all pores on the face. So confusing. Lets see what tomorrows MUA tells me. I thought all this wedding stuff would be fun…but it really is not. I feel like I am forever negotiating day in day out. Its quite tiring after sometime.

You know because of these not so aware people who are ready to pay a bomb on practically anything, we the ‘aware’ ones are suffering. There should be some kind of body that governs all these wedding vendor charges. After talking to so many vendors, now I have become totally thick skinned…nothing they say to emotionally blackmail works anymore… 😀

Anuja Shah October 8, 2015 - 10:52 am

makeup + touchup + jewellery all in 10k is super … bt since its including the trial, whats the harm in givin it a shot ? may turn out to be a hidden gem… o u said ur trial was to b done on 7th… how did it go???

Charging for the trial n reducing the sum is a new thin i have heard bt ya like u said good strategy- even if the work is okay okay types most ppl will go for her just to recover the money they have paid…

I guess the lakme artist meant that the skin has to b well hydrated for the makeup to not get flaky n dry with the pores showing- bt all these mua’s use a hydrating moisturiser n a primer just for that…dry skin if well hydrated n primed properly will stay that ways for long…whereas oily skin naturally secretes oil so a compact needs to b dabbed on every now n then to make it look as it is… if your skin type is normal its the best … it just depends on the extent of oily skin u have…. some ppl have combination skin with just their T-zone oily n the rest of the face dry….shine k liye toh ppl use highlighter these days… oil wala shine n highlighter wala shine give different looks….tats wat i ve read up tells me.. let me know wat the other mua told u…mayb i could b wrong.. m just a newbie to this world n its their job day in and day out…they kno better…

o… n a new thin i heard these days is an MUA havin 2 additional categories of makeup- do u want to go for kryolan products it will give u a flawless look with no visible pigmentation or spots …. woh serials may hota hai na waisa flawless hoga…pimple chupa dega..bilkul redness nahi dekhegi n sasta b hi hai dusre mac wale option se (who would say no to that? i mean thats why we do make up done right) .but then they bring up the catch… par usmain hai na thoda sa artificial lagega jaise makeup lagaya hai aapne… mac wala hai woh mehenga hai bt woh ekdum natural look dega… chupa dega woh apke flaws bt naturally….. n den they ll say apki skin pe yeh accha rahega…phir aage aapki marzi…i mean hello u just confused me to the core…n as per my frd wen u pay for the mac wala makeup.. its just that mac ka foundation will b used…baaki all will b their regular kryolan n colouressence n the likes… so one needs to make sure to ask whether all products will b mac or just the foundation- n the mua charges 500-1000 rs more for the mac wala makeup- so wat my frd did for her brothers weddin is she asked the mua wat color mac foundation ll go with her skin n bought that coz anyways she was lookin to buy one n paid the mua for normal makeup n asked her to use uska mac foundation…. ab i kno not all mua’s would b willing to do that bt since this was a small scale ghar pe aane wali parlour wali n my frd n her mom were gettin ready from her for 3 functions each she agreed…

O talk bout tiring… i have reached a point where i just want this to get done with fast… its like ab bahut hogaya.. there were 2-3 suites which i thought ill buy later – that is one-two months or so before the wedding…bt now i m like hey itne kharche ho rahe hai.. n itne kurte hogaye hai already…wat will i do with them..chuck it… nahi lena.. n thats like my attitude for almost nethin n everythin now…earlier i was looking for perfection bt ab its like k bus khatam karo….

o ya lets start a governin body- its the need of the hour….o… talk bout the emotional blackmail – i have heard the line ‘yeh humari beti bhi toh hai’ haan ‘humari beti jaisi hi hai’, ‘betiya ki shaadi hai, apse thodi na zyaada lenge’ from so many ppl n i m like wat… uncle i just met u… its just der strategy…

Frugal2Fab October 9, 2015 - 9:07 am

Met the MUA, she was nice…makeup trial was also good…and then last mein she tells me 16k ! Because apparently she has to stay back and will change the hair and do touchup. Bridal touchup charges are like that :- I was pissed off.

She said my skin was fine…neither oily nor dry and that it didn’t make much of a difference. Like you said, they have their primers and moisturizers to do the trick. But she said the ideal skin should be neither too oily or too dry. Because both cause same out of trouble. I still don’t have the clarity between krylon and mac and airbrush and etc etc. This one used everything from sephora to mac to naked pallette for eye shadows, basically everything. I am going to try out Belita once and see what their services are like. But for now, I am back to no hopes of MUA anywhere to be seen.

LOL…people are giving you the beti angle…that’s too funny. I have heard – ek hi baar shaadi hai – a little too many times. I am sick of it too…All the charm has suddenly disappeared. I am honestly not worried even a bit now, I am like jo hoga dekhenge. It gets to you at times. Just crazy.

Anuja Shah October 9, 2015 - 4:13 pm

O 10k se direct 16k— these ppl in the wedding business are into ‘lutne ka business’ i tell u…

You just penned down my thoughts – Jo hoga dekha jayega is the phase i m in currently. :P… My honeymoon wala trip is the only thin i m lookin fwd to :)… Like i really need a vacation after all the stress….

Frugal2Fab October 16, 2015 - 8:42 pm

I booked her…done with it…I just thought going through the entire exercise all over again, into the unknown…its just not worth it for a couple of thousands here and there.

You have at least planned your honeymoon, maine toh dur dur tak honeymoon ke baare mein nahi socha hai…I don’t want all the celebrations to end at one go…so planning for a mini vacation in and around and will go for a full fledged one sometime in jan end feb when both of us need a break.

Shinjini October 16, 2015 - 6:20 pm

Having been to plenty of makeup trials myself, I’m going to give my two cents 🙂

If she’s charging 18k for this kind of makeup, not worth it. There are plenty of MUA’s who charge 18k and do a much better job!

Frugal2Fab October 16, 2015 - 8:47 pm

Shinjini, you went for plenty of makeup trials, really? Here most of the MUA’s feel I am asking for something out of the world when demanding for a basic makeup trial. I heard charges like 5k, 8k for makeup trials. Others simply said no! For no reason paying this amount just didn’t make sense.

But I have luckily found a nice one…she didn’t make me look ugly, and neither too dramatic…so keeping fingers crossed that it all turns out well..will go for a final look trial soon, with the hair and makeup thing…so lets see how that goes.

Lakme scared me, my mother didn’t know how to react when the salon people were like, you look like a doll…I wanted to tell them, ya like a horror movie doll but I kept quiet…I am glad I didn’t settle for them….I think most chains are like that, its almost like luck if you get a “senior” artist who is truly senior in work and knows her stuff.

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[…] Usually I would have done that, but remember someone else had told me this exact thing during my Lakme makeup trial, so I was not going to make that mistake […]


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