7 Fun DIY Ideas for your Engagement

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Things you can DIY on your engagement

So let me just get right to it. It’s your event and you have all the regular boring normal stuff happening. Guests come in -> wish the couple -> some music & dancing -> have food -> leave.

Do you ever wonder what else can be done to make the party exciting and more lively without having to shell out too much. Consider some of these fun DIY Ideas for your next event.


#1 A DIY Personal Memory Book

Please have one.! You can keep this somewhere near the exit or in a good open space close to the desserts counter so that guests don’t miss seeing it. On their way out or even during the function, guests can jot down their wishes and friends will definitely scribble things that you would want to read later on (true story).

It’s really a fun, cool aspect that you can add to your function. You will be surprised at how much you are going to treasure that book later. Be assured that you will have some aaawww moments, some silly laughter, and some pages that you would wish to tear off!

But it will be the best gift you can give to yourself.

Fun DIY Ideas

Source – Honeybearlane

Where to get one: Any local stationary store. But try picking one which looks colorful with designs and more like a fancy diary types.

Cost: A good Personal Memory Book can cost anything from Rs. 300 all the way to a cool 1000 bucks. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can try my way out as well. I made one for myself from scratch. Cost – 120 bucks. How?

Go to a local store which keeps (thick) color papers, glitters and choose your favorite colors, take a fancy textured paper for front & back and bind them together. There, you have your Personal Memory Book.


#2 Polaroid Photos

This is not a sasta option per say, but definitely quirky and different. You know everyone is doing Photo Booths these days. So think of this as a one step ahead of that.

You will need a Polaroid Camera (starting Rs.6000), you can find good ones on Amazon. But the real cost comes in with the photo sheets which can go to up to Rs.4000+ for just 50 sheets. See if you can get yourself a good deal and this could be a fantastic option where you can pose with your friends and click instant pictures and include it in your photo-books right next to their comments.

Fun DIY Ideas

Source – Stylemepretty

I wish I had done this for my engagement function but will definitely think of it for my wedding. If any of you’ll do have any idea for a decent Polaroid Camera, do let me know in the comments section.


#3 Photo Booth

This is the present day rage going on. And rightly so. It’s amazing the world of options you have for photo booths. From moustaches, quirky spectacles to opulent masks and posters, you can go crazy on this one. Locate a store which can get you a good deal and a good variety. And based on your budget, go for as many options as possible.

For inspirations, you can also check out my Pinterest Board on Photo Booth Ideas.

These days, you also have the photographer agencies helping you with Photo Booths. For them its a one time investment on all the props, but they still charge you a bomb of anything between Rs.6000-10000 per event.

If you don’t want to spend that much, visit this store Party Hunters to buy props at a cheaper rate. It is located opposite to Crawford Market. You can go inside Beauty Centre there, and go to the billing section…from there they have a exit…it opens right outside that store.

Furthey, you can go to an old shop which keeps antique frames and borrow one for the day and you have a gorgeous photo booth option right there.

Fun DIY Ideas

Go for something which is rusted, even scratched or broken and you will have one photo booth which no one can claim of. Also easy for the shop owner to let go of too 😛 Source – Ruffled

P.S. The idea is to save money wherever possible and instead splurge it later on yourself!


#4 Notes for the Centre Table

This is a cute option and one which won’t cost you much at all. (After all, how many tables will you have at your function, eh?). You could do thank you notes, leave some thoughtful messages, quiz & trivia about the guest of honor, or have your pictures put up as well. Pinterest has tons of these ideas, and anything DIY is totally adorable to have in your function.

Fun DIY Ideas

If you wish to go one step more personal, you could also think of signed hand written notes with a small photo of the couple which could also be a nice touch.

P.S. I just realized this idea was on my top priority list for the wedding, and I have totally forgotten about this. Yikkes ! Time to quickly start making a checklist and get things done. 


#5 Notes from your guests

You could do Advice coasters, where guests can write fun, quirky advices along with some serious ones as well. You could leave these out on all the tables for the guests to ramble on as much as they like. At first, trust me nobody will want to fill these out, it feels more work than fun, but the minute they start…there is no end to the number of advices which will roll out. Its just human tendency, everyone needs a little push 🙂

Fun DIY Ideas

Source – Etsy

Alternatively, you could also leave them with little notes to fill out for you to read later. Make sure you ask them to seal these notes and open then only once you are married. It will sure make for a memorable gift for later.

Fun DIY Ideas

Make a book out of this and some of these points can go in your holy grail. Source – Unitedwithlove


#6 Gift bags for your guests

I don’t know why I am nowadays focusing too much on gifting guests. But still, if notes are not really your thing, you can also go for this option. I mean, who doesn’t like to be surprised with a gift bag. No matter what it is. This is something that you can think of only for small functions say Engagement, where you know your guest list is not going to be as much as a full-fledged wedding.

If your guest list is quite high, you could also think of going for one gift per family option. It’s good to share your happiness with your closed ones while leaving your guests with a thoughtful thank you gesture.

Fun DIY Ideas

Source – Etsy

The options you can think of here are plenty. Depending on your budget, you can choose anything from jewellery trinkets, to safer options like small idols or souvenirs which will guarantee bring a smile on everyone’s faces. Pack it up in a nice looking gift box which you can pick out from any wholesale store at a good rate starting from Rs.20 onwards.

Go for this option only if you have the time to plan it all out.


#7 Have lots of colorful whistles, bubbles and packets of confetti

Remember the football world cup with the vuvujelas and the amount of noise in the stadium. It was something nobody had expected and the rage was insane that season.

It’s always fun to add unexpected aspects to your function. Colorful whistles is an inexpensive joyful childhood reminder for everyone and it sure will bring its share of noise along with happiness on every ones faces.

Fun DIY Ideas

Source – Etsy

Use it to cheer the happy couple while they exchange rings or cut the cake. You can also think of keeping this option during your wedding ceremony for sangeet or mehendi.


What do you think of these ideas? Have you done anything differently in your function?


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