8 Gift Voucher Ideas for Wedding Gifts

by Namrata Nautiyal
Gift Voucher Ideas

I am back with another one of the Wedding Gift Ideas post. I know its been a long time since I posted anything on this, sorry about that. For those of you who have missed you can get all the links to the earlier gift ideas posts (here). So far I have covered more than 60 gift ideas. I promised to share 101, so lets continue with more inexpensive gift ideas.

Today, I am going to talk about the different kinds of gift vouchers that you can gift to a bride and groom. Nowadays, given all our busy schedules this is probably the least time consuming gift idea ever. Not to forget, the newly weds prefer this over actual gifts anyday. It just gives them the independence to go make use of their vouchers in any way they want.

Gift Voucher Ideas

There are too many good things about going for this one – but the most important bit is, a gift voucher will never ever go for a waste. The only downside I see to this is, you have to shell out certain amount of fixed money to gift a voucher. As compared to giving actual gifts, where one can sort of disguise the amount spent on the gift if purchased smartly. Here in this case, you have no way out.

Anyhow, lets see some of these gift voucher ideas…


#1 Restaurants

The safest of the options to go for. This one is perfect for the newly weds, you are giving them a reason to go for a date night totally sponsored by you. They are going to love getting this for a gift. You could either gift them a voucher of fine dining at a 5 star, or even regular gift cards from a quick serve restaurant.

Gift Voucher Ideas

If you are giving like a Pizza place gift card, one might feel, bleh…what is this…but you can turn it around by writing some fun message like – This is for all the days when your wife doesn’t wish to cook you any food…and gift it to the groom.

The idea is to be as creative as possible and you can get away with absolutely anything.

Groupon gives some really price worthy deals. The best part about choosing a voucher from groupon is you get vouchers of all possible price range. Starting 99 onwards you can go all the way till a cool 1000 bucks. I personally have seen deals which you get for 399-499 in restaurants of 5 star hotels giving breakfast and lunch buffet options.


#2 Makeup 

A big part of weddings is makeup. Be it during or post wedding, every new bride must have at least the basic equipment’s to do her makeup. No matter what all she might be having with her, a salon or a makeup voucher is almost an essential gift idea for the bride to be. She will love it.

Gift Voucher Ideas

The best part is almost all salon chains provide you with gift cards, be it Lakme or Inglot, Mac, Sephora among others. Just google it and you will find the list of cosmetics companies providing gift cards. Even though your budget is somewhere around 400-500, it is still worth gifting this voucher, as make up is expensive…so anyone will love to get a voucher which they can club with their own money and buy goodies for themselves.


#3 Salon

An alternative to gifting make up vouchers, is gifting salon vouchers. I find Groupon’s deals the best in this case. Depending upon your area of residence, you can choose from a varied list of salons for all kinds of treatments from hair cut, spa, massage etc etc. You could also gift a nail salon voucher or a couples spa voucher which is also a great gifting option.

The good part is that the price range goes from as less as Rs. 249 all the way Rs. 1500-2000 and sometimes even more. If you are planning to gift something to a close friend, then may be you can combine the funds with your friends and put one salon voucher in a gift hamper. Your bride to be will love it !


#4 Shopping

This is the easiest one of the lot to find. Be it Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Globus or even Fab India and Marks & Spencers, shopping vouchers are one of the most common of the gift vouchers available. Super easy to find, you can get vouchers in the denominations of Rs. 100, 250, 500 and so on.

Everyone loves to shop, just because wedding is now over, doesn’t mean the celebrations need to end. This is the perfect gift idea that both the bride as well as the groom are going to enjoy. Again super high on usability.


#5 Jewellery

Gold, diamonds are too expensive to gift. Ok, so why not gift a Tanishq or a Asmi jewellery gift voucher. If your budget is somewhere in the mid to expensive range and you are still not able to purchase the expensive jewellery, then gifting precious jewellery gift voucher is a good option.

Gift Voucher Ideas

However, if you don’t wish to gift such expensive gift vouchers, fret not. Artificial jewellery stores like Sia jewellery etc also give out gift vouchers. You can easily go ahead with these in the lower budget range 🙂


#6 Electronics (Digital)

A nice ‘hatke’ option can also to gift vouchers of something like Reliance Digital, EZone or Croma. A good thing about gift card or vouchers is that mostly they don’t have a expiry date which is great. Its as good as receiving cash money. However do check this aspect out because there are companies which have expiry dates specified as well. You might want to steer clear from them.

Gift Voucher Ideas

Everyone gifts the usual shopping or restaurant, salon vouchers. If you wish to give something different, then this makes for the perfect choice. I feel even if you go on the same route as others and gift the common gift vouchers it sometimes helps, because then the bride and groom collectively get lots of gift vouchers from the same category or the brand at times, and it is easy for them to spend it without shelling out their money.


#7 Online Websites

This is something which has started recently and is my personal favorite. Gifting vouchers from popular shopping sites is a brilliant idea as it gives the couple to choose from so many categories while sitting at home. It can be a lot of fun for the newly wed couple too to engage in some guilt free online shopping 🙂

Flipkart has a very easy way of receiving gift cards while sitting at home. You can make the gift card worth any amount that you wish for. There is also gift vouchers available from Amazon. You can either purchase other brand gift vouchers from Big Bazaar, to Pantaloons etc, or you can buy the amazon gift voucher.

Gift Voucher Ideas

What I love about this is they have carefully thought about how a gift should be ideally gifted. While other gift cards and vouchers would simply come in a envelope, this one comes in a neat box. Not only does it maintain an element of surprise, it also brings down your work to pack it up in a fancy way.


#8 Miscellaneous Gift Vouchers

Nowadays everyone prefers to either accept blessings only during weddings or prefer to get cash money. With so many choices available for everything in the market, it is really difficult for anyone to nail that perfect gift that the bride and groom are going to love.

Be it apparels or home items, kitchen items anything…there are a world of choices between designs, colors etc. So a good option is to go ahead and gift that unusual gift card instead. No matter from which store you pick the gift card, your bride and groom might just like this gift more than getting an actual present from that store.

Some of the gift card options are:

– Home Center/ At Home/ Home Stop

– Cleartrip/ Yatra/ Makemytrip

– Titan / Fastrack Watches

– Hidesign Bags

– Crossword vouchers

– PVR Cinemas/ Book My Show

– Archies

– Coffee Shop vouchers


What is your go to gift voucher for gifting anyone? Are there any other gift voucher ideas that you have gifted anyone in the past?

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Anuja Shah September 24, 2015 - 2:43 pm

Super – I love the restaurant, pvr and salon voucher option- its so unique- plus its perfect – they can go for a spa after the wedding madness- its gonna b so relaxing :). And which newly married couple would not want to go grab a nice meal or a new movie. Super useful these gifts are. In ahmedabad there is this trend where all the friends get together and gift the couple an one night or two night package at a resort nearby or a 3-5 star in the vicinity.

Frugal2Fab September 25, 2015 - 8:49 am

Hellooo…Yes, that was the idea…everyone gives the usual gifts, which you open and be happy for 5 mins and then keep aside. Within no time all the lifetime of celebrations come to end in a matter of few days and its back to the usual. At that particular time, I feel for that moment when that celebratory feeling goes out, these unique vouchers can really lift any bride and grooms moods. Its like having a party long after the after party 🙂

I along with my friends had gifted these kind of vouchers to a bride, and she later told me that she and her hubby enjoyed the vouchers more than anything else. It kind of has a sticky effect as well…they remember who gave them these because they actually made use of it and enjoyed it.

I was wondering to put the one-two nights package at a resort, hotel but thought it might not fit with my (inexpensive) gift ideas theme. But that’s also a brilliant idea. I think when it comes to wedding gifts, usefulness is what ranks higher than random gifting just for the sake of it. And these vouchers are so easily available these days, I feel they are better than buying something in the hope that the bride and groom will love it. Its better we just allow them to spend as per their fancy !

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