Have you tried the Lakmé Makeup Pro App yet?

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Lakmé Makeup Pro App

I get a lot of junk on my Twitter news feed. I am talking about the promoted tweets, i.e. ones that we have not asked to see and still pops up every now and then. While 90% of the times I just ignore these ads, but every once in awhile something good does surprisingly come up.

For the past few weeks, I regularly saw this one promotion continuously making an appearance on my Twitter feed every time I logged in. It was the Lakmé Makeup Pro AppI kept ignoring it but it kept coming up persistently. In a way I don’t know how but I guess Lakmé knew I was in dire need of some make up related help. [Social Media can be scary at times, hai na?]

Lakmé Makeup Pro App

So anyhow, on one lazy afternoon after I was done watching every possible shows new episode (Pitchers, Baked, Permanent Roommates) I was just browsing through my Twitter and this app again popped up. I thought aaj toh bas dekh hi lete hain what’s the deal with this.

Its become my favorite time-pass app ever since.

P.S. This is a fun post. So, don’t take it super seriously – unless, you are a make up beginner like me, then this post is just the one for you !


What does this app do?

– It allows you to apply makeup on your face or some selected models face. [There are 4 models to choose from]

– From there, you can start applying make up (face, eyes, lips, skin) and see what the finished look looks like.

– There is also something called as the Pro Stylist Looks in which you can replicate your favorite celebrity’s look and even some ramp looks. From Kareena Kapoor’s winged eyeliner to Shradha Kapoor’s smokey eye look, get them all in one click. There are tons of looks in this section to try on. Its superb fun, seriously.


Why should I download this?

– If you are new to makeup, and by that I mean your definition of make up is just lip gloss, balm and eye liner or kajal and you wish to ace the make up looks, then this app definitely helps you in doing that.

– If you are unsure, what foundation shade works best for your skin, what color eye shadows makes your eye pop, and whether you should go with a lip gloss or a lipstick the next time you are make-up shopping…then this app is perfect for you.


Let me give you my example:

I am fair complexioned but I am super shy when it comes to make up. I don’t know what will look good on me, and neither do I have the courage to just pick up something from the store and then regret it later. For eternity, I thought I need a bright red lipstick, now that I am getting married -> it would probably look good with red silk sarees, but I was really really unsure. So I simply tried this app…took a photo of me, and started using different shades of red lipsticks.

Now I know exactly which shade to go for.

Lakmé Makeup Pro App

My favorite two looks from their Pro Stylist Looks

Till date, I did not have a single drop of clue what a foundation vs. a mousse vs. a concealer vs. a compact is going to achieve. By using this app, you can see the difference on your face instantly.

– If you are newbie to makeup, you must have definitely tried browsing through make up tutorial videos to ace a particular look. We all want that perfect winged eye, or sometimes want that perfect smudged look or something else.

While seeing someone else do it may seem easy at the time, when you actually sit to try it out yourself, its not at all easy.


With the Pro Stylist Looks you can easily see in one click whether a particular look suites to your face type or not. There are more than 80 looks that are pre-loaded on the app for you to try !

Lakmé Makeup Pro App


Why has Lakmé created this app?

Once you finalize your look, you can check out the Lakmé products used by you and make a note. The next time you go for your make up shopping, you know exactly which shade, which product you want. Now you don’t need help from the counter saleswoman to help you out with the make up worried. You are independent.

Its empowering in a way that you can be smart about making your purchases.

Lakmé Makeup Pro App


Things I liked:

– There range in lipsticks and lip gloss. You have all possible shades imaginable.

– The ease of using this app. Its not too complicated. Menus are clearly laid out and the app doesn’t hang which is great. Can be used offline as well.

– Some of the Pro Stylist Looks are amazing. Like I never thought my face can look like that with some of the looks. Its worth trying out.

– The Pro Stylist Looks are a one-click get the whole look. Its great if you don’t want to waste too much time experimenting. This is more like a quick fix solution.

– You have the option to upload your own picture, or your facebook picture, or choose something from your phone/tablet gallery or choose a models picture. Basically it gives you all possible options.

– With one touch on the screen you can see your before version vs. your after version.


Things I did not like:

– Their kohl/kajal makes one look like a dracula…I don’t know why it is like that…including the models.

– They do not give the prices of the products used. You will have to google check the prices, which is a bit annoying.

– I could not upload any images from my gallery on the IPad. May be it was a tablet issue or something, not sure but it just wouldn’t let me access my gallery.

– I wish they had better eyeshadows. Also, there is no option where you can mix eye shadows to get a different look. Its only one eye-shadow look unless you go for the Pro Stylist Looks.


Do let me know if your try out this app. Also, tell me which Pro Stylist Look worked best for your face…


In other news, I have a free bridal make up voucher from Lakme which I am going to make use of this coming saturday. I first heard about this offer through Styldrv and mentioned about this offer on my Twitter. Not sure, if this offer is still on, but do try it if you are a bride-to-be.

It took 4 days to book one appointment, even though this offer was going on, the lakme salons had I guess no clue about it. So after much back and forth, they finally agreed and the lady at the salon told me that the bridal makeup trial will be done for half face 🙄 I don’t even know how on earth is that going to be helpful.

But this is the first make up trial I am going for, and as you know I haven’t yet finalized on my MUA, so lets see how this goes. Will keep you guys updated.


Is the half face make-up trial a norm? What is the rule for bridal makeup trials?


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