The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story – [Part 2]

by Namrata Nautiyal
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The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot story continues…If you have missed the first part, you can read it here.

By the time we were done with hanging gardens, CST, Asiatic library and the locations around, it was already post noon. I knew I wanted one shot in Marine Drive anyhow, so we made one last stop there before changing the location and my outfit.

I had kept two options in mind…either marine drive or the sea link. I think both these locations are like the photoshoot must go places. It was quite funny for people around who were busy working out and running while I was decked up in a saree posing for pictures ! In any case, I was not bothered one bit, we were having superb fun on our own. It was all totally worth it.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot StoryPost that I knew my saree was done with. There was no way it was going to stay pleated any longer. We went into Starbucks, had a quick bite and I got changed into something more comfortable and we were out. Next stop….30kms away in New Bombay to a location which is covered in 15 square kilometers of reserved forests called the Parsik Hill.

The place was stunningly beautiful. It had many a picturesque locations with my favorite being a road turning point which looked nothing less than a postcard worthy picture.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

At first we kept driving to the top of Parsik Hill soaking in the beauty of the place. I had never been here before and I won’t lie to you, the place had certain spookiness to it.

We finally reached the top and there was an abandoned 3 storied building with broken windows. It looked quite creepy. What made it worse was we were the only ones there. The place just had those vibes…and then we heard some noises from that building…and we immediately decided to junk the place and move elsewhere for the shoot.

Since the whole area was a hilly region, I have absolutely no clue how, but when we parked my car at the edge of the road later on, I saw a big dent at the back of my car. Zero clue what happened there…because we would have heard a bang or a screeching noise had it hit anything…but there was nothing…so I am just assuming it had to do with something paranormal. Yikees !

We were so spooked after that, that we moved to lower areas around the hill where there were people and cars moving around and took the rest of the shots and we were out of there within half hour or so. If any of you wish to go for a spooky photoshoot experience, then Parsik Hill is definitely one of your best bets.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

I was quite disheartened after this location. I thought the place would give us outstanding shots and would be that ‘perfect location’, but alas did not work out and by this time it was close to 3pm already. We were tired and exhausted because of the humidity. So we decided lets head over to our favorite place…Powai !

This place just never ever lets us down…ever. I think its one of the most gorgeous nature abundant location that one can find in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. Think flora, fauna, lakes, wildlife…you have it all in one place. But even so, there are quite a few virgin areas in the location that I had never dared to explore by myself. Why? Take a look.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

It was now 4:30 pm by the time we reached powai. We had already exhausted most of the locations inside the IIT Bombay campus during my engagement photoshoot. So my photographer Ruel Rebello said lets try some place new. Both fiance and Ruel had to practically drag me into this restricted area. But now that I am back home all safe and sound with the pictures, I could not be happier. The location was perfect.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

Now you may say that this looks anyday more spooky than Parsik Hill, but its not. Other than the wild animals scare, this place is totally safe 😛

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

My mum after seeing this picture said, it looks like a ghost going into the woods 😀

The fiance had superb fun pulling my leg all along telling me something is moving in the waters, to finding wild flowers, exotic birds chirping and more. It was as if we were in a different place altogether leaving the hustling bustling of the city life behind.

As the day came to an end, and I looked back at all the things we did that day, I realized that everything I had thought of in poses and locations etc etc…had completely gone off my mind. We just went and enjoyed ourselves in the photoshoot without bothering about clicking standard pre wedding poses.

In the end, what mattered was recollecting the wonderful memories behind those photos. And the best ones were those clicked without any efforts. Every picture in the photoshoot had a story attached to it, and that’s the best part. Its all about living those memories later on years and years to come.

Even without planning poses, I felt we were quite exhausted shooting the whole day. It got tiresome right after the lunch hour, so the best thing to do is to start early and keep clicking anything and every little goofy picture that is possible…you will be surprised to see how much you love those pictures !

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Story


Do you have any favorite locations for pre-wedding photoshoot? 


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