Indianroots Sale: Best Lehengas under 10k

by Namrata Nautiyal

When all the sales are ending, this one will definitely cheer you up. When I was writing my other post yesterday, an email popped up and it said Indianroots is on 70% sale !!! Immediately I stopped everything else, and sat with my browsing glasses on. What do I look for – Lehengas of course.

I found some super awesome ones at a killer deal. If you are looking for budget Lehengas to wear to a friends wedding, or for garba which is coming soon or just to have something in your wardrobe, then this post is just the one for you. I am sharing with you some of the best Lehengas under 10k by Indianroots. Some of these are at a steal deal !

For the longest time, I thought Indianroots is just like Pernias Pop Up Shop giving the crème de la crème of the best of designer wear…basically super un-affordable. But turns out, that one can actually pick lots of goodies from this online store. They have a little something for everybody.

In this post however, I am going to stick to the best budget Lehengas to buy under 10k. So lets have a look…


#1 Maroon And Mustard Velvet Stone Work And Khatli Work Lehenga Set

This Lehenga is from the brand Lilots and is on 70% off. I love the blouse’s modern contemporary look. I think this one can easily be worn in some family pre-wedding functions and given the colors are so traditional, I think one can easily mix and match this outfit…wear the top separately with black skin tight pants or if you don’t like the top being so long and in that style, get it cut form a tailor.

Its definitely a versatile Lehenga priced at just Rs.8760


#2 Blue Dupion Silk Lehenga Set

I simply love this 9rasa Lehenga for its color. This one is so wearable and easily will give a rich heavy look. Silk is totally in these days and this lehenga is the perfect blend between festive and sober. You can buy this piece for just Rs.6999


#3 Orange Sequined Raw Silk Lehenga

The perfect Lehenga to wear to a friends Sangeet? I completely agree with you. I love the brocade blouse with the raw silk skirt combo. Its totally in this season. No budget Lehenga list is complete without a mention of the 6yCollective Lehengas. I found this one on the company’s website to be cheaper, so probably double check and buy from the site itself.

On Indianroots its priced at R.7550, but on 6YCollective page, you can actually get it for just Rs. 6490. Its the exact same piece.


#4 Beige Embroidered Brocade Lehenga Set

For a more traditional look, this Lehenga would be the perfect option. At 70% off, this Triveni Lehenga is priced at just Rs. 9510. Normally, I am not one to like beige so much, but this one with the pattern and color combination does have a nice appeal to it, doesn’t it?


#5 Maroon & Blue Block Printed Poly Dupion Lehenga Set

Indianroots Sale

I love these two Lehengas mainly for the skirt and nothing else. My eyes for the past few months are stuck on silk, and this one is no different. I wish the blouse had some work in it. It almost doesn’t feel like its part of the same Lehenga. I love the detailing in the maroon Lehenga…May be just wear like a brocade blue blouse on top instead?

These two Nika Lehengas are priced at Rs. 8250


#6 Cotton Silk & Chanderi Lehenga Set


Do click on the image to see the enlarged view. The lehengas are actually quite pretty to look at. These set of Lehengas are my current favorite from the Indianroots collection. Why? Because they are priced at an unbelievable cost of just Rs. 3750? Need I say more? I love the crop top blouse look as compared to the otherwise (ill-fitting) long sleeved blouse. Which one is your favorite among these three?


#7 Beige Sequined Chanderi Lehenga

This one stands currently sold out on the Indianroots site but you can get the same one on the 6YCollective website for a lesser price at just Rs. 5990. I am not sure why the Indianroots website is charging higher for all the 6YCollective Lehengas, but just double check the prices before buying.


#8 Black Sequined Raw Silk Lehenga

This ones one of my current favorites in the budget Lehengas. Total gorgeousness at just Rs. 7310 but yet again, the main company website 6YCollective is giving a better deal on the same Lehenga, so probably pick it up from there if you are planning on buying. It will cost you just Rs. 6290.


What do you think of these Lehengas? Do you have any favorites from these?


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Anuja Shah September 8, 2015 - 12:54 pm

Hey i shopped quite a bit at the indian roots sale the last time they were having an 80% off- but it wasnt quite a pleasant experience- like i got the cotton silk and chanderi lehenga set in pink n orange only because of the mint colored duppata despite of me likin the blouse style of the white n yellow better, however when i received it the dupatta was an kacchi keri green instead. And one of the piece was slightly damaged bt nonetheless with 80% off it was quite cheap.

However, with these 6y collective lehenga’s actual price being quoted so high that even post an 70% discount they remain higher than the actual cost on the 6y website- i wonder if its their gimmick to increase the actual price n then tempt the customer by giving an 70-80% off.

Frugal2Fab September 8, 2015 - 1:53 pm

Hey, did you buy the (6) vala Lehenga? I was thinking of buying the blue one. Did you return the damaged piece? I love the blouse style of the yellow one too…its very crop top style…but buying white is always risky…that too on sale, its best to avoid.

Even I found it rather strange when I saw the 6YCollective prices so high. Not just on one or two lehengas, but their entire collection has inflated prices…and ya, its always a marketing gimmick…for those who might not be knowing the brand, may just end up purchasing from the website…who knows? I saw most of the 6Y pieces were sold on Indianroots…so I guess there are people who are actually purchasing it at that price !

Anuja Shah September 8, 2015 - 2:02 pm

hey ya i got the no 6 wala lehenga for 1500 (7500 k upar 80% discount) – the flat 80% discount keeps on coming on and off- so u cud wait for it probably- i got it for navratri n for the price it was a steal – however its cotton silk n not as shiny as it seems in the pic – n also the duppata is stiffer than wat it seems in the pic- imagine a south cotton silk duppata which comes with suits.i ll email you the actual pics of the lehenga- it will give u a better idea.

Frugal2Fab September 8, 2015 - 2:43 pm

Haila…phir I am not buying it now..for 3750…I will pick it up when the price goes further down…see this is what I was saying…if one doesn’t know the actual lowest price…you are just content with the current price…There is just no way of knowing. 1500 mein nowadays you get nothing…even a lehenga skirt ka cloth will come more expensive than that…so I guess even with minor (or somewhat makor) things here and there…its still worth to keep it and make use of it somewhere 🙂

Mail me the picture na…it will give me a good sense of what it looks like 🙂 I think I am going to try and pick one of the 6Y pieces…when they go on discount…I think those are really worth it…

Frugal2Fab September 8, 2015 - 2:37 pm

Anuja, that grey jacket is amazing!! I love. Parrot green for mint green :-O That’s crazy…I guess no website other than say Jabong or sometimes Flipkart give deliveries early or on time…hamesha all these websites give ek mahine ke baad hi. I have surprisingly had a good experience with stalkbuylove …but could be like a one off case…ooohh and Zivame…I just purchased like tons of stuff during their sale time and got the whole thing delivered in like flat 4 days…it was fantastic !

I think with sale products, for most of the items it does require some altering or something else (color may not be the same, or size, fitting etc)..something will be amiss…if it is easily doable, then its worth keeping the product at a low price otherwise best to return it. In very few cases will you find an absolute gem of a piece which is like perfect-perfect.

Indianroots Sale: Best Lehengas under 10k - Fru... March 8, 2016 - 9:48 am

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gokul November 28, 2019 - 6:01 pm

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