3 Months to go…Its Wedding Updates time…

by Namrata Nautiyal
Wedding Updates

Its the 3rd of September today…which means I have 3 months minus one day for my big day…Eeeeeee…. *wedding jitters* starts right now ! Since, I got engaged way back in March, till now I keep telling myself and others…arey, bahut time hai…things will sort out and all the planning will be done smoothly and in time. But now that clock is ticking, I am realizing that, that’s not true at all. There are so many things yet to be even thought about (e.g. wedding invitations) that I am starting to feel a little panicky.

This post is more for me as a checklist with all the things done and sealed, all the things to plan, and all the things to let go of…yes, have those also. Can’t get it all in one wedding.. 🙁

So here goes…

Wedding Updates



Done. This one was definitely the killer one and one that easily took months. You guys know the struggles. But its finally bought, and although I would love-love to share pictures of my (beautiful) dream Lehenga…I don’t have it ! Well, not blog worthy kinds at least. I found my Lehenga by chance when I just walked into this store (secret-secret :-P), and this was like the first piece that the store guy showed me…This time I just held onto it…like did not put it away for even a split second…and voila, I finally have my Wedding Lehenga.

Since the outfit was in an XL size, major alterations were needed, and so I am only getting the Lehenga by 25th of this month… *cannot wait for it* Promise, I will put up a post once I get it with all the details (pics, store, price, work etc etc)

I also wanted to make my dupatta a little heavy, so yesterday went to bhuleshwar and bought zari balls…to put all around the dupatta borders. Super excited to see how it turns out.

Wedding Updates

See the balls all around the dupatta borders…something similar. Source – Pinterest



Done. I have finalized on a lawn where my reception will be held followed by the pheras. So the evening will start from 6 pm all the way till 6 am. I am already practicing my stay awake all through the night skills. Who knows, I might just doze off while pandit ji is chanting important verses.

In both mine and my fiance’s culture, we have night weddings. I think its going to be a lot of fun. They are a little unusual than the day weddings…here you only have your close friends and family who attend the event…and it becomes super cosy and personal.

Given that it is Mumbai and December, the weather will be just perfect, and with all the lights around and plenty of nature and cool breeze, it makes for the perfect setting. Don’t you agree?



Done. I did not have much of a choice in this. The decorator and caterer were both on the panel of the wedding venue. So I had to choose between two options. Technically, more the options, the more you are confused, but when both the set of decorators are complete chors, you really are stuck !

Wedding Updates

I am going for traditional flowers for the mandap and exotic for the reception stage. Source – Maharani Weddings

My decorator has chewed my brains over the past few months. I have cursed him, yelled at him, begged him…done it all. They are the most notorious of the wedding vendors. I have absolutely zero fondness towards these guys. Total jerks. From asking ransom amounts to sugar coating till the last minute and then changing their statements…not sending a confirmation email for months…decorators are the worst category to deal with.

One Suggestion: Ask them on email to send you exactly what is promised…from stage design, to lights, props, (all the kinds of props), chair-table decor, flower arrangements (ask for actual pictures) everything needs to be on email. Otherwise you will be screwed.

Also, do not agree to anything that is said just like that without any pictures or proof…In the beginning, they will say yes- we will do this, do that…and then eventually they will just deny everything. So collect and keep every little detail from them.

My caterer on the other hand, Abhay Harwani is just fantastic…I went for a couple of food tastings, and for a minute I wanted to shamelessly ask for a second serving for some of the dishes…it was really that good…but it then makes me wonder…that they want the job, so food tasting will be outstanding…but will the quality remain the same on the actual event? I guess, I will know on the D-Day only. What has been your experience on this?



Not done. I was so tensed up for this one. I just started thinking about the invitations like two weeks back, and the first thing I did was ask my fellow friends who recently got married about places, prices, types of wedding invitations available. I was baffled at some of the crazy amounts people have paid for like simple designs.

I don’t know why the world works in this format…simple, elegant designs costs more than blingy and loud stuff. I was so worried, I started pinning Wedding Invitations on Pinterest and was seriously thinking of DIYing my invitation cards. I thought it would be personal and nobody would judge then 😛

Wedding Updates

Are you also in love with these separate occasion wise invites? Source – myshaadi.in

Anyhow, so yesterday I went to Bhuleshwar and I found that there is an entire lane dedicated to Wedding Invitations. I saw some seriously gorgeous ones and guess what was the price – 25-30 bucks 😀 😀 😀 Seriously, not kidding! Can you sense my *big relief* So, for now, I know my wedding invitation search is more or less done. The stores I visited told me to come by in a months time, as it would be the wedding season…and there would be tons of designs to choose from.

Problem solved !

Wedding Updates

I saw funky ones like this and the one above for like 20-30 bucks… Source – Pinterest

Suggestion: If any of you are getting married soon, please go and check out the stuff at Dadiseth Agiary Lane, near Kalbadevi – you won’t be disappointed. There are wholesale as well as retail shops on both sides of the lane. Its seriously amazing stuff at like rock-bottom prices.



Not yet thought of. I am thinking of gifting something during my Sangeet, Mehendi…but honestly haven’t had the time to think this through. While I was at Bhuleshwar and Crawford Market, I looked through possible gifting ideas and got a few of them (jhumkis, kamarbandh, etc etc…will talk about this later in detail), I still have to fix my mind on a particular thing(s).

Wedding favors depend on so many things, when, how, what kind of gesture would the guests appreciate etc etc…so some quiet thinking time is needed….lets see…girlies, any suggestions?



Done. Done. Done. I bought like over 70+ sarees…yes!…went with my mom and bought silk sarees for all my relatives…- there were that many to be given. Every time I went shopping, I ended up picking one silk saree for myself…and my trousseau pieces are done, mostly!

I am a sucker for silk. I don’t think bling suits me that much and I am totally old world that way. My wedding is on 2nd and my first cousins wedding is on 25th. The worst part is most of my relatives are coming for his and are not able to attend mine, since its a weekday.

Wedding Updates

I have bought a Kanjeevaram in Red, Golden combination like this one, but much brighter to wear for my cousins wedding…Source – Pinterest

From Kanjeevaram to Tussar Silk, I feel this is the safest of the fabrics, (silk) to gift to relatives…easily worn on occasions, you know that this gift will not go to waste. I purchased everything from this store called Balaji Silks in Bhandup…I found them better than even Nallis. Seriously… both fabric as well as price wise. Their range started from 300 to 1 lakh plus. You could find your wedding saree and even pick up mid-range heavy silk sarees to have in your trousseau.

Wedding Updates

How gorgeous is this Paithani

I especially loved the stores Paithani Sarees & Kanjeevaram. They had some very nice unique designs in gorgeous combinations. There was one paithani which was a deep purple with a eye popping pink pallu with peacock design for like just Rs. 6600. Totally worth it. Will do a post on all the purchases soon for you all to see 🙂



Somebody help !!! SOS !!!

Absolutely zero in this department. The closest I have dealt with makeup is a lipgloss and poorly applied eyeliner skills. I have resorted to taking help from you tube videos of Peaches and Blush & Debashree Banerjee to get started with makeup. Since there are two weddings in december (me and my cousins), I cannot run to the parlour for every little function and dinners and lunches that I will be invited to post my wedding. Some basic skills are absolutely required.

That plus, I have my Kolkata reception the very next day of my wedding and one in Dehradun later in the month. I am going insane. I have no clue how I or my skin is going to deal with so much happening. While Kolkata and Dehradun make up related issues are being tackled by my super awesome mum-in-law, Mumbai wedding is something that I need to figure out…so guys please help.

Also, I am worried about having reception and pheras back to back…how does it then work…touch ups and all…do the make up artists sit and wait with you…or just do the job and are off… + Should I go for chains like Jawed Habib, Lakme, Enrich etc or actually hire like a solo make up artist? What do you suggest? Do everybody give make up trials based on the skin tone, lehenga color etc etc…How does it work?

Then there is makeup+hair. I want someone who will do both…not like two three people operating (surgery like) on me…that’s just going to be too-too stressful I guess….seriously guys, please help…I really have no clue about this and time seems to be running out…



Itna search kar kar ke I am ashamed to say, not fixed !

I am fed up. I think I am just going to go for some traditional photographer because it really doesn’t seem to be worth it unless one is ok about spending close to two lakhs for a days event. I have called every possible agency and I am officially giving up. These rates are sky high with no real outcome. Unless the agency is amazing like The Wedding Salad or Joseph Radhik or the likes, I think its just pointless to spend money blindly and sitting with fingers crossed hoping to get magical pictures. It doesn’t work.

I have come to realize that company facebook pages might have the best of the best pictures posted, but that’s not how all their regular pictures really look like. So one needs to manage expectations based on that. I met this one agency which showed me pictures with Ramit Batra’s copyright on it. I mean how stupid do you think we are?!!!

So, anyways giving up unless you guys can recommend someone good. For now, I am taking my awesome engagement photographer Ruel Rebello to cover my wedding along with probably a traditional photography agency (not yet decided)  😥



Gold purchases are done, but not sure whether I will opt for gold or artificial. I somehow love kundan work and other heavy artificial jewellery on Lehengas, I think they look brilliant. But I am in two minds whether I should buy the stuff or hire it on a per day basis. A lot of my friends have gone ahead with the hire method and it has worked out great for them…pay like under 5k for a day and be dazzling from head to toe…These agencies actually pick up the jewellery post wedding too…so one doesn’t really have to worry about going back to the place to give it.

Wedding Updates

I have heard there are stores in Malad where you need to take your outfit and get your jewellery matched and they will send it on your big day. Works pretty fine I guess, rather than investing another 10-20k for a days event…these jewellery one can’t even wear on other occasions. So lets see…my mum wants me to wear gold so still debating it out…



The entire event is yet to be planned. From bridal mehendi vaali, to mehendi siders, photobooth (may be?), naach-gaana, event timings etc …all of it…this month for me is booked for straightening out this event. There are so many things that can be done…so have to prioritize, choose and finalize.



Not going this year. No time.

I am a little chill about this. The whole of december as it is is going in travelling…Mumbai – Kolkata – Dehradun and then back to Mumbai for the second wedding. We both want to enjoy the vacation and not feel like running a marathon jumping from one destination to another. Its just going to end up being too stressful. So the fiance and I have decided we will plan the honeymoon next year probably Feb-March time or some other time based on the location we choose and the perfect weather time 🙂 Also, more relaxed…why to finish all the good things at one go…will go back to work, and then take a long break 😀

So, no planning is currently done about this. I am kind of relieved actually. All this planning sometimes feels like getting ready for the circus (no offense)…everything is like marked on high priority … there is absolutely nothing that you can let go for a long time…


Have I forgotten anything from this list? Is there anything in the wedding that is pending…Can you think of any other categories, areas that I might have missed?

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Anuja Shah September 3, 2015 - 3:35 pm

Dude- have you sorted out your shoes? One’s that match with ur outfits or a basic gold/silver one? I have like 2 weddings before mine and in our culture on the wedding day the bride generally wears new stuff – so i need to buy like three pairs of wedding worthy heels – one for the other weddins & my other functions (mehendi, pooja etc.), one for my own wedding (stiletto kinds) and one wedge heels for my reception – i cant afford normal heels for the reception- all the standing n smiling will kill me.

Also, wat bout ur trousseau packing? Like tumhari saree n heavy dresses k liye covers, those mehenge shoes k liye shoe bags, a makeup vanity case or a pouch, jewellery case and also covers n paper bags for ur gifts jo acche se dene honge (like for ur inlaws).

For ur mehendi r u plg to wear floral jewellery, then u ll have to sort out that as well- atleast where would u source it from.

For the makeup I would say go in for an individual make up artists rather den these chains. My cousin in baroda got her makeup done from lakme n it was really good, bt my frd got it done from the ahmedabad lakme n it sucked… so dont go for these chains unless n until u hear good reviews from some1. Also, just dont go by the review of the saloon go by the artist – these artist’s tend to switch jobs n move to other saloons.

And not all makeup artist’s give u a trial- most of them give u the base makeup as a free trial n charge u if u want the trial of the entire look. Also, these individual artists (ghar pe aake karke jao one’s) have a sort of a package- like if u keep dem for more functions they ll reduce the amt which the bigger saloons dont- they just have 2 packages – bridal n side brides. Also, most of them include the saree n lehenga draping but not ur nail paints, so do check up on that. In that sense these ghar wale makeup artists r good they ll do ur hair n makeup n also drape ur saree/lehenga as well as do ur nails, ur mom’s hair n saree drapin, also a bit of ur cousins etc….etc…
Many places they come as a duo- one person does the hair n the other the makeup- bt not to worry – they dont do it together – bt ya make sure u hire them from the same saloon so that the co-ordination is there. And ya the make up artists dont sit with u till the end – the moment u leave the saloon or they leave ur home, their work is done- so u need to make an emergency bridal potli/pouch to carry a compact (to prevent ur skin from gettin oily), a lipstick (pre-plan the lipshade u want to wear n buy it- ask ur makeup artist to apply it n den u can do touch up’s on ur own coz with time it will get worn out), a kajal, eyeliner, mascara.Also, keep extra bindi’s, safety pins, a combiflam (in case of an headache), some wipes, and a pair of extra shoes – this kit shud remain with ur best frd/sister. One of my frens who recently got married had her wedding followed by reception- so she had covered her head initially for the weddin n den wanted the duppata drape to b changed for her reception – to make it a bit modern n such that the reception pics would show her hairstyle- so wat she did was she got her regular parlour wali- the one who got her ready for the ghar k functions n did her waxing etc n her mom’s makeup n hair to come to the venue to help her change the drape of the duppata n with the touch up for her, her sis and her mom- n she agreed since the family had got so much done from her- she agreed to come for 30-45 mins. U could try that as well.

Photographer k liye toh ur engagement guy is cool, the prewedding shoot done by him is also super cool- just go in for a traditional one since u already have him to cover the candid ones.

Please share pic’s of the paithani saree, i love them and also of ur remaining trousseau shopping.

This link mite be helpful to you in learning some tricks of makeup – I have bookmarked it.

Also, there is this detailed skin care regime which i plan to start one month prior to the wedding – at least in part- check it out – i have bookmarked it as well.

P.S: Have u shortlisted a dance instructor/choreographer for ur sangeet/dance performances during the mehendi, if u r gonna have those?

Also, even if u decide to wear gold jewelry, u ll have to go n buy the smaller stuff like matchin nathni, mathapathi, tikka, bangles, chura, rings etc.etc. I read on corallista’s blog that she got her bridal jewellery n knick knacks from Natraj market- you could check that out as well.

Frugal2Fab September 3, 2015 - 5:39 pm

Oh s*** shoes! What would I do without you :-*….I think Lehenga aane ke baad will go pick that up…I don’t want heels…so will go for something flat and blingy 😀 also, will be easy and comfortable to walk around in. I don’t think we have any in our culture to wear different number of new shoes, but I guess general rule is to buy and keep a good number of 3-4 new pairs just in case…I mean who knows…so point noted…marking my calendar…post 25th will go shoe shopping !

Trousseau packing is more or less done…I have bought my heavy sarees, some anarkalis, plenty of casual wear…and I keep adding to the collection every now and then…and along with those, mum has already bought the saree covers, bags, some fancy ones as well to keep like individual sarees…shoe bags is pending…gift bags and all, I am thinking of buying it like next month or so…my house is just piling with stuff…so once and for all when I do like gift packs for relatives and in-laws…will buy those…have found a place in crawford market which gives amazing stuff 🙂 Jewellery boxes kaafi saare hain..no tension there, mum in law gifted a very nice make up box – so that’s also sorted. Check check.

Make up ka I will need to seriously sit and search who are these ghar pe aane vaali + have to find out if they are good enough. Will start the search tomorrow itself. My friend had also got hers done from Lakme, was like so so and they like charged her a bomb somewhere like 30-40k or something. Did not stay afterwards and did everything in a hurry coz even hers was like reception and pheras back to back. I especially don’t want to go for a complete change of look for that very reason. So I have decided will stick to the Lehenga even for the pheras…no matter what…weddings get delayed and then there won’t be any time to do the second look properly…I will just end up getting super frustrated…no need of that.

I was thinking of Jawed Habib, as they are like in the vicinity and I know those guys…but really don’t know how good they are with the bridal stuff…so will probably go and check them out as well. I guess the one thing I lack here is experience, so I might as well go and get it by wandering around and seeing kahaan kya hai…will take this month to figure this one out as well.

I am still figuring out if I want two quick looks like you said…change the draping style…I think it immediately gives one a different look. Since my lehenga is like a baby pink color, will see what will suit my face and plan it out with the makeup artist as well…I don’t want them to pin me up super tight that after they leave I have a hard time changing the look by myself.

I think its a brilliant idea to keep an emergency kit – makeup and other necessary items. I am noting these down in my wedding book so that I don’t forget this at the last minute. I am bookmarking the links you have shared. Thank you super too much for these! I have started my skin care starting this month. In face I am sitting with haldi, besan face as I type this 😛 My mom has taken it upon herself to scrub my face clean of all the acne. And this acne problem is such a pain, I tell you. I feel I need to quickly wrap up my outdoor shopping trips on the streets etc, and like stay indoors for like a month…for that glow to make an appearance…otherwise its just dust, dust and more dust…there is no way I am going to look bridal at this rate. So, too many things to wrap up this September!

I will share the pictures of my saree purchases soon. Either they have been put in a suitcase and put away somewhere (read, space crunch) or some are gone for fall beading etc. Will do an entire post on all my purchases together. If I get my hands on that paithani, will send you a pic on email 🙂

For sangeet, the problem is I don’t (can’t) dance. I don’t know why. So, my closest friends have taken it upon themselves to sit and choreograph something together. I find this the better option as its a lot of fun to catch up and do all this craziness…hasn’t started yet probably next month.

Natraj Market, I am going to check that out. Since I just finished purchasing all heavy wear outfits, I am yet to buy the jewellery to go with it. Will go on a separate shopping trip soon to mix and match and buy stuff. I love the kundan work – heavy as well as the delicate pieces, and also like big chunky jewellery…so probably will head over to Colaba once and pick those out which can go with casuals, and some gold jhumkis to go with sarees…I also totally love the collection at Bhuleshwar…so one trip there is pending for all the jewellery requirements. Good point. Had forgotten about this as well 😛 What would I have done without you !

Anuja Shah September 7, 2015 - 3:26 pm

Your list has been really helpful for me too with my wedding comin up a month after yours 🙂 Wat would i do without u :*

Frugal2Fab September 8, 2015 - 2:23 pm

hehehe :-* :-* :-*
Listen, I just remembered…we have Save the Date card pending too 😛 Uska bhi kuch toh sochna padega abhi… 🙂

Varuna Jithesh June 3, 2017 - 5:19 pm

Good Post..

Varuna Jithesh June 3, 2017 - 5:20 pm

Good Post…


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