The trick with the Fish-Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

For like eternity I have always presumed that full flared Lehengas is my only option given that my body is pear shaped. I have always been really thin from the top till mid waist but below that I don’t even want to describe. It’s always been something that I dread immensely be it when having to wear skin tight jeans or wanting to wear a tightly draped saree.

Although there are a lot of ways fashion helps you to hide that ‘part’, it is quite daunting to deal with it on a daily basis. As you know I have been searching for my wedding lehenga for quite some time (found it now, yayy), it was all the more crucial for me to know about the styles that will work on my body type the best.

Fish Cut Lehenga

Source –

So far invariably when I enter any store, I ask the salesman to ONLY show me full flared options. The problem here is, if your budget is not high enough, and by high I mean like 40k upwards, you wouldn’t find flared Lehengas easily. The higher your budget, the more kalis they are able to add to the Lehenga. Instead all you get to see is either fish cut (mermaid) lehenga’s, or A-line skirt lehengas…

There was one store that I visited some time back that challenged me to try out the fish cut (mermaid) lehenga. With horror struck eyes I told him that I may look thin but there is no way I would fit in. But he kept insisting. So I built up all my courage and walked into that dressing room with the one style that I have always shied away from.

You wouldn’t believe the outcome.


It was the fabric I guess which smoothly embraced my flaws so well that the girl I saw in the mirror was someone totally different. That little b*** that I always try to hide actually made all the difference to the entire look. It was amazing. [not trying to flatter myself but really]

I actually walked out of the dressing room confidently. There were quite a few smiles around the room, so I felt quite good at that time 😀 As I stood in front of the mirror and the store person draped the dupatta in various styles, I realized there are many ways one can make a fish-cut (mermaid) lehenga work even though the body type may not typically suit the style.


These are my observations…let me know what you think of it …

#1 The one key trick that I discovered that day is to place your dupatta in a way that works in your favor. Loosely make it fall straight down from your shoulders and it will hide that ‘extra’ curve that keeps bothering you.

Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

I don’t particular like this Lehenga, but just want to point out the look. Source – Fashionlady

You could try to make the dupatta fall much longer than what it shows in this pic (just like the one below)…probably like how you wear your one sided dupatta with salwar suits pinned up.

Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

Source – Benzerworld

If it is the pheras you have to sit wearing this, then as it is there is a chunari which will act as the second dupatta which can go over the head… [Only thing you need to make sure is, you get a red-orange kind lehenga to match with the chunari look]


#2 You can additionally use a second dupatta over your head to fall well just below the hip range to take away those unnecessary stares + it will also give that extra bit of layering which will not make your insecurity area so prominent.

You could try something like this…or see below pic for the right way to drape the second dupatta. Source – Styleinpk


Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

I know this is not fish cut, but don’t you love how the dupatta falls…If you notice, your eyes don’t go just below the waist…but much below it at first look…where the dupatta border starts….That’s the idea.


#3 Choose the degree of fish cut, some are fitting around the thighs and then open up whereas other styles are not too closed up around the knees. If you are too shy about trying, may be the open style (around the thigh) fish cut may be a good start for you.

Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

This ones flare opens up right around the thigh. Source – Gaurav Gupta


Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

While this one is not too fish cut like, and gives a slight hour glass look. Source – Shaadibazaar


#4 Look for designs which highlight more towards the knees than that on the top portion. This will definitely be win-win as you get to wear your favorite style and also get away with your insecurities.

Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

The eyes directly go below the thigh region to look at the work and the flare Source – Bigfatindianwedding

Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

Source – Tumblr


#5 Be assured that side look pictures are going to come out fabulous. If you are naturally gifted with a thin upper look, team it with the natural bouncy look of your bottom and there will be some drooling from your significant other for sure. Remember, you have that little curve that no other body type can really claim of. Make it flaunt.


Whatever you do, if you are pear shaped, don’t go for the Deepika Padukone (Chennai Express) dupatta draping style. That style looks good on lean people.. If you do so, you are unnecessarily going to highlight your flaws. So refrain from doing so, even though its in fashion currently.

Fish Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga

If you drape the dupatta tightly, its just going to focus more on the area. Source – Pinterest


What is your favorite Lehenga Style? Have you tried the Fish-Cut (Mermaid) Lehenga style? What do you think about it?

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Manpreet March 27, 2018 - 12:24 pm

Nobody could have explained this better. Seriously. I loved how you used the pictures to demonstrate what you’re talking about. A very good post. would definitely try fish style lehengas now.


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