15 Inexpensive Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Jewellery Box

Its been a long time since I wrote anything on the wedding gifts, but then you know how busy I was with the other posts…so anyhow. Here it is…This is the third…oh wait…no….this is the fourth in the series of the 101 Wedding Gifts for the Bride & Groom. If you have missed out on any of the first three posts, you can quickly find the links to it here.

Every bride and groom get gifts which they open, have a look and then either give away later on to someone else on their wedding (don’t lie, it happens) or simply keep it aside to never ever having to look at it again. Everyone loves certain gifts and have those why-did-they-give-me-this gift kind of feeling for the rest of the gifts.

Keeping this in mind, I am going to share with you’ll some of the sure shot gifts that you know are not going to go to waste. Sounds fun haan?  So let’s have a look…

These are the 15 useful wedding gift ideas that you must try gifting to someone you love.


#1 Jewellery Box

DIY Jewellery Box - Useful Wedding Gift

A bride is never going to get enough of this. A newly wed bride is going to loaded with antique jewellery, gold as well as her own collection of funky jewellery. No matter how many jewellery boxes she has, an additional one will always be welcome for sure. So go ahead and gift her one.

Another thing you can also do is make a jewellery box on your own…total DIY. There are tons of ideas you can make use of here. Take any regular box and wrap it up with any traditional saree print cloth and put laces, stones etc to give it a traditional look. If its a close friend getting married – this gift for sure is going to have triple the value and sentiment added just for that extra effort.


#2 His & Her Watch Set

His & Her Watch Set - Useful Wedding Gift

This is a very common gift for the bride and groom, and most might say an expensive one too. True. But a watch is a watch. You can do all sorts of mix and match from a local store put it in a nice box and voila, you have a gift for the bride and groom. Everything doesn’t have to always be a Michael Kors or a Gucci to make sense 😛

If you can pitch in with a friend of yours, then you can definitely opt for this option !


#3 Watch Box

Personalized Leather Watch Box Valet Case - Useful Wedding Gift

Now, if you think his & her watch is totally out of budget, worry not…if watch is not possible, just go for a watch box 😀

Somebody somewhere always gives his and her watch set to the bride and groom. Its a done to death option but one always receives this gift and it definitely ranks super high on usability. So why not go ahead and gift a good looking watch box? Depending upon whether you are gifting the bride or the groom, you can accordingly decide the kind of watch box you wish to gift.


#4 Accessories – Bag, Clutch, Wallet, Earrings, Bracelet etc

Gold and pearl hoop earrings. Indian fashion. Useful Wedding Gift

A girl – woman – bride can never get enough of this. Depending upon your budget, you can either choose a stylish clutch that the bride can add as an accessory to her trousseau or give a set of statement earrings with neck-piece or/and bracelet.

There are lots of stores where you can find real gems at reasonably good prices. Or the best option is to head over to Colaba Causeway or Bhuleshwar and pick up gorgeous pieces that you know everybody is going to love. You could also do like a hamper of trinklets – rings, toe rings, earrings, brooch etc. You have a world of options.

Indian bridal jewellery. Clutch, bangles - Useful Wedding Gift

I particularly love the combo of a nice statement earring with somewhere matching kind of a indian clutch. Now, every bride needs some traditional pieces in her closet. What can be a better combo than this? Nowadays a pretty jhumka from Colaba or Bhuleshwar can come for a maximum of Rs. 400 (if you cant negotiate), that plus a clutch, and it will definitely not cost you more than Rs.1100 bucks.


#5 Make Up Box/ Organizer/ Cosmetics Box

Make Up Container - Useful Wedding Gift

You could either buy this or instead make one yourself and put in actual make up items in the box. That can work too. Again, very high on usability, a bride is definitely going to need this one. Can’t get a better gift than this. Somehow the make up products just pile on during wedding times, and no matter how much the bride is used to make up…she is definitely going to need additional boxes to put her stuff.

DIY Magnetic Make Up Board - Useful Wedding Gift

Magnetic Make Up Board

While browsing I also loved this idea of make up frame. Just get any old empty frame from a store – the more rugged torn look, the better… Now put adhesive two side tape on different places and cut circular papers and write on it different make up items from blush to eye shadows etc etc and stick it on. The bride would know what to do with it then.

If you still have some gift money left, put it a demo make up product onto the board just to make the concept more clear. She is going to love this one !


#6 Bangles Box

Bangles Box - Useful Wedding Gift

Another super essential gift for any new bride to be. Normally in our traditions, mums and mum-in-laws gift the bangles box…but it nevertheless makes for a good gift. A bangles box comes pretty reasonable, so instead you could buy the box and actually put in some funky bracelets and bangles in the box as well.


#7 Pedicure/ Manicure Set

bridal shower gift basket ideas - Useful Wedding Gift


A pedicure/manicure set makes for a good bridal gift. You could alternatively mix it up with some foot lotions, moisturizers etc to make a hamper out of it too. If you don’t wish to do that much mehnat, go for combos as you can see one below. Since, its priced economically, you can include something additional along with this foot care kit.

Foot Care Kit - Useful Wedding Gift

This foot care kit is available on Giveter.com for just Rs.505


#8 Apparels – Saree, Stole, Dupatta

Saree - Useful Wedding Gift

A saree is an evergreen gifting option to give any bride. No bride can have enough of this. If the budget permits you, or even in the price range of Rs.1000, nowadays you can find beautiful pieces to gift to any bride. Have a look online and see if you can find anything in plain chiffon with border or art silk – they normally come in the price bucket and look fresh and young.

Phulkari Dupatta - Useful Wedding Gift

You could also gift a gorgeous heavy work dupatta or stole to the bride. She will love it. These pieces normally cost quite high, something that one doesn’t just buy on a normal day – but getting it as a gift is just perfect 🙂


#9 Make Up/ Beauty Care Hamper

Depending on the budget, you could mix this up. You could include beauty care products, lipsticks or lipbalms, moisturizer, perfume, nail-polish, blush etc etc and also add in other economical options like chocolates, cookies etc to fill up the hamper. Some useful things and some yummy things.

A hamper is always exciting because you keep taking out small-small treasures from inside, and its always a lot of fun to play around with this concept even for the guest who is gifting it.


#10 Massage Oils Hamper

I know this option is a little uummm….that…but, I mean why not. A newly wed couple are definitely going to thank you for this gift pack. You could pick this up from any of the local spa outlets or Body Shop. Makes for the perfect gift for them to use it on honeymoon or whenever.


#11 Premium Coffee

Coffee time... the perfect cup - Useful Wedding Gift

Everyone gifts sweets and chocolates, so why not gift something different. How about premium coffee packs? Whether you love starbucks, or CCD you can get premium coffee packs from anywhere and they make for a perfect gift. Not to mention, for the next one month or so, every morning while sipping coffee, the bride and groom are going to be thanking you for the lovely gift 🙂


#12 Hand Fan

Wooden Hand Fans - Useful Wedding Gift

Ok, I know this doesn’t really come under useful – but think again…it can, right? Also, you get such beautiful pieces in intricate designs, how can you resist? I think its a wonderful accessory if not anything else that a bride must have with her. Brings back the old world charm, doesn’t it?


#13 Tie & Cufflings Set

This is kind of boring but every groom is going to make use of this. So, if you want a easy way out then you should probably go for this one. You know for sure that no matter what, the groom is going to keep this with him and make use of it. May be in one of the formal dinners with his wife somewhere? *fingers crossed*


#14 Chocolates & Cheese Hamper

Say Cheese Holiday Gift - Useful Wedding Gift

Forget about all the other options. If any newly wed couple get this as their gift, be sure that this is the one that is going to get used the most. This is my personal favorite. I don’t know why this combo is not so famous, but I seriously feel this is like the deadliest and the most fattening of the gifts.

Just because the wedding is over, doesn’t mean one has to stop celebrating, right?


#15  Box to keep essentials

Valet or dressing box - Useful Wedding Gift

Ok, so I don’t know what this thing in the image is called, but its super duper useful. My fiance got something very similar on the engagement, and he loves it. More so, its useful for men in general, because they tend to misplace their belongings rather quickly. So, gifting them something like this – the wife is going to definitely thank you for this present !

You can get this on Giveter.com or Flipkart in different colors priced at somewhere close to 1000 bucks.


What do you think of these wedding gift ideas? Anything particular you liked?

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