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by Namrata Nautiyal
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Its my day off today and I thought lets leave all the wedding planning, work, work related phone calls aside. I will do whatever I wish to do today. Even learning to cook is off my radar for now. [Mummy is not happy, and neither is the fiance…haha] But that’s how happy today is for me. After all the lehenga debacle, even you will agree that I need this.

So after a lazy breakfast and some important mails to be sent out (there is no escape from this everr) I sat on my laptop, watched a movie and found some amazing outfits just for you. Now, you already know from the title that I am going to be talking about Biba, one of my favorite brands today.

What you may not know is how much I love this brand. Just to give you an idea, I wore a Biba outfit the very first time my Pa-in-law came to our house to have a look at me. Yes I sat in front of him twitching my fingers in anticipation wearing a super comfortable – super chic Biba asymmetric outfit. I just put it on, sans any makeup (I don’t know how to do any make up ) and left my hair open. Wore one gold ring and a gold stud. That’s it. I guess he liked me coz now I am marrying his son !

I remember the minute I went in front of him, he said, “Beta, you look beautiful“. I have tears in my eyes revisiting that memory right now. The moment was so emotional for me. I had to practically hold back my tears even back then for fear he might feel, his to-be bahu is a total rotlu 😛

But at that moment, even with Pa-in-law complimenting or not complimenting, what I felt was beautiful and confident in my skin. I knew I didn’t have to try hard to look appealing, the outfit just did it for me.

I had heard this from so many people, that Biba is for mummy’s and chachi’s…and Biba is worn by every second person, you can spot a Biba from a kilometer distance. True. All of it. But what is also true is that as a young girl – young bride-to-be as well, Biba’s collection just never ever fails.

Each one of their outfits just makes you radiate in your own skin. No matter what is your body type, they have something for everybody. From flared anarkalis, to straight suits and designer pieces from Rohit Bal’s collection, I truly feel their collection is a one stop shop for picking up regular wear to occasion and sometimes party wear too.


P.S. I think at this point I should tell you that this is not a sponsored post 😛 I genuinely love the brand and swear by it. Want to know why? -> Check out some of the awesomeness below:


#1 Green Viscose Asymmetric Suit Set


I love this outfit for the colors and the print and the whole look 🙂 Is a simple outfit which can be worn casually as well as to a puja or a sangeet party where you don’t wish to look overtly dressed up. Either ways this suit is perfect to have in the wardrobe to be used on multiple occasions. This piece is priced at Rs. 2250 after 50% discount !


#2 Pink Cotton Flared Suit Set


Now I know at first glance it looks a little mummy ke liye types…but seriously, if you also try it on…it will look very simple and elegant. Its after all how we let our perceptions play with our mind. I can totally see myself in this one for a summer day out. Its cotton, and pink and perfect to just keep for one of those casual day outs.. Oh, also the price is just too tempting…Rs. 1679 only after 40% discount…

The same piece is also available in blue color.


#3 Green Polyester Asymmetric Suit Set



I love this outfit simply for the fluidity of the fabric colors. Given the simplicity of the outfit, team it up with some statement jewellery pieces to look absolutely stunning. This piece is at a steal deal of Rs.2000 only after 50% discount !


#4 Pink Cotton Anarkali Suit Set


Ok. Let me tell you upfront. This piece is expensive. Its priced at Rs. 6250 after 50% discount ! But if this is ok by your budget standards, by all means I think this will make you look stunning no doubt. Keep it for your trousseau piece or wear it for a sangeet, mehendi function this outfit is evergreen and will never go out of style.

If at all this is too expensive for you, don’t worry…there are more affordable pieces that I have shortlisted for you…keep scrolling 🙂


#5 Blue Cotton Kalidar Suit Set


Another awesome pick priced at an affordable rate of Rs. 1750 only after 50% discount. You can definitely keep this ready to wear outfit in your casual wear collection. At such an economical price to get an entire suit set is a steal deal.

Also, I should tell you that the fabric material of Biba is always amazing. I still have a cotton kurti from Biba which I had bought when I was in college (6-7 years back). The color the fabric is still the same. I still wear it and the look has still not faded. So an investment at Biba is definitely worth it. I can totally vouch for it.


#6 Green Cotton Anarkali Suit Set



I love this outfit for its lime and lemoni green colors. It makes for the perfect summer outfit. I think every bride along with having fancy heavy wear needs to have sober simple shaded outfits in her trousseau. This piece is priced at Rs. 2150 only after 50% discount.


#7 Beige Cotton Anarkali Suit Set


Fan of the jacket anyone? Since I have broad shoulders, I don’t really like the jacket style, but this particular outfit blends the jacket perfectly with the designs at the bottom of the Anarkali. I think it neatly evens out the style. This piece is priced at Rs.2150 after 50% discount! The jacket is in authentic jacquard fabric, it gives the much needed oomph to the otherwise sober look.


#8 Majenta Polyester A-Line Suit Set



Looking for something a little more heavy looking than the sober cotton suit sets? Then this is definitely a nice pick priced at Rs.1998 only after 50% discount. I love the front cut in this suit. Its a nice change from the done to death side cuts.


#9 Pink Cotton Silk Kalidar Suit Set aka (awesomeness by Rohit Bal)



I love the color of this outfit. So royal. But I especially love the two sleeve type styling. A very hatke outfit, perfect to be worn on sangeet or mehendi function. But this piece is definitely a little on the pricey side given its a designer piece. Its priced at Rs.7975 after 50% discount! Yikees. But what to do. Pretty pieces are at a pretty (steep) price.


#10 Deep Red Cotton Silk Anarkali Suit Set


A deep red and black will always be in fashion. A perfect evening wear outfit. This piece can be yours for Rs. 5475 after 50% discount. A little pricey I know, but the piece is gorgeous, don’t you agree?


#11 Orange Cotton Silk Anarkali Suit Set


Loving the orange gold look? Me too 🙂 Be sure you are going to dazzle in this gorgeous anarkali. A must have trousseau piece for any bride-to-be. This outfit is priced at Rs. 6250 after 50% discount. A little pricey but it sure does look equivalent to party wear I feel? Don’t you agree?


Which ones of these are your favorite? Yes, I said (ARE). Are you a Biba fan too?

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