I found my Wedding Lehenga ! …and then…

by Namrata Nautiyal

Someone STOLE it !!!  😥  😥  😥

So, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you would know that I had gone to the Seasons sale which started yesterday. They had written in big block letters in today’s newspaper that the store opening time was 10:30 am. I was waiting for this sale to start for quite some time now. In fact, I was dead sure if I want to get my Wedding Lehenga (non-designer), this is going to be the place. No other store comes even close to what these guys can offer in the price range. Mind you – ready to wear, fully stitched – with designer worthy blouses ! [All inclusive pricing]

So when I woke up this morning…I thought lets have a good breakfast and then go aaraam se with my mum. I knew between the two of us, we would be able to select my wedding lehenga. It took us around an hour to reach the place only to be welcomed by this sight !

Seasons Sale

The line was so long…one can’t even see the store…This is at 12 noon…

Seasons Sale


In my head – This looks like Lalbaug cha Raja ka line. Or is it like Shirdi Sai Baba’s queue. Either ways this is NOT good.

On close inspection I saw 90% were excited Gujarati women and I understood, I am doomed. Given the choice, gujarati women can wear Lehengas on a normal day also 😛 (just kidding) Anybody coming out of the store was carrying like 6-7 bags filled with stuff. It looked like “raashan-ki-dukaan” where the shopkeeper was giving one pe two free. Was INSANE !!

Anyhow, after travelling for such a long distance I still thought – this is not my cup of tea…cannot be standing in such a queue. I mean its Bridal Lehengas I am planning to buy – not some fancy top from Sarojini Market !

So, instead I went into Paanihari – the store next door. It was also on sale – (upto) 40% off. The place was empty. Well, in comparison to Seasons I think even the roads looked relatively empty  🙄 Anyhow, so I did see two lehengas which were really good. Like loved-loved it good.. It was totally antique look tomato red Lehenga in the price range of 30-35k. I spent almost close to an hour or so in this store trying to judge which one would be better.

Indian Couture - Tarun Tahiliani

Source – Tarun Tahiliani, Pinterest It was something like this…full body work in the tomato red color…but a Lehenga format…

One was completely red with gold all over it…looked very simple elegant yet beautiful…and the other was a little jhattang – red with green…although the later ones skirt was definitely more gorgeous. So I kept wearing one after the other admiring myself in front of the mirror. The salesman was quite helpful to the point where he thought I was pakka-pakka going to buy then and there. But the minute we told him that making the decision right away is not possible…he got really pissed off…which I think was totally uncalled for…


After all, I am buying my Wedding Lehenga…its not some random thing…that I can decide just like that!


I feel like screaming this out loud to all these ‘attitude’ store salesman. I don’t know what they think of themselves. Besides, I haven’t seen this attitude anywhere else for any other expensive category – like gold or sarees. Everyone knows that it takes time to decide on these things…but others are not fussy…so what the hell !

We came out of Paanihari…(if I don’t find anything the next time I go to Seasons, I think I am just going to pick the Paanihari one) and after much ifs and buts, we finally decided to stand in the Seasons queue.

#red #lehenga Minus the gold border.

Source – Pinterest I have a feeling this is my color…I just love it…traditional or whatever…its just so awesome, isn’t it?

It took us a little more than an hour to finally get into the store. While waiting for our turn, I started chatting with the security..who told me that people had started coming by 7am !!! The only good time to come is either late evenings like 8pm or come early morning like these guys 😕

When we finally got in, I think there were close to 700-1000 ladies inside and there was absolute mayhem going on. With outfits being thrown from one side to another, snatching and hoarding I saw it all in one day. Me and my mum quickly tried to go downstairs to the Lehenga section – where again it took us 20 mins just to reach there because of the crowd. I saw people buying Lehengas by the dozen…I have no idea what they were doing.


Lehengas were in the price range of flat 3000 – 4000 – 12000 – and then 30%, 40% and also 60% in many cases. This was sale in the real sense!

It was really really tiring to look through the pieces. Now I have understood why the salesman told me earlier that during sale season – no trials – no alterations – no exchange (even in case of damage). They even went on to the extent of hiding their mirrors with racks and racks of Lehengas…just so people wouldn’t take time deciding.


The rule was – PICK AND GO ! 


Even with all the chaosness, I think I still managed to look through most of the designs which were still hanging on the shelves. I picked this beautiful dark blue raw silk Lehenga with velvet red blouse complete in zardozi work. Price – 41200. After discount – Rs. 28000 ! Perfect !!


See the work on the Lehenga skirt…this one had something very similar…but with a maroon blouse and blue dupatta. Source – Weddingstoryz.com

It was gorgeous as hell ! The only reason why I was toying with it for a long time in the store was because I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. There were NONE in the store ! I finally managed to find one and I don’t want to brag but I felt so beautiful just putting it on me… I am crying actual tears now…like really crying 🙁

So I decided that this is probably the best one I have seen so far and one that is actually fitting my budget. The only part where I was a little skeptical was the color. It was dark blue and I am having a night wedding. I was a little unsure of how it would turn out. But even then the blouse and the work on the skirt was so stunning, I knew I would look fabulous in it.

Another example of zardozi work.

I am a fan of zardosi work…it just gives such an opulent feel to the outfit…Perfect for the Wedding Lehenga. Source – Pinterest

So I finally decided to buy it ! Yes…I decided this is the one…I told the salesman and he helped by putting it neatly in the plastic bag and kept it somewhere near us. The next thing I saw a beautiful gold and velvet maroon Anarkali which was also on discount…it was originally for like 26k but after discount was coming out to be 17k. It was so beauiful my mum was like, it looks almost reception worthy. So after 5 mins of deep thinking, I decided lets pick this one up as well. I can wear it for my Kolkata reception. [Oh yes, I am having the grooms side reception there 🙂 ]

It was all so perfect…the salesman put the Anarkali as well in the plastic sheet and when I told him ok, we are done give us both…my Wedding Lehenga…my dream lehenga was gone. Right from under our nose…nowhere to be seen. At that moment, I don’t know how to explain what I was feeling – its hard to explain…at first it felt funny – how can it disappear…then panic…they have just one piece…ONE! What are we going to do !!

The worst part – the salesman gave up instantly…said go find another one…its impossible to locate who took it…whoever has the hands on the lehenga…its theirs…no matter you selecting, you finalizing whatever…even if someone snatches from you and takes it away…its theirs.!

I was soo angry at that time. I left my mum standing there and went frantically searching the whole store…looking at everyones bags in hand…having that last ray of hope that may be someone must have taken it to have a look and then left it somewhere…or something…

I looked for close to an hour…searched everywhere but no couldn’t find it. Someone actually stole it.

Why am I so sure about that? Because the whole time, there were at least 3-4 ladies who came up to me asking me the price of the Lehenga – where I picked it up from – was I sure I was buying it…

Now I know, I was a fool to entertain their questions…to let them see the lehenga…hell I even asked the lady who was next to us to tell me what she thought of it. We may have looked away for like a few minutes at max, and somebody just flicked it right in front of us.

I know most of you may be like…its your fault, you should have held onto it tightly…true…but seriously who would have thought…its packed and put in package…that means its selected…its an expensive buy…which means nobody is hoarding it for no reason…and dammit it was my wedding lehenga… (I have tears in my eyes now)….How can someone do that to somebody !

I am just so angry right now even when writing this…I thought I would get over it…but I guess I am not. Its not an easy thing to get ‘the’ Lehenga, after so much of mehnat and going through so much hell…I came so close to getting my Lehenga and now its gone. Forever. It pains me right now. I know I have to go through the ordeal all over again.


Going into Seasons…finding that one Lehenga…it was almost like “bhagwaan ke darshan“.


Because it really is that difficult to find that one outfit which is just perfect. May be God has something better in store. I want to scream at Almighty right now saying – you better get me a better looking one in compensation to this crappy day. But I will refrain…till I actually find one…I don’t want to unnecessarily unleash his wrath!

If God wanted to send me a message, may be he is trying to say…

#1 I will get you a better one, just wait a little bit longer….or

#2 You were in two minds over that blue color anyways, so why cry over it… or

#3 Paanihari is your true calling…go there… or

#4 I don’t want to see you getting married in a Lehenga, go buy a Banarasi Saree  😯 (Hey Bhagwaan!)

#5 Or was it just so I could have one additional post to put up on the blog !!! <- If this is the option, then its very very rude of you ! 🙁


You know what I want to ask you guys –

While Paanihari Lehenga was simple elegant and at the same price as Seasons gorgeous heavy looking Lehenga… which one would be better? The one which one can tell is expensive and rich looking or one that really highlights on my skin tone and me overall but can be said is not too expensive?

How to decide? Both were pretty…but does money precede classiness? 

Help guys…HELP !!!

Sale Alert Seasons


Oh, btw, if anyone wants to buy Bridal Lehengas…of course please visit Seasons between 7th August and 18th August. Those are the sale dates. Also, a little birdie told me that Monday they are going to add to their collection…so probably that will be a good day to go 🙂

Let me know if any of you’ll do visit and if you find anything which is worthy enough…Would love to hear about it… 🙂

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Anuja Shah August 10, 2015 - 12:48 pm


Even i am angry reading your post- I mean how can someone do that? Steal some1’s lehenga? I mean ofcourse they paid for it- bt someone else had selected it so courtesy demands that u wait for the person to take their decision…and even if we assume that the person may have thought that you may have decided not to buy the lehenga since u have kept it aside- atleast ask before picking it up….

Neways, see whats gone is now gone— so dont think about it? I am sure there is somethin better in store for u. Also u had midnight/navy blue colour in your engagement outfit as well, so may be it will be good if u get a different colour for your wedding outfit, plus you were confused whether the blue will look good in the night… so dont b disappointed – i m sure you will end up getting somethin better.

and for the question you asked— buy the one which you feel looks good on you- rather than worrying bout wat will look expensive— coz i personally believe that if u will wear somethin which suits your skin tone, is ur style and u feel looks good on you, you will be happy inside out n that radiance will show on your face… n as far as the others are concerned- ppl whom u r close to n who really luv u – will find you beautiful on ur weddin day, no matter wat, n even if u buy a 1-3 lakh outfit there will always b the other kind of ppl at your wedding- who will find ‘nooks’ with your outfit- if u wear a simple classy elegant outfit – they ll go o itna light lehenga pehna- or o designer nahi pehna – n if u wear an heavy one they ll go – lehenga main work kaisa hai- itna zyaada kaam kia hua hai- kitna gaudy hai, iska usse kaafi better tha – etc etc etc… inshort watever u ll wear they ll come up with reasons to criticize u n the outfit…. and it’s your wedding so wear only wat u like and wat u feel will look good on you.

And incase you like both the outfits equally, then decide basis the jewellery u r plg to wear – if u are gonna wear real jewellery- u may have already bought it or atleast would kno the budget for it – so can gauge k how big it would b in terms of the necklace n earings size- so incase u r wearing real jewellery (which in most of the cases wont b as huge as the artificial one’s) u can opt for an heavier lehenga so that it will impart an overall bridal look so that aesa na ho plain lehenga n small set main woh desired bridal look na aaye.

In the second scenario- if u r plg to wear artificial jewellery or a mix of both real n artifical- then relax- close ur eyes n imagine the look you want for your wedding – if u want like the quintessential sabya bride look – complete with matha patti, nose ring n all then u can opt for the lighter lehenga coz then the accessories will give a bridal look…. if you r not those kinds who likes wearing too much of accessories- then opt for simple n smaller accessories n a heavier lehenga.

My personal take would b to buy wat you liked the most, irrespective of whether it ll look heavy or not. and as far as the price is concerned in normal scenarios i would always compare two thins by thinkin both are priced the same bt this is more heavier so i go with the heavier one, afterall same price pe heavier look de raha hai, but dont do that for your bridal lehenga- as long as its in your budget go with the one you like the most- afterall its your day – You should be satisfied n happy with your purchase. 🙂

Frugal2Fab August 11, 2015 - 8:34 pm

Haan, I am over it now. Like you said, since blue was already there in my engagement outfit, I was not too upset about the outfit…I was already in two minds…but it was kind of a gorgeous looking Lehenga…so may be a little pissed off at myself >_< From what I saw at Seasons, people who came with the intention of hoarding outfits from Lehengas to Anarkalis, Kurtis and even kids wear...I think the sale was meant for them...not for the - take your time and choose your pick...So I have decided I will visit them during their fresh stock arrivals... As far as jewellery is concerned...have not yet decided...mum wants me to wear real, I like the artificial ones more...so may be a mix? Don't know...will see what suits me and the outfit... Also, you are so right about people talking no matter what...I think eventually it all boils down to what makes you happy on the wedding day...and I am going to pick just that...so thank you so much for reiterating the same...I just needed to hear that from someone...its reassuring 🙂 With all the wedding madness on, you just lose track at times...it just gets soo tiring at times...but I have come to realize that the wedding is not about the Lehenga or the decor or anything else...its about celebrating the start of something absolutely wonderful...I think I am going to take this time to enjoy more with the fiance and my family and be less fussy and annoying about the Lehenga... 🙂

The Wedding Lehenga Story - Where & How I found it ! - Frugal2Fab May 18, 2016 - 9:19 am

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