Fall in love with the StalkBuyLove Maxi Dresses

by Namrata Nautiyal

From the time the monsoon sale has begun, I have been keeping an eye out for little treasures. This is the time when one should go crazy on shopping – especially online shopping as you can get some of the best deals of the market.

I have always for some reason been stuck on Maxi Dresses for a long time now. For my height (I am 5’7), somehow maxi dresses look much better on me than a regular short dress. For this very reason, I have practically scourged the internet looking for statement pieces which otherwise would be not worth buying on any other regular day.

While popular online websites like Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra etc etc give tons of options, also not to forget affordable options…its always a struggle to not pick up the common ones which everyone is opting for. We always want to look a little ‘hatke‘ don’t we? The more unusual the outfit, the more compliments and questions one gets asked like where did you buy this from…how much…looks stunning etc etc. After all, who doesn’t wish to get compliments now…eh?


One of my absolute new favorites for the past few seasons is StalkBuyLove. I just happened to have a chance encounter on their site and since then, I am in love with their collection. If you are tired of looking at same old boring kind of styles, then this site is a must visit !

From florals to absolute doll like cute bows, this website is sure to bring back the girliness quotient in your wardrobe. I have personally bought a few pieces from their website, and they are simply amazing. The fabric, fit and look is ditto what they show on the website. Also, I must tell you, their outfits are sized as per regular standards. Don’t second guess by seeing the models assuming the clothes won’t fit you. I was initially too skeptical, but their outfits fit like a dream, I can assure you !

So without further ‘gyan’, lets checkout some of my personal favorites from their collection… 😀


#1 Black Grace Maxi Dress


Are you a fan of the lace fabric? This piece is by far my absolute favorite from their collection right now. Do me a favor and click on the link to see more pictures of the dress. I think it makes for a stunning evening outfit. Don’t you agree? The red overall with the black lace increases the oomph factor to another notch altogether.

This piece is currently priced at Rs. 2149 which I think is a little steep. But if you really-really like the piece, use the coupon code SBLCD400 and get a cool Rs.400 bucks off on the dress. Good stuff, eh? 😀


#2 Grace Maxi Dress


Ok, so I already own this piece from StalkBuyLove and let me tell you, I love-love it. I have worn it to death to every possible event – (christian) wedding, dinner with fiance, or simply slipped in on when I want to look slightly fancy as compared to a regular maxi dress.

This outfit is already on 20% discount priced at Rs. 1719. I don’t recall at what price I bought it at, but it was something similar. I especially love the satin belt design on the waist…it lifts the monotone look so aptly. Doesn’t it? Simple yet so elegant I would say.


#3 Monochrome Rachel Maxi Dress


Isn’t this like the perfect fancy office outfit – can be worn both to work as well as to a after work party. Whites and black never go out of fashion and this one definitely fits the bill. Works both ways – as a skirt top look as well as a maxi dress look. This stunning piece is priced at Rs. 1154 only. Its already on 30% so hurry !!!

This piece is also present in the white – red format. But it is priced a little high at Rs. 1699



#4 Gwen Maxi Dress


I loved this outfit for the soothing look it radiates – not to forget oozing the hotness factor all thanks to its sexy back…or rather almost backless. Click on the link to check it out. If you are the daring kinds, who wants to wear an outfit which plays between pretty yet sexy, then this outfit is the best fit. Priced at Rs. 1849, this outfit is sure to get you lots of smiles and compliments.

I especially like the fact that the skirt is not see through from knee down. A lot of maxi dresses nowadays have this concept of see through – and I for one am not too much of a fan. So, if you are also looking for something similar, then this dress is a must check !


#5 Red Two to Tango Maxi Dress



Buy the valentine outfit now itself? I would say why not? Although a dress like this, I don’t know if it will quite stay in the closet till valentines.. 😛 I feel this is a must keep outfit for any bride-to-be. (See, how I brought the focus back to the wedding…hahaha)

This outfit is priced at Rs. 1699 only ! I wish I had the guts to carry this off…but I still so badly want to own this piece..What about you?


#6 Maritime Maxi Dress


Honeymoon outfit anyone? Stripes will never go out of fashion and while choosing the wrong kind of stripes can sometimes turn out to be a disaster…this one definitely doesn’t fall in that category. Dress up in this outfit for brunch or to a day time event with your hubby and be sure to totally rock the look. This outfit is priced at Rs. 1599


Are you also a (big) fan of Maxi Dresses? What do you think of these outfits? Love any of them? 


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Anuja Shah August 7, 2015 - 10:57 am

Hey, I love love them 🙂 Specially the strips one and the classic black n white one. Wats the return policy of stalk buy love?

Frugal2Fab August 8, 2015 - 12:30 pm

Hello 🙂
The return policy of StalkBuyLove is the standard kind..I think I received my products within two weeks…which is kind of late but bearable I guess. They give you store credit if you return the product with damage…or you could alternatively ask for a refund as well. I have also on one occasion spoken to their customer care, they are pretty decent 🙂 So, don’t worry this site is good to place orders with !

ash November 7, 2016 - 11:47 am

nice! thanks for sharing!


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