Finding an accommodation for the Wedding Guests (Part 1)

by Namrata Nautiyal
Accommodation for the Wedding Guests

You know I have my wedding coming up in December. One of the first things that was giving me nightmares was finding the proper accommodation to house my 150 odd guests. Yes 150!

This was a more pressing concern for the moment more than even finding my wedding venue. You see my hubby-to-be hails from Dehradun and most of my folks are in Orissa. So when you count both side guests who would be attending the wedding it actually turns out to be that much.

Accommodation for the Wedding Guests

When I sat down and came up with this head count, frankly it scared the daylights out of me. Anyone would agree that having such a high number to manage that too in a city like Mumbai is not going to be an easy task, let alone reasonable.

At first I looked at everything from budget hotels to service apartments, even empty flats in and around my residence. But nothing was turning out to be good enough. It felt more like a compromise than anything good. If the prices were high in some place, then the location for another was not fitting well.

Service apartments to a great extent was solving the problem, as it allowed for families to reside and was comparatively cheaper than a hotel. But I couldn’t find any facility where all 150 could be housed in + I knew managing multiple locations would get really tedious on the wedding days.

I had to also keep in mind the travel arrangements to and fro to the venue and back, then food and multiple housing arrangements and I realized that this would get totally botched up.

I have always dreamed of having a one housing destination where everybody would stay and enjoy together just like how farmhouses work in Delhi weddings. You pack up everything and move into a farmhouse 2-3 days prior and have all your functions and events in that one place. Or for that matter how weddings at anybody’s hometown takes place, in the girls house with everyone joining in -> no headaches there.


But where and how was I to have that in Mumbai??


While Lonavala, Karjat like places are possible but there is a big cost attached to the whole thing. Taking your guests, your family, and expecting your friends and wedding guests to actually come all the way is too much to ask. Not to forget the farmhouse cost, event planning, decorators and everything else. Plus my wedding happens to be on a Wednesday ! Who would even get the leaves to come all the way 🙁

So when I finally came across a place which boasts of 500+ rooms capacity along with a huge club house and open space right in walking distance from my residence, I couldn’t believe my stars.


Want to know more. Stay tuned 😛

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Anuja Shah August 3, 2015 - 10:39 am

Omg! That sounds like the perfect place to house all ur guests. Closer to the residence means closer to ur weddin venue, 500+ rooms, a huge club house and an open space in bombay …

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