11 Things to watch out before buying Budget Lehengas Online

by Namrata Nautiyal
Budget Lehengas Online

Don’t we all come across occasions where we wish to wear a low-mid budget Lehenga but are not sure of where to get one from. We invariably end up compromising by choosing an anarkali or an elegant saree in place of the Lehenga.

While physically searching all the stores in the city can definitely get exhausting after a while, a  brilliant option is to hunt for Budget Lehengas online. With online shopping really picking up over the past few years, there are a lot of good online shopping sites giving you a ton of options to choose from right from the comfort of your home.

There are a lot of advantages of choosing a Lehenga online as compared to from an in-store. So for those of you who are a little skeptical of spending so much online, remember that with online shopping, competitive pricing is the biggest factor.

When you go to any store, you may eventually give up on the prices thinking that this is the best rate possible and end up buying something not as worthy of the price. Don’t worry, happens to the best of us. But rest assured, online portal gives you a better deal ANYDAY on low-mid ranged Lehengas

Budget Lehengas Online


#1 Check the price of the SAME Lehenga on different websites before buying

Very important. This is my personal experience, where I have seen the same ditto Lehenga (same photo) priced at significantly different prices. While this price could be different because of varying sale %, but when this is not the case it’s a little baffling at times. See for yourself.

Budget Lehengas

The base price here is given as Rs.8000 whereas if you look below, it says Rs.13000 !


Budget Lehengas

In many cases such as this one, you will notice the base price itself is different. Here, the brand providing the ditto same lehengas are also different. One is Touch Trends vs. the other is Resham Fabrics. The only way of going about this is either read the customer reviews (if there is) and then buy or trust only from a good website even if the price is high. Why? Read further ->


#2 Check the details about Return Policy

Do not miss out on this AT ALL. You are buying an expensive product (Lehengas no matter how cheap are expensive by online shopping budget standards). It’s important to be sure that the website will be willing to take back their product in case of any issues be it look, length, damage, or even as trivial as color not appealing.

There are a lot of good websites which understand all these sentiments and will take back your product without much khich-khich, but all said, there are the other kinds too.

What’s worse is that you may have spent x amount of money on a website and now they might give you store credit which not everyone of us is comfortable with. Take my instance, I shopped for a grey saree from Fashionandyou and the product I received was beige in color. The whole returning exercise and getting back my money lasted almost 2-3 months !


#3 Be careful about Duplicates

I recently saw a gorgeous Lehenga worth 5k after discount from 6ycollective available on Snapdeal for almost 2k. What increases the confusion is that the snapdeal customer review for that Lehenga is excellent giving good feedback about outfit, material and style. So what do you do then?

Budget Lehengas

This ditto Lehenga was available on 6ycollective last season.

I feel trust your judgment in this case. A 6ycollective branded Lehenga is always going to be a 6ycollective piece. There is no replacing that. It’s like comparing a Sabyasacchi to a not-so-Sabyasacchi. The two will never be the same. So don’t expect it.


#4 Do not fall for celebrity look-a-like Lehengas

Oh the best one. “Do you want that Alia Bhatt Lehenga she wore for Manish Malhotra’s fashion show”, asked a Chandni Chowk salesman to me when I was in Delhi last time. While he did show me something which was far faaarrr from the ‘it’ Lehenga, you can’t judge the same online.

Alia Bhatt in Manish Malhotra

This Lehenga is another classic that I have seen on many-many websites.

In most cases, you will see the same celebrity photo pasted with the price slashed down to almost nothing at just a mere couple of thousand bucks. DO NOT invest in that. There is nothing that is truly FREE in the world.

Budget Lehengas


#5 Buy from a trusted online website ONLY.

This is the golden rule. The only exception to this is if your friends are personally recommending any website after usage. That makes it ok. But I would still ask you to be careful.

Off late, there are a lot of online budding websites coming up every day and while experimenting has its own perks, the risks are equally high. I would suggest keep the experimentation with smaller spending items in the beginning.

Now, you will ask how do I know which website is good or bad … read further ->


#6 Read the reviews for both the website and the garment you are buying

From the time the online madness has started, a good thing about it is that a lot of people are now vocal about their experiences, both good as well as bad. It’s as simple as typing onto google asking for reviews about a particular website or simply browsing through customer reviews on random products just to get a good idea. It really helps to build that confidence before hitting that pay button.

If not anything, search for the website’s company page on Facebook, it’s the next best option. All good Lehenga houses and websites have their page on Facebook. You can go through the number of people following, and get an overall feel of what people are saying about the company and their products.


#7 Read FAQs and shipping details before buying from a new online shopping website

This is just the continuation to being careful and confident about any website. You are spending a big amount, there is no harm in being sure.

FAQs, shipping details & fees, hidden costs etc is usually clearly written on any genuine website. Rather than having to deal with unwanted issues coming up later, be sure of what you are getting into. If you think the website is transparent enough with all its terms and conditions, then it’s worthwhile to invest your time browsing through their site.


#8 Stitched or Unstitched

Often on online shopping sites, you may see a model wearing a completely stitched lehenga, but in fine print it could be given that it’s an unstitched piece. The degree of unstitched also varies. Sometimes the lehenga (skirt) might come completely stitched so it’s ready to wear kinds but there are times when it could be open from the side i.e. you have to do one side stitch.

Budget Lehengas from 6YCollective

Also, note that the choli (blouse) almost never comes stitched. So that will be your added cost. Check for the length of the lehenga (skirt) before buying. You don’t want to end up getting something which will be ankle length!

Remember, everything looks good on models posing on pictures. The look may be very different for you when you actually try out the product.


#9 Read about the fabric before buying

Lehenga fabrics range from net to silk, chiffon, velvet, brocade. Basically there are a lot of choices. You need to know the fabric well. Some are stretchy while others are not. I for one love little touches of velvet, but you may not. It’s vital to find out.

Many a times a picture is not so clear about the fabric of the product. It’s very important that you read the product details before shortlisting your favorite Lehenga.


#10 Double check on POPULAR online shopping sites to get a better deal

My favorite one. Often what happens is one website might be having a flash sale while another might not on the same day. If you are planning to buy a Lehenga on that day, it would be profitable for you to pick it up from that website instead of unnecessarily paying more.

In most of the cases, you will find alternative websites giving you the same Lehenga. It’s good to be smart about spending your money properly.


#11 Also, don’t forget to check the SAME website for better deals on the SAME lehenga

I just happened to come across this Lehenga on Flipkart. On the same page, they have the same lehenga shown thrice with three different prices !  😕 Ideally, if you still wish to go ahead with the piece, then check for customer reviews before selecting the one. Customer reviews would be your best bet in this case to choose your Lehenga wisely.

Budget Lehengas


What do you think of these points? Have you ever had any bad experiences while shopping for Budget Lehengas online?


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Nitz July 29, 2015 - 2:32 pm

Much needed compilation it is…these pointz are mandatory to follow not only for lehenga shopping but also for ol kinds of attire as well!!!not me but many of my near ones had a disasterous xperience while shopping from many such sites who claim to sell the celebrity look a like attires…as i alrdy mentioned in one of ur posts dat i am v.particular while shopping from online stores n do not fall fir any piece no matter hiw tempting it z unless i read d reviews n word if mouth from near n dear ones…so luckily i dint had any bad xperience till now…n yeah i really want to know ur take on craftsvilla…have u ever ordered any stuff from that site?

Frugal2Fab July 29, 2015 - 6:05 pm

Hehehe…so true, I think for any kind of online shopping…all these points should be kept in mind. Its just that it becomes all the more vital when you’re shelling out a big amount online.

About Craftsvilla, seriously I have never purchased anything from that website till date. I myself want to meet someone who can tell me something about that site. I have seen only celebrity pictures and pinterest lehengas being sold on that site. Nothing of the normal kinds. On top of that, I have sometimes come across good reviews as well. Makes me wonder if the same guys from their team have put in the comments and reviews >_<

Anuja Shah July 29, 2015 - 3:32 pm

All the points totally make sense. I ve been contemplating a lot to buy lehenga’s online for an upcomin close frens wedding… however, the prob with the one’s i see on instagram and online websites is that the instagram one’s dont have an online presence so except for the client dairies they post u never know their genuineness – there is no review available. bt the advantage instagrammers have over the online website one’s is when u whatsapp them to place ur order – u can ask them to send u the actual pics of the lehenga- like the actual pic of the alia bhatt one – which will give u a fairly clear idea.

And for the online lehenga’s (flipkart, snapdeal etc) the celeb one’s like the first chitrangada one is way too common – its there everywhr- hell even aishwarya online has it, tho at a higher price. and same is the case with most of the common websites… now coming to the exclusive one’s like 6ycollective- the lehenga’s r really pretty at 5-6.5k bt the catch like u mention is the blouse stitchin cost and these days with u wanting deep backs n inbuilt cups -the stitchin is costly- and also at 6ycollective they charge extra for altering the length of the lehenga – so if v add up all the costs the 6.5 lehenga cost increases to around 9k-10k and in that price range u can get pretty lehenga’s from the stores in ur city. So i personally prefer not to buy lehenga’s online n rather go to the old city or the suburbs of ur city or even those really small shops in your city to get ur budget lehenga – trust me the lehenga’s there start at 2k and u will get wat u like from 4-5k.

Also, i have realised that the ghera n cut of the lehenga is really important and you cant get an idea of that when u buy it online.

Also, one more thin while buyin a lehenga online is always go for the one’s with work or embroidery n not just borders stuck together – coz its only then that u r gettin a budget deal – coz if u were to buy a fabric , get it dyed n get borders stitched to it by your local tailor it will cost u the same as the online deal (the 5k range wala – 1-2.5k wala is a steal – the fabric only costs that much). The one’s where some sort of work has been done is the real deal coz that will cost u much higher wen u ll get it customised even if its machine work.

Have u ever ordered a lehenga online? are there any website’s u totally rely on?

Frugal2Fab July 29, 2015 - 6:01 pm

Anuja, you’re bang on right about all your points. I think we are nowadays so caught up with heavy priced lehengas, that the minute we see something remotely ‘cheap’, we jump to buy it thinking its the best deal possible. I initially was really looking for getting my engagement lehenga in a tight budget. I thought online is my only option. But then I got mine from a local store next to my home. It was not even a Lehenga store. And I paid just 6k for it.

I think we have to understand that just because of some pretty borders and colors, the price cannot go exceptionally high. The cost of making it will still be really low. Nowadays people just charge random amounts in the name of simplicity and elegance.

I think like you said, blouse stitching, alterations etc can definitely cost a bomb specially if you want ‘designer’ kind of stuff. So, ideally it doesn’t make sense to invest less amount in a Budget Lehenga and then pay almost the same amount just to make it wearable.

I was quite inclined (actually still am) to get my wedding lehenga from seasons for this very reason. They give the entire set in the price quoted. Alterations, designer heavy blouse everything included. Hell, they even have the blouses ready for every single piece of Lehenga they have in their store. I think, cost wise that definitely does make a huge difference.

I have honestly never purchased any lehenga online till date because of fear of all these points. Who wants to really go through all these hassles. But my sister got a lehenga from 6ycollective and it was pretty good – full flared with good fabric. So that’s the only site I am remotely comfortable with for now.

Jabong is also my favorite but for other categories. I like the fact that they are not too fussy about return policies etc, but then the brands showcasing their lehengas on Jabong…we really don’t know about them…so I have no bharosa on them either to buy a Lehenga. No matter how cheap, even a couple of thousands is a big amount by online shopping standards…what if they end up just giving store credit..then one is stuck…

Anuja Shah July 29, 2015 - 7:09 pm

I feel u shud definitely go for an entire set for your wedding lehenga. Coz apart from the cost aspect (which is also v v imp), its a mental hassle too… I don’t like the duppata which came with my lehenga and its such a pain trust me… now at least once in a day on weekdays n n number of times on weekends i tend to think wat work shud i get done on the duppata – shud i go with the same colour as the original one or get a contrast one? shud i reuse the one i got with it as the one ill put on my head? if i do that will it look fine with the head duppata and the main duppata of the same colour? or shud i just leave the one i received for a suit and get two new one’s made? bt two duppatas will increase my cost… shud i go to another place to get my duppata’s made they will definitely b cheaper than the store i got the lehenga from… bt wat if they r unable to replicate the work or the colour of the work on the lehenga? it will b such a risk for ur main outfit wen all the eyes r on me…so if u like the entire set go for it gurl.

I love jabong too- infact i get most of my kurti’s from Jabong, the exchange is hassle free bt ya the store credit wala fight remains— one of my colleagues from office and her sister got semi-stitched suits from fashionandyou and she totally swears by them. I ve ordered for shoes from fashionandyou earlier bt somehow cant get myself to pay anything above 2k online.

Frugal2Fab July 31, 2015 - 9:25 am

I am wondering the same thing about dupatta..no store gives two dupattas… and just like you said, even in Seasons I have seen the same thing…dupatta is not heavy as their lehenga and blouse are full work…so their plain dupatta just kills the whole bridal look….but then, they are the only store where I have seen the entire lehenga stitched ready to wear…and their size fits me perfectly…no alterations required! So, I am just taking some time and visiting their store again n again. The day I just see the perfect one, I am just going to pick it up…this customizing n all, is not my cup of tea…it will turn out to be a major headache.

I have only had terrible experiences at Fashionandyou. From delayed deliveries lasting almost a month, bad customer service to getting incorrect stuff, I have been through it all. May be it was a one off case…coz even some of my friends are totally hooked onto fashionandyou. I don’t know, I stick to Jabong for 90% of my online shopping. Its just easier with them.


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