20 Inexpensive Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

by Namrata Nautiyal
20 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts

This is the third in the series of the 101 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas. If you have missed the first two parts of the gift idea series, you can read it here and here.

When I started with this series, the usual categories that came to my mind were home decor, kitchenware, and the easy one vouchers. But sometimes, for some special close friends we do think of ways to surprise them by gifting something totally out of the box. It could be anything from something totally DIY like a gift hamper or a personalized gift as well.

Keeping that in mind, I am sharing the 20 inexpensive thoughtful wedding gift ideas that you can opt for the next time you have your best friends wedding or for that matter anyone in close relation. Hope you like it 🙂

20 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas


#1 A Wedding Scrapbook

beautiful hand made wedding keepsake album. Lots more pics on the blog entry injoystampin.com blog

I think this is a must have for every bride. A little high on creativity, be sure the bride and groom are going to love this gift. A wedding scrapbook can document all the memories from the wedding, before and after as well. You could have pages for pictures as well as little notes to fill out.

I found a you tube video that was super helpful and made for such a beautiful thoughtful wedding scrapbook. Have a look here.


#2 Wedding Gift Basket

The thing I love about hampers is that you can get away with anything. From couple slippers to his and her items, personalized notes, based on your budget you can go crazy on this one. Nowadays the basket required to make a gift hamper is easily available in all major stores – you could either pick from there or use something that you already have at home as well. Wrap the basket using sheer fabric or fancy sequins fabric to give it the right amount of oomph.

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Alternatively, one can also think of doing theme gift baskets – such as luxurious bath set gift basket, kitchen set basket, gourmet wedding gift basket, beach basket, tea set basket, personalized basket, bedroom gift basket etc etc etc. You can do zillion things in this category.

I love the fact that this is a very custom idea where if you want to do a small gift basket that can also work out…just add some personalized touch to the gifting and it will surely be easy on the pocket + the newly weds are definitely going to cherish the gift much more as compared to some other standard gifting idea.


#3 Photo Tree Stand

A newly wed bride not only gets a new husband, she gets a new family as well. This photo tree stand just makes for the perfect gift idea for the bride to embrace her new life, her new family, her new relations. It just sends out such a warm feeling of – yes, she is part of the family now. You can be sure that the bride is going to love this gift from you. One can also use it just to display the bride and groom pictures as well 🙂


#4 Antique Frame

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Source – Etsy.com, Pinterest

I always feel a good frame never goes to waste. And what with newly weds starting on their new journey, this wedding gift idea ranks super high in the usefulness category. If you wish to go one step ahead, you could also put in one of their memorable pictures in the frame – something probably from their engagement, or a cute picture of them together. Everyone gets busy once the wedding is done – and this thoughtful gesture is for sure going to bring out a smile on their faces every time they take a look at your gift.


#5 Game Sets

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Ooooh…This is my current favorite. Wouldn’t you feel nice if someone gifted you a game set? We all are kids at heart somewhere. Whenever somebody is getting married, the words associated with marriage are responsibility, next step in life, officially adults now and all the heavy words like that. Wouldn’t it then be nice to somewhere remind the newly weds to not let go of their kiddi-ness.

You could think of gifting anything from Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, Checkers, Darts or a simple Chess Board.

Also, do leave them with little notes like – I know she is going to win. We are on the groom’s team etc etc….Something to bring out a playful competitiveness. They are going to absolutely love this gift from you. Also, you are playing a role in bringing the bride and groom closer as well 🙂


#6 Photo Lamp or Cube

Photo Lantern

Source – Pinterest

This is a pretty standard gift and one which you can easily find in any of the online stores as well as offline. While it is a common gift, it makes for a perfect decorative piece at home, where newly weds can display multiple pictures on a single object. They could even display some of their best wedding photos to their guests and then they wont need to always take out their wedding album in front of the guests 🙂


#7 Marriage Advice Notes or Books

Fun idea! In lieu of traditional guestbook

Source – Etsy

Now, you could do two different set of gifts in this. Either head over to goodreads, and pick out an actual marriage advice book for the bride and groom or you could also do a DIY box filled with quirky marriage advises. Some fun stuff basically. All you need to have is a little creativity and lots of funky stationary. That’s it and you are good to go 🙂


#8 Date Night Basket

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Date Night baskets are great gifting options to give your best friend on their wedding. If you know the bride or the groom personally, or both of them together then you can do all possible fun stuff in a date night basket. Fill it up with romantic comedy movie cds, chocolates, popcorn, playing cards, candles, candle holders, gift card for pizzas, cozy blanket perhaps? What do you think?


#9 His & Her Items

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Source – Etsy.com

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Source – Personalcreations.com

This is one of the most evergreen gift ideas to give any newly wed bride and groom. But the tricky part comes when you have to think of unusual his and her gift ideas. While mugs, slippers, towels, pillow cases and covers are the known ideas, try going for something a little different…say engraved key chains? We all know the newly weds need a new set of keys for their home, so why not gift them this super useful and super cute key chain as gift?

His and hers aprons

Source – Rebelmouse.com

In other gift ideas, you could also try gifting them with hubby-wifey matching aprons ! I don’t know about the groom but the bride is definitely going to love the gift 😛


#10 DIY Hampers

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

DIY Hampers are a super awesome thing to do for a close friend or a family member. No amount of buying an actual gift can ever match up to this. You can do personalized notes, greeting cards, photos and mix the hamper with confetti, chocolates to make it look attractive.


#11 Coffee & Chocolate Hamper

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Now who doesn’t like chocolates and coffee? Its one killer combination for sure. Rather than gifting the traditional mithaai, an awesome alternative is to gift all kinds of chocolates and premium coffee packs. Easy on the pocket, this is one gift that will never go to waste. If coffee packs are turning out to be expensive, you can also do simply chocolate hampers. One can even do this at home. I personally feel this is a better alternative to bouquets as well. What do you feel?


#12 Delivery of fresh flowers 3 days later?

Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas

Source – Bellethemagazine.com

Speaking of flowers, how about sending a bouquet of the brides favorite flowers 3 or 4 days after the wedding? Now, everybody gets a bouquet on the wedding day and naturally all the flowers would die out by the 3rd or 4th day all together. Wouldn’t it then be nice to surprise the bride and groom a couple of days later just to remind them that while the festivities may be over, the gifts don’t necessarily have to 🙂


#13 Matching Passport Holders

Mr and Mrs Personalized Leather Passport Cover in contrasting color combinations.

Now, a newly wed bride and groom would definitely be going out somewhere. How about gifting them an adorable matching passport holders. Isn’t it a cute idea to gift the newly weds? Check online for getting lots of varieties in colors and prints for passport holders. I think this is a must give wedding gift to any couple 🙂


#14 Charcoal Caricature of the couple

Bring life to your party celebration. You may wanna try hiring a caricature artist to draw the portrait of the bride and groom and let the wedding guest sign on it as they arrive. Wedding caricatures can be drawn up in full color or black line style.

Source – Weddingphotography.com

Get any of the couples pictures and get a caricature done. You could gift it as is or you could also put it up in a frame or a canvas and gift it. Your choice. Its such a cute gifting idea. Be sure the couple is going to split in giggles and will love this unusual gift from you. I personally feel the charcoal black and white caricatures look much better than the colorful ones. What do you feel?


#15 Make a candid video

I am a sucker for personalized gifts. I feel a personalized gift will always stand apart that a regular store bought gift. You could do a candid video with all your friends together talking about the couple, what you think about them as a couple, some wacky memories and some good wishes. This is one gift the couple will definitely cherish and thank you for a long time to come.


#16 A Selfie Stick

This is totally me at events.. GoPro with your phone because you are that cool of a kid!! WOOHH!

Now which couple doesn’t require a selfie stick for their post marriage photo sessions, may be honeymoon too? This is the gift of the year. I think every couple needs to have one selfie stick…and nowadays you get a good selfie stick online for like 800-1000 bucks. Its high on usability and the bride definitely is going to love this gift, if not for couple photos but for solo Instagram pics for sure 😛


#17 A Post Wedding Photoshoot?

Capture the scenery with the couple as a feature of the bigger picture (MK Photo)

Ok. I know this is a tricky one. But its again something I wanted to add on to the 12th point. All the camera flashes, gifts, festivities get over all at one go. Wouldn’t it then be nice to be getting a gift like this, which brings you back to reliving those memories?

I don’t particularly mean hire a professional photographer or so (I know that is too expensive), but you could provide your own service. Something like, this offer is valid for the next three months. Tell me time and date, and I will conduct your post wedding photoshoot entirely. I feel its a lovely gesture if you’re a close friend of the couple.


#18 Photo Frames – Wall Hanging

This is a standard gift idea, one which everyone loves. Its the safe option, you can say. Depending on your budget, you can go for as fancy and big photo collage wall hanging as you like or go for a single frame. I particularly like the ones which has different shaped frames to highlight certain pictures while also having small frames which will make the guests get up to get a closer look 🙂


#19 A framed Wedding Invitation

Frame their wedding invitation

Source – Buzzfeed.com

All the brides think at some point of time to frame their wedding invitation to make it last forever. As the wedding festivities go on, things get so tangled up that there is good chance that she might forget about it. Then how about you gifting her the perfect present that you know she is going to love. Take the wedding invitation and frame it in a nice elegant frame. She is surely going to thank you for doing the work for her 🙂


#20 A Honeymoon Travel Basket

Honeymoon Basket

Source – Northcarolinacharm.blogspot.com

Now isn’t this like a must give present to the bride and groom? You could add luggage tags, magazines, chocolates, his & her towels, sunscreen, lotions, lip balm, waterproof box to keep essentials, his & her flip flops, massage oils etc etc etc….You could do a whole lot  of things when it comes to gift hampers. You could be as creative as you like.


What do you feel about these wedding gift ideas? Would you opt for any of these the next time you are invited to a wedding?

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[…] 20 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas […]

Nitz July 23, 2015 - 12:54 am

BINGO!!!M A SUCKER OF PERSONALIZED GIFTS TOO…no matter what i buy from market to gift to mah loved ones…i end up putting mah hard work in to it…for adding dat EMOTIONAL touch to the present…i blv datz wat gifts are meant for!!!n datz wat diffrentiate gifts from materials…n hey!namrata i need few website links which provides services of the products mentioned above by u…thnx in advance

Frugal2Fab July 23, 2015 - 6:14 pm

Hi, The thing with all these thoughtful wedding gifts is, nobody provides you the options as is. One has to do the mehnat on their own 🙁
However, if you do want a personalized online store, then Giveter is your best bet. I have purchased lots of stuff (chocolate hamper, bride-groom slippers, his & her mugs) from them and they are pretty amazing. What you can do is buy all the small-small items from their site and then make a gift hamper.

You can also check out Creatiwitty Unlimited on facebook. They do personalized hampers and they are very very good. But they don’t sell online. So, you will have to get in touch with them. Do have a look at their stuff. May be you might get something there.

If you want to make something custom like a wedding scrapbook, then you can also check with EatTravelSplurge. I met them at a wedding exhibition, and they do all kinds of quirky stationary at amazing affordable prices. For antique frames, the best way is to walk down to a local frames store. If you dig a bit, you will find some rustic frames for sure, something he might wish to get rid of himself 😀

If there is any specific gift you are looking for, then let me know I will try to help you find some stores for that 🙂

Nitz July 24, 2015 - 12:13 am

hey…thnx a tonnn for the website link!

Frugal2Fab July 24, 2015 - 12:19 am

You are welcome! I hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

Nitz July 24, 2015 - 11:25 am

Actually! i needed assurance from someone about these online stores as i was bit skeptical considering many bad experiences mah frndz had while shopping from few such websites!!!but now since i got an approval from u…i m ol set to splurge on these sites

Frugal2Fab July 24, 2015 - 11:37 am

Y bindass go ahead. Giveter is pretty awesome. The owner of Creatiwitty Unlimited is a good friend. I have seen her brand grow…so you are in safe hands there also. And for EatTravelSplurge, I have actually seen their stuff. They are pretty awesome too. So you will definitely not face any problems with them either 🙂

Happy Shopping !

Jessica January 8, 2018 - 7:32 pm

Hey Namrata, You have listed amazing ideas for wedding gifts. Thank for sharing. Recently I got married and I can use your ideas to gift my husbancd on coming valentine… 🙂

Namrata Nautiyal January 10, 2018 - 10:48 am

I am glad you liked them Jessica 🙂 Congratulations on your wedding. I am happy some of these ideas are helping you plan your valentine. Enjoy & keep visiting!


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