What is the worst I can do to you, Lehenga Stores

by Namrata Nautiyal
Problem with Lehenga Stores

I have been trying to find my Wedding Lehenga for months now. I wanted to write this post on day 1 itself but here I am now. I am so angry at all these Lehenga Stores – all of them! Ask why? Because they don’t let you click pictures of their Lehenga. Now, if I ask the stores…


What is the worst that can happen if I click a picture of your ‘precious’ Lehenga?

Madam, aaj kal bahut copy hota hai. we don’t allow it. Ok. Fair point.

But, Store 1…if you yourself are showing me designs like Sabyasachi first copy at half the price like 40-50k, then who gives you the right to talk about copy at all? I find it so bizarre, you are allowed to copy from big designer labels, but potential customers can’t click a picture for fear of your so called ‘own’ design getting copied.

Let me tell you Store 1, just because you say that all the Sabyasachi rip offs are made in-house by your own team, it doesn’t really make it your own design. It is called COPIED. Period.

Sabyasachi Sparkly Gold #Lehenga. Image: Dwaipayan Mazumdar/Vogue. https://www.facebook.com/nikhaarfashions

Ok, now you may tell me that leave the designer rip offs, we cannot let you click pictures of our ORIGINAL designs. Theek hai. Fair point.

What is the worst I will do to you if I get a picture of your ‘original’ precious Lehenga design?

You will take it to your own designer and get the same piece made !

That’s your biggest fear? Seriously?!! Is that the level of faith you have in your product? Let me inform you, a copy is a copy. It never achieves 100% accuracy. Same way as one can always tell the difference between a Sabyasachi rip off vs. an original. May be not everybody, but most youngsters will.

Ok, I will not even talk about copying with big designer labels, even your store designs. It is not the easiest task to get 100% same to same ditto Lehenga. Whether you are a Chandni Chowk famous store or a Mumbai famous label. The rule applies to all.

We are brides-to-be. Do you really think we will take that risk with our own Wedding Lehenga !!! Now you may same some might…theek hai…but how many are those from the entire population….5%….10%…. For that number, you are ruining the life of the rest of us brides? !!!


Let me tell you, if I want to cheat you, I CAN cheat you. In more than one ways !

  • I can click pictures in the trial room. Its not with the intention to rip you off, but if I get to click pictures, I can show the photos to my mom and importantly, my mum in law who is in Delhi and get their opinion. Who knows, I might come back to your store after all. But without any pictures you are definitely at a bigger risk of losing out on a second chance for sure.
  • I could click a picture of the entire set of lehengas while you are busy getting me more lehengas….Is it possible to do that? Of course it is. You feel salesman are paying full attention but really, are they and that too at all times? How sure are you about that?
  • I can get my designer herself to come visit your store with me. No, I haven’t done that – just saying. Its totally possible. Now, you will say no designer actually comes like that…but how do you know? Uber is damn cheap these days…I will bring the designer in luxury and make her my aunt for the hour – you cannot do a thing. She will not only look at the lehenga, she will know in and out about the fabrics, colors, work …EVERYTHING ! And you know what…you cannot do a thing !
  • I will show a Pinterest picture of more or less 70% same looking Lehenga. Yes, it is totally possible. Dhoondne se sab mil jaata hai. Some designs take more time to find than others, but its totally possible. Everyday millions of pictures get added onto social media, you think your design is going to be that 0.05% exception? Good luck with that !


Oh btw, you know how I went and attended a Wedding Exhibition yesterday. I saw at least 5 stalls which openly copied Anushree Reddy floral concepts. It was not exactly same same….but one look and you know where that design has come from. Floral skirts in baby pinks and mint blue – literally, colors chosen were also the same.

They say that look is inspired from Anushree Reddy Collection

The beautiful actress and model Nargis Fakhri walked the ramp for Designer Anushree Reddy who presented her collection “Portobello – The Indian Chapter” at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014. Read more about Lakme Fashion Week on my blog - bigfatasianwedding.com!

That is not called ‘inspired’, its called copied ! So stop throwing so much attitude around your ‘original’ piece.

Now, I understand if somebody retaliates by saying that floral skirts is not her patented design, so anybody can take it. Ok, fair point. So, what is the big deal if somebody clicks a picture of the not so ‘trademark’ design. Anushree Reddy doesn’t have a problem flaunting her collection, but you somehow do. Waah ! Where is this attitude coming from people? + You toh are a designer who is actually able to copy, and really well that too, I am not even in the same industry…what is the worst you think I can do !


Few weeks back, I bought at a go 42 silk sarees. No kidding. 42 !! In our culture, we have to gift out sarees to ALL our relatives as a thank you for your blessings bit. I still have to go ahead and buy another 20 or so more but anyhow… Since I run this blog, I really wanted to share with you all the kind of stuff I bought. It was gorgeous at a killer awesome price. So I went to the shop owner and asked him, if he’d be ok if I posted some pictures.

No. I will not allow you to display any saree pictures. You can display my store pictures only.

Excuse me! If I have bought your sarees…isn’t it now my property? I know the fear you have, that your designs might get copied. But are you telling me that the sarees I HAVE bought cannot be photographed and displayed ever? Who has given you that right?

The same logic applies to Lehengas as well. So once I have purchased your Lehenga, got married in it…I anyways might put up your design on social media…so at that time are you not at risk of losing out on your customers?? How do you explain that now?


The point I am trying to make here is:

If I love your Lehenga, I will come back to you ! Today or tomorrow. But I will !

You being so panicky is not helping your case AT ALL. From a business point of view also, let me take this opportunity to tell you that the more I love your Lehengas and am able to show it to my folks and friends:

  • The more your name goes up.
  • The more people would want to visit your store when they would need something.
  • The more your brand name will have a sticky effect in their mind for a longer time. Humans are all about the visuals, you show them one picture, it will stay in their head. Give them 100 words describing your design…they won’t be able to recall it 5 mins later as well.
  • Secrecy will only take you to one level. If designers are going all out flaunting their new collections and all, what are you fearing? May be you should check with them if they are making more losses than gains.
  • Have faith in your designs. If you are good, you are good. Nobody can take that away from you.


I am a Bride-to-be. And this is my humble request to all you Lehenga Stores.

Stop torturing me.

I cannot buy my Wedding Lehenga at the first look. I need time. Its a monumental decision that I need to make for myself. And its an expensive buy, which also justifies my time taking need. Right now, the only way out you leave for me is to have a mental image of your Lehenga. Seriously, for your sake, how do you think that mental image can even compete with an actual Lehenga image in front of me at any store?

I haven’t gone and visited all 20 stores at a time, on a single day. I don’t think anybody does that. How do you then expect that your customers will come back to you without having some solid proof that will drive them back to your store?

You think everybody can recall all the designs seen at a store? Nobody has that good memory. At least I don’t.

And what happens then? I may end up making a purchase in total frustration from the last store I visit. That is what happens. None of your rules actually have any importance. Its causing more harm than good.


I know I am definitely at a loss, but so are you !


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Anuja Shah July 21, 2015 - 3:40 pm

I can totally empathize with u. Its really irritating. Infact i did exactly what you have written- The first time i went to this store in ahmedabad – while going to the trial room the salesman asked me to handover my phone to my mom so that i cud not take pictures in the trial room. I really liked the lehenga so next time i carried my phone inside a small handbag and went alone (obviously he could not ask me to leave my purse outside and even if my phone was in my hand he cud not ask me to hand it over to him) ,i re-tried it and clicked pictures inside the trial room and i m seriously considering to buy it.

P.S : You are so right about anushree reddy style lehenga’s and even anarkali’s. I saw them everywhere. Infact even anamika khanna style capes were everywhere and it can’t be termed as inspiration. Its a sheer copy.

Frugal2Fab July 21, 2015 - 9:11 pm

Hi 5 ! We belong to the same category 😀 I am so frustrated re…I went to Seasons today, still didn’t find the damn Lehenga. Its getting too much now.. Its not like I asked to be an expert in the category, but a little lenience from their end can really go a long way in making this a less torturous process. I saw a beautiful reddish-orange lehenga, was thinking of picking it up…then realized my dad is not here to see 😐 Left it there and came back home. All these Lehenga stores have to give some consideration to the customers convenience too. Itna rules is just maddening at times.

Anuja, send me your picture too naa…over email 😛 I am now thinking, I should do one Surat trip to check out stuff from there. Itna mehnat kiya hai, so why not a bit extra >_< Are there any worth visiting stores there that you know of?

Anuja Shah July 22, 2015 - 4:14 pm

Hi, ya sure will send you the picture- give me your email id na…

I have no idea on surat – though you should check out ‘She Jolly Stylemaker’ on facebook- someone liked their page and i read that they r from surat – though i dint c any bridal wear lehenga but the other stuff looked promising.

Frugal2Fab July 23, 2015 - 5:55 pm

Hehehe…You can email me at frugal2fab@gmail.com 🙂
BTW, When is your wedding? and where? Are you done with the other shopping at least? I will check out She Jolly Stylemaker..Thanks for letting me know. So important for brides to have something different in their collection rather than having all the usual stuff.

Anuja Shah July 23, 2015 - 6:20 pm

Hi, I have mailed the pic.

My wedding is in January in Ahmedabad. I am done with my wedding lehenga shopping but have the reception outfit pending :(. We are having just two main functions – wedding and reception. There will be two mehendi cum dinner’s – one at my place and one at the groom’s and a pooja at my place for which i will need outfits but since these functions wont b on a large scale i m not too worried on the same. I am sorted with wat i ll wear at the groom’s mehendi dinner. My mehendi and pooja outfits r yet to b sorted.


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